Primark Beauty Stick on Nails: Review

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So today I wanted to do a review on something that I have been using and loving for over three months now and something that I think would be very useful to any of my readers with visual impairments.

Now one of the things I hear a lot from my readers with sight loss is that the most difficult thing for them to apply is nail varnish and so I have been on the hunt for product that are easy to use but still give you the look of great nails (don’t say I don’t listen to what you want my friends.) And thus I so happened to come across Primarks own range of false nails and then an obsession started!

Primark have their own beauty range as I am sure many of you know and one of the things they offer is a large range of stick on nails for £1 in different patterns designs and colours from flower designs, stripes, polka dots, novelty ones with little owls and flamingos on them and plain ones like pink, nude, red and french manicure.

So, today I have a review on them in which I will be talking about how i have found them and what its like to apply them.

So, without further adieu let us begin!


Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 15.05.46

So to explain a bit about them, they come in a little cardboard box with some adhesive glue and there are a number of different sizes some are fitted in little slots and the rest are over to the side there are two sizes of each and you can tile them down to size if you wish to.

To begin with you will probably want to choose each nail to fit your nail bed and put them somewhere you can access and then add the glue to your nails. Personally I didn’t really like this glue as it does not stick very well so I use one from Elegant Touch with is a quick dry glue that you can buy for about £2 from Boots, Superdrug and any good Chemists or Supermarket. But, you could alway try the glue first time.

Then you stick them to your nails, file them a little if you want to, although they are not very long and there you have it some lovely nail designs and it only takes about 5 minutes.

Now onto the scoring…

Accessibility 4/5 

The box is very easy to open and to gain access to, however, it is not easy to tell which colour or design you are using and as the box does not incorporate braille it can be very difficult to find out which set you are using. As this box is only something you use one time it probably wouldn’t be worth using something like a Pen Friend if you are blind or visually impaired to label your items, so you may need to seek help in this instance.

Ease of Application: 4/5

They are relatively easy to use as you can tell which size is which by feel, however like I said previously the glue is not to easy to use and so for that reason it does not get full marks. So, you may need to invest in a better, more stronger glue to do this.

Value for Money 5/5 

For £1 these nails are wonderful and they have some great designs, they are much cheeper than going to a salon and would make a great little addition to someone’s pamper hamper or a birthday or Christmas present.

Overall Quality: 4/5

All in all these nails are extremely good if you want to give yourself a little nail revamp, but are not too confident to apply nail varnish to your nails or maybe are on a budget and cannot stretch to going to a nail salon. They come in some great designs and look amazing when applied. So all in all I am very impressed with Primark…just get a better glue and add braille to your packaging.

So, I really hope you found this helpful, don’t forget to comment below with any reviews you would like to see in future and I will se you all next time!

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