Fashioneyesta’s Makeup Collection and Storage 2015

makeup storage and collection

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I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, today i wanted to do a post on something that people have ben requesting I talk about for a while now and that is my makeup collection and storage.

Now I also ready filmed a series of 5 videos on my YouTube channel to show how I sort and arrange my makeup which are linked with this blog, but I also thought I would talk you through my collection and storage techniques with a blog.

So, let’s begin!

First things first, I store my makeup in a set of drawers by ikea called the Alex drawers which are really great for storing makeup. They also are available in white and in larger sizes with 9 or 5 drawers. I have the 5 drawer set and I organise my makeup in each drawer individually so that I can keep a record of what I have and where it is.

I keep it next to my dressing table which is also white and is a little 2 drawer dressing table found on eBay.

The drawers retail at £50, two of the top drawers and more shallow where as the 3 bottom ones are larger.

Click here to view the Alex Drawers.

On top of the drawers in a little pink pot from idea I keep all of my brushes, I have an array of different ones. In particular I have some Mac brushes the 217, 239 and 138 brushes, I also have the entire Barry M brush range and the Real Techniques range which are my favourite brand of brushes and are very soft, easy to use and give great results. Behind that i have a little clear box which has a number of sections which I keep my cotton buds, cotton pads and disposable sponges. I also usually keep a scented candle on my drawers, at the moment my favourite happens to be the Summer Scoop candle by Yankee Candles. Finally behind that I also a little white wardrobe which has an assortment of Jo Malone Perfumes as well as a few other ones by Lush, Penhaligons and so on. I usually organise them in terms of when I use them so at the top I keep all of my everyday perfumes where as my evening ones are in the bottom compartment,

My Palette Drawer

In the first drawer I keep my palettes. For my palettes I simply organise them by slotting them in place, I keep them in order by brand, so my Naked Palettes are all kept in the same row as are my Sueprdrug B range palettes, my Pixi Palettes and my low end plates such as Barry M eye palettes and Makeup Academy Palettes.

My Lip Products Drawer

For my lips I do have a little bit more of a system to how I organise them. So to start off all of my lipsticks are kept in little slotted holders which I found in a shop called Tiger for £3 each, they hold 9 lipsticks in each and I have 2 of those currently. I tend to organise my lipsticks in order of brand as each lipstick has a different shape and texture. All of my Mac lipsticks are kept together as are my Smooch, Topshop and Bare Minerals ones.

I personally find that organising lipsticks in these holders are easier if you have limited vision, you can simply feel the one you are looking for by tracing a hand along them.

I also have two little clear trays that are slotted at the back which I keep my lip liners in and the other my lip balms. These were in a set from iKea. I also keep all of my lip scrubs and lip butters at the back of the drawer all stood in a straight line.

Then I also have a large tray at the front of the drawer which I keep all of my chubby sticks, lip glosses and other products together. Again I tend to organise in brand order.

My Eye Makeup Drawer

For my eye makeup I again have quite a few organisers so that I have a bit of structure to my drawer. I have a little clear tray organiser which has a number of sections which was again from ikea. In one section I keep all of my Mac pigments for my eyes, in another I slot all of my square quad palettes and eye brow kits. In one of the long thin sections behind this I keep all of my round pots of eye shadow from Bare Minerals and behind that all of my Dazzle Duts from Barry M and my Eyeshadow Primers are slotted in neatly next to them. I also keep my eye creams lied up on one side and my eye pads next to those as well as a few samples I may have in sachets for my eye like eye treatments and eye creams. Then at the back I have two square clear pots which i keep my eye liners in one and my mascaras in the other. Behind that I have a large makeup bag which I keep my false eye lashes in, so they are neatly kept tighter. I also slot all of my other little palettes and sets on the side of this case.

I also keep a long, clear tray which i use to place all of my circular Benefit eyeshadows in and I also slot my Clinique Chubby sticks for my eyes to the side of them.

My Face and Base Drawer

My face and base drawer can be a little bit of an organised chaos. In all honestly I just slot everything in and organise it in terms of size and shade. I do have all of my foundations neatly laid out together, I keep them in order of shape and size. But I do have another clear tray organiser which has 4 sections in it. One half is where I keep all of my concealers and primers laid together, In another I slot all of my circle shaped products together, these are usually my blushers, bronzers and face powders which I organise depending on what they are. In another I slot my Benefit stain products and highlighters which I own and in another my cream blushers.

My Nail Varnish Drawer

In the last drawer I keep all of my nail varnishes and to do this I actually ave a drawer organiser which divides the first 3/4 of the drawer in 9 sections which was from iKea. I organise my nail varnish in terms of colours keeping my blue in one, my pinks in another, my reds in one and so on. I also tend to put all my brands together so that it looks neat and there is more scope to organise. Then at the back I have a nail varnish remover and I slot all of my Primark Stick on nails at the back.

So, that concludes my makeup collection and storage blog today, I really hope you liked it and that you found it useful.

Comment below with your tips for how you organise your makeup and I will see you all in my next bog.

Until next time!

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