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Today I thought I would share with you all a review as I haven’t done a review on a venue, activity or restaurant in quite a while and yesterday my mother and I did something very pleasant and something that we often find ourselves doing during the Summer holidays and that is going for afternoon tea.

So, as I am sure some of you may know I have been a big afternoon tea fan for a while and often have reviewed numerous afternoon teas that I have visited. The other day when I was perusing the site known a Groupon, a site which offers lots of great discounts and offers for goods, returns, activities and getaways. I noticed that there was an offer for Unlimited Afternoon Tea for 2 with a glass of Sparking wine of £25 as opposed to the usual price of £50. Myself and my mother and been debating on trailing out their afternoon tea for a while and so we decided we would give it a go.

I do encourage you all to sign up to Groupon as they have lots of great deals in which you sign up to your local area where they will send you regular emails and updates with deals.

But, I digress, returning back to the subject of the afternoon tea…

To give you a little background on the Tudor Barn, The Tudor Barn is a quaint little place, dating back to the 16th century when it was originally build for St Thomas Moore the Chancellor of King Henry VIII. Nestled in a quite area of Eltham known as Well Hall Pleasents which is in the South East London area and is not too far away from Eltham Palace. It is a truly beautiful setting and today the bar is used as a restart, party and wedding venue and can also be hired out for cooperate events.

The barn is beautifully decorate inside and there is inside dining as well as outside dining on the patio area and the lawn during the Summer Months. The moment you walk into the venue you can practically smell the s cent of fresh cooked meat sizzling and hear the sound of clinking glasses and the hum of conversation.


At this time of year the 16th century building is surrounded on all sides by beautiful flowers in shades of deep pink, light blue, yellow, red and violet. There are pastel coloured buntings strewn from the chimneys and there are white tables and chairs dotted across the lawn.


The table itself was beautifully set and all of the china was in a delicate pink floral design.

So to commence onto the afternoon tea itself you get a nice variety of sandwiches, cakes, fancies and scones with the option to request more as well as an unlimited amount of tea and a glass of wonderfully crisp sparkling wine too.

The food was all wonderfully fresh and made on the day.

For the sandwiches you get an array of sandwiches with different fillings such as the classic cucumber, smoked salmon and egg mayo flavour as well as a very interesting filing of chicken that has a curried flavour to it to add a touch of Indian to the palette.

On the next plate on the rack there was two scones per person (with the option of asking for more as it was an unlimited afternoon tea) one scone was plain and the other made with raisons and mixed fruit. Thee were served with a pot of fresh clotted cream and a miniature pot of strawberry jam each. The scones were freshly baked, soft, fluffy and light and were still warm from where they had been baked.


Then the third plate hosted an array of cakes and fancies. In the centre there was a pot of rich chocolate mouse with a large strawberry to dip into it, please I can vow that this is not meant to sound seductive!


Then there was lots of miniature cakes like a miniature strawberry cheesecake which was very sweet according to my mother, there was also a little chocolate coffee layer cake which would be great for a coffee lover, there was also a little pink strawberry macaroon with strawberry jam in between it which was delicious. There was also a chocolate tart made with little nuts and a bakewell centre,


There was also a little treacle tart with soft pastry and a coconut and raspberry tart both of which were very soft, fresh and well made.

We then finished up with our glasses of sparking wine each which made a pleasant end to the sweet things we had been indulging on, especially on a warm Summers day.



The staff in the venue were extremely friendly and accommodating and there was a very casual, laid back vibe in the venue.

The food was utterly incredible and this has catapulted to one of my all time favourite afternoon teas next to The Langham Hotel and the Radisson Blue which are very astute afternoon teas in London. What I liked most about this afternoon tea was the fact that the venue itself is such a historical landmark and yet it remains to be a very relaxed, family oriented venue. The food was like that of an afternoon tea in London accept there is no strict dress code and the gardens surrounding the venue are stunning.


Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 4/5 

As the venue itself is a 16th century building built at a time where things like wheelchairs and other mobility aids did not exist accessibility is something that may be tricky for some.

Having said that there is a ramp to access the venue from the ground level and there are no steps on the ground floor. The venue is very open plan and there is enough room to negotiate around easily.

Even though I did not have my guide dog with me, I don’t imagine that there would any kind of issue at all as the staff were all extremely friendly and accommodating. I have been into the Tudor Barn with my guide dog previously and the staff were more than helpful on that occasion.

Hospitality: 5/5 

The staff were all extremely welcoming and accommodating. The service was amazing and the food was very well prepared and presented.

Overall Rating: 5/5

All in all this afternoon tea was a most pleasurable experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives locally to the South East London/Kent area.

If you are interested in booking an afternoon tea check below for their website and phone number.

Website: Click here

Landline: 0800 433 2351

Address:Tudor Barn Eltham
Well Hall Pleasaunce
Well Hall Road
London SE9 6SZ

So, that concludes my blog for today, I hope you enjoyed it!

Tune into Insight Radio this Friday where I will be talking about what to where for an afternoon tea.

Until next time!

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