Outfit of the Day: Boho, Urban and Florals

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to fashioneyesta.com, I am extremely sorry that I say this in just about each and every single blog post that I write. But, I have said it for an age and its my trademark greeting I guess so that what I am sticking with.

Today, I wanted to share with you my Outfit of the Day or as it is often known as an OOTD for short.

So, I wanted to show this outfit because it includes an amazing piece of jewellery from an online Etsy store called the Black Feather.

Now this outfit is a mixture of things on the one hand it is very urban with my ripped jeans and white converse, but then it has a twist of boho with the necklace and crochet vest and it also has a touch of floral with my blazer. But, I do think that this combination actually works extremely well together and I thought that you guys might like to see how I put this together.




So, to begin with I am wearing a pair of white low top Converse trainers that I got for my birthday just because I was having a casual day around the house. Then paired with that I had on a pair of light wash boyfriend ripped, distressed (meaning that they have been made to look a bot worn around the edges) jeans which were from La Redoute. Again just because I was having a casual day around the house. I then paired this with a burgundy red vest which has crochet detailing to the bottom and the vest itself is semi fitted. Then along with that I wore a new blazer that I got from Romwi which for those of you who don’t know is an American site and do some amazing clothes. The blazer itself is in a white base colour which makes it great to wear with any number of different colour vests and then it is patterned with different colour flowers like red roses, deep pink large flowers with long petals, little tiny blue and pink flowers and deep green stems. It is very quintessentially your English Country garden flower theme all the flowers in different colours and lengths all connecting with each other. An organised chaos if you will. The blazer is trimmed with deep green brocade satin ribbon. Then on the bottom of the blazer it is trimmed with deep blue ribbon detailed with pink and red and white flowers. The colour scheme itself is very much in shade that remind me of stain glass or something of that nature.

White ConverseDSC01018DSC01024DSC01032

Next I am wearing an emerald green colour ring from Swarovski Crystal which is called the Athena ring and it is basically a band of crystal. Then, last but my no means least I am wearing a pendant from the Black Feather on Etsy which is on a gold chain and the pendant itself is a teardrop shaped, gold dipped Agate necklace. It is absolutely stunning and one of my new favourite pieces it almost looks like a piece of the sea.

If you want any more details check out for links below.

Shoes: White Low Top Converse Trainers

From: Converse

Price: £47

Link: Click here

Jeans: Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

From: La Redoute 

Price: £39

Link: Click here

Top: Burgundy Red Crochet Vest

From: New Look (old stock)

Blazer: Floral Blazer

From: Romwi (currently unavailable)

Ring: Green Athena Ring

From: Swarovski (old stock)

Pendant: Gol Dipped Agate Pendant

From: The Black Feather (Etsy Store)

Although this particular one is not available, click here to check out her amazing Etsy store. She makes handmade, boho style jewellery using lots of semi precious gems.

So, that concludes this blog today I really hope you liked it. Comment below with what your favourite items of clothing at the moment and let me know if you like these sort of blogs or if you prefer something different. And I will see you all next time!

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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