My Pebble Grey Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

I think I need a new skincare haul.

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Today I have for you all a new blog about something that I have been meaning to talk about for ages and that is my new mirror from Pebble Grey.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a lovely PR lady named Daisy who asked if I might be interested in blogging about a magnifying mirror from Pebble Grey, a company that specifically make mirrors and bathroom cabinets.

Click here to check out their website.

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT sponsored, I was sent the mirror to try out for my blog.


Being the fact that I am severely sight impaired and often find it a struggle to see attention to detail in my makeup like spots or blemishes i was keen to trial it. I have a condition known as Septo Optic Dysplasia which affects my optic nerves and means that I have no sight in my right eye and limited vision in my left and I also have congenital nystagmus which means I find it difficult to focus. So, for me certain makeup applications can be difficult like applying makeup to blemishes. I was sent the Suva magnifying mirror to trial for my blog as it has 6 times the magnification as well as having an average mirror on one side. The mirror itself is extremely large and easy to see what you are doing if you have limited vision like me or prefer to work with a larger mirror but maybe don’t have the pace for a wall mirror or dressing table. It is a freestanding mirror meaning you can transfer it from a table to your bedside cabinet and it is a very sturdy structure.


As some of you may be able to see from the images I found it very easy to apply makeup like my lipsticks which are in brighter colours, I also found this product day to use when dong the more fiddly tasks like plucking eyebrows.The mirror is in a stylish silver hardware too and looks great in a bathroom or on your dressing table.



I have been using this mirror for two months now and I have found that it has made my beauty regime a whole lot easier and I am now getting more confident to do makeup techniques that I wasn’t before like applying eyebrow pencil and for me that has majorly bolstered up my confidence as for me makeup as someone with sight loss is extremely important as it allows me to obtain control over myself and to present myself in a more positive way to the public as people can often make assumptions about people with sight loss and that just because someone has a visual impairment they can’t possibly want to maintain their appearance. Which is of course why i began my blog to begin with. Now that I am able to improve my makeup skills I feel that my confidence has extremely improved and that I am now able to present sight loss to the public as something that does not define you in any way as a person.

It’s strange to think how one small thing like a mirror with improved magnification or a new fragrance can really change a persons outlook on life and everyday activities. Something so simply as being able to see a blemish on my face so that I know how to treat it spot remedy or being able to see to pluck my eyebrows does make a huge amount of difference to the way I feel.

Even though my sight may be limited and it means that I work with my guide dog or to use assistive technology to help me read books the fact that I am able to apply beauty products and maintain my appearance gives me a sense of normality. When I apply makeup or choose an outfit I feel like every other girl my age, I feel like a can take on the world and its wife, I feel like i can deal with about anyones misconceptions towards my sight loss. Of course, I am not one who believes that we should be defined by our makeup or by what we wear. It is merely an extension of our personality and we choose who the world wishes to perceive us. Makeup is not exactly my armour, but it is my banner it represents who I am as a person and it helps me to show the public that I care just as much about my appearance as I do about being heard as a person in society.

Disability can be a challenge at times, but the little things in life can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day and my mirror that helps to to apply my makeup is what helps me to live my life in the way I choose.

Thank yo for reading.


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