Some 21st Birthday Highlights

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I hope you are all having a lovely day, me today I am just having a quite day in after having an utterly grim root canal treatment at the dentist yesterday (hence why not a single sweet will pass my lips ever again!) However, in all fairness to me i had not had a cavity before in my life and I’m 21.

But, I didn’t come on here simply to gripe about my tooth woes, oh no, I wanted to come on here to do a blog today about some of my 21st birthday highlights. Now as some of you may know it was my 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago and I had been meaning to do a blog on my highlights and what I got up to. But, with one thing and another I simply forgot.

But, today I thought i would seeing as i am having a blogging day, but I would just like to say that I am not trying to gloat about this. This is just to show you what I got and to say thank you to those who got me presents.

What I Did

So for my birthday I did two main things during it, the first was with my parents and they paid for me to do an indoor skydive which was absolutely incredible! Click here if you would like to see the blog I did on my indoor skydive experience.


IMG_5677 IMG_5684


The next thing that I did was with my aunt and she took me to the Langham Hotel in Oxford Street for their Anniversary Afternoon Tea which was utterly amazing! The cake was in the shape of a little pink dress with butterflies on it, i also got a biscuit in the shape of big ben and a chocolate cake in the shape of a crown as well as some littler macaroons, scones, and sandwiches in an assortment of flavours. We were also allowed to choose any tea from the menu and I chose the English Breakfast Tea and my aunt chose their anniversary blend.

And of course there may have ben a couple of glasses of champaign involved too.

What I Got


Now I’m not going to show you absolutely everything that i got as I did get quite a lot, candles, clothes, makeup, jewellery and other such things but i will jut show you a few of my highlights.


So my aunt got me from Liberty London and it was this beautiful Deco Safari Pendant from Anna E Alex,  an amazing designer who resides in Italy. The pendant is made with this black wooden deco inspired frame which is a diamond shape which is scolloped and it has black onyx beads on it. There is also a blue tassel hanging from the end and the canvas inside each black frame has a little picture hand painted on it. One the bigger one at the bottom there is a image of the African sky as the sun is setting and you can see the outline of an elephant raising its trunk against the African skyline. The one above is of a similar colour scheme, but in this image there is simply a little tree in the foreground.


My nan on my mothers side gave me money and so with it I bought a few things from my favourite perfumer Penhaligon’s London. I bought a set of a shower gel and body lotion in the scent Artemesia and a roller perfume to match. The scent is incredibly clean and smells so fresh after coming out of the shower, it is made with top notes of Nectarine and Green Foliage, middle notes of Green Apple and Lilly of the Valley and Jasmine Tea. Then the top notes are made up of Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber and Vanilla.


My nan of my fathers side got me a Swarovski crystal wrap around cuff bracelet in a deep teal blue colour and it is utterly stunning and perfect to wear throughout the year.


My mother went overboard this year with presents but one of my favourite things she got me was a hamper full of makeup from brands like Mac, Bare Minerals, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Illimasqua St Tropez and Urban Decay.

I got the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay which I love and it is perfect for an easy to use palette that you can wear all year around. I also got a few Mac Brushes too like the 217 brush which is an eye blending brush and a MacIcon. I also got a few Lush Sets one is the Lush Rosie set and has lots of different Rose scented products from Lush.


I also got thee stunning Cinderella Glass Slipper Shoes from Harrods, which have been designed for adult or (little girls who claim to be adults) they are absolutely stunning and I will surely be wearing them to my graduation.


I also got a few pieces of jewellery from my parents too I got quite a few silver and semi precious gem bracelets a well as some other boho bracelets from Anushka Woods, Tigha Jewellery and Etsy.

I also got a beautiful gold and pearl dream catcher pendant and a silver Hamsa Hand Bracelet again from Tigha Jewellery.

I also got an Agate pendant dipped in Gold from Etsy and some white converse and a floral blazer from Romwi which I wore in a previous Outfit of the Day click here to view.


I also treated myself to something, with my wages I bought this Michael Kors Rose Gold and Pearl watch because I have always wanted to get a rose gold watch. It has very large numerals on it and I originally bought it from a jewellery shop called Beaverbrooks.

My lovely day also kindly got me some Beats Headphones in white which I absolutely love because whenever i want to write I can put them in and simply drown out the world. Believe me, they are worth the money the sound quality is incredible!


I also got a new Jo Malone Candle in the scent Sweet Almond and Macaroon which is a truly amazing scent and smells just like the afternoon tea i had at Langhams. I also got a new Sisley Paris Lip Crayon in the shade 7 which is a beautiful coral colour.

So one of the last things I wanted to draw your attention to was this amazing card i got sent by the lovely girls of Ucan Meg and Mared who I met at this years Vision Uk Conference who also run the YouTube channel called Blind Not Bored. They sent me a T Shirt with an image of their beautiful faces on it and the tagline ‘Oh My God have you heard of Fashioneyesta?’ which was a line they said at the performance at the Vision Conference.

I found this rather hilarious and I have worn it quite a few time!

They also sent me this amazing card which they have deigned to look like a fashion magazine with an image of me on the front and tagline like ‘Blind Girl Beauty’ and ‘Fashioneyesta Meets Blind Not Bored,’ and ‘How To Style Your  .’IMG_5655

The last thing I wanted to show you was the birthday cake I had and it was basically a circle shaped cake which was  made to look like a pink makeup bag with makeup on the top like brushes, lipsticks, eye shadows, nail varnish, mascara wands and more. I thought this was so adorable and befitting that my mother chose this one as I am a fashion and beauty blogger!


Check out my audioboom of the day

So that sums it up for today folks, i hope you liked it.

Don’t forget to check through my previous blogs as I do mention some of these items in more detail in my Outfit of the Days and so on.

Thank you all for reading and I will see you all next time!

One thought on “Some 21st Birthday Highlights

  1. Such an amazing post Emily! I’m so glad you had a good birthday! I must admitt i’m jealous of your gifts haha! But seriously you deserved every single gift and i’m so glad you enjoyed your day 💗 You are amazing xx

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