A New Discovery: Richardson & Richardson at Greenwich Market

‘Tis been a while since I did a post where I divulge the fruits of my travels has it not?

Well for those of you who haven’t got the foggiest about what i’m prattling on about, when I first began my blog 3 years ago what I loved to write about the most was feature posts about crafters and artists that I would uncover in my local market or craft fairs. Be they make jewellery, interiors, gifts, clothes or food, I always fancied myself a bit of an explorer and I took it upon myself to search for new gems to help make the world of style accessible to those who might not be able to access it as easily due to sight loss or any other disability.

But, as I previously mention the old Fashioneyesta is back in the game and she has been out all guns blazing to bring you the best that the British crafters and designers have to offer. I really wanted to look for new, contemporary and unique brands that offer individual things for people to incorporate into their wardrobe for the upcoming Autumn season and hey guess what…I found one!

So, the gem in question that I wanted to dish the scoop on today is a new designer I found in Greenwich Market who goes by the name of Richardson and Richardson. The designer crafts quirky jewellery via the method of laser cutting into different designs based on animals, hobbies, space, interests, nature and ore. But they also offer party pies like tree decorations and hand made cards carved out of wood into tactile, 2d designs like trees, baby prams and hearts (depending on what the occasion is.)

The company is run by two people a mother and a daughter team based out in Kent who started this venture after many years of creating pieces for friends and family. After a while they decided to branch out and begin to sell to the public and boy am I glad they did!

photo 1

What I wanted to primarily focus on today was the wonderful jewellery that I uncovered, now to give you a bit of background on laser cutting, laser cutting is a great design process which makes precision cut, brightly coloured pieces that can be fashioned into lots of different shapes and designs. It great as a statement piece and if you are feeling a bit daring. The designer offered a variety of different pieces in the forms of brooches, earrings and necklaces. But, whats more the great thing is that the designer informed me that they sell on Etsy, Folksy and eBay so great for those of you who might not be able to get to Greenwich Market or any other London based market that they sell at.

What I love most about this designer in particular is that there is a huge variety of different things from a pendant depicting a running fox to a huge brightly coloured spaceship necklace to something a little more understated like a pair of black treble clef earnings for you music lovers out there. Whats more these products are such amazing quality and at such a reasonable price point between the £10-£20 region and for laser cut jewellery this is such a good price point as so many want to charge the absolute earth. But, also these products are so unique you would be highly unlikely to see someone else wearing it which is great if you strive for individuality in what you wear. I feel that there is something for everyone, whether you are in your early teens or late 40s, even 50s, there would be something to suit every age group.

Whats more, another great thing about these designs is that they are so brightly coloured and tactile, they are cut into distinctive shades making them great for people with low vision like myself as I think it can be nice to be able to appreciate your jewellery on a the sense of touch.

I also wanted to talk you through what kind of things that this designer offers so you guys get a feel of the designs should any of you be keen to explore.


So I first of all wanted to draw your attention to this wonderful piece that I acquired, it’s a perplex fox pendant and the fox is depicted to be running tail posed, nose up. It reminds me of when I once saw a fox scampering through Greenwich Park quite late on a Autumn evening when I was traveling back from my Astronomy classes. It’s eye catching colour and the way it has been depicted in such a life like manner was what draw me to it. It retailed at £15.

photo 3

So, the designer also offers quite a variety of different animal and nature inspired pieces such as a pendant depicting a badger walking, or a pendant depicting a brightly coloured bumble bee wings outreached. There are of course things like flower and fruit inspired pieces, perfect for the Summer season. One of my personal favourite pieces apart from the Fox was a necklace depicting two crows perched on a tree branch at night. They are outlined in black and behind them a circular, metallic grey colour piece of perspex has been used to depict the night sky. In a similar design to the crow necklace is one depicting a similar circular piece of metallic perspex to depict the night sky but instead there is a black telescope in the centre. This was available in two alternating sizes large or a slightly smaller one and this was something that I was particularly fond of being that i love my stargazing and yes even though i have limited vision I still do stargaze with my telescope.

There were many earrings on offer like adorable little cloud earrings which were made with white perspex to depict the fluffy clouds and underneath hung things like little umbrellas and blue rain drops and on another pair a bleu rain drop and a little sun. There were also lots of animal themed earrings like little green frog earrings, pig earrings, sheep earrings and some which depicted a little penguin on one earring and a fish on the other again I was rather fond of these too.

photo 2

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 20.52.25

So another collection that i was particularly fond of was the space themed collection, they had things like a pendant depicting a deep red Saturn planet tilting on its axis (which was also available in blue) and a large spaceship pendant in white and red as it prepared to take off, they had plenty of space ship designs in varying sizes and colours which I have to say were rather eye catching. This who Sci-Fi theme would be perfect for anyone into astronomy, science or stargazing.

They also offered a lot of music themed pieces like earrings and necklaces in varying sizes and shapes depicting the different music symbols, this would make a great gift for anyone who is into their music or maybe plays an instrument.

photo 4

Another range that was mentioned was the Myths and Legends collection, the designer had a lot of pendants depicting Unicorns in flight in this range they also offered fairy themed pendants and earrings. However, this range is currently unavailable, but the designer did add that they will be adding a lot of new things for the upcoming autumnal season. So i shape keep a sharp eye (if you will pardon the pun as I do only have one eye to keep sharp) out for anything new that crops up.

I have merely scratched the surface with what Richardson & Richardson has to offer but I hope this has served as a good introductory blog to their creations.

Below are links to their website, email and selling pages. They also state on their webpage that if you are looking for something special then email them for enquiries. They also sell at Greenwich Market every Friday and alternating Sundays but they advise to consult their Facebook page to see what Sundays they will be selling.

Of course if you cannot get to Greenwich there is the option of consulting their Etsy and Folksy page.

Where to Find Richardson & Richardson

Email: richardson_and_richardson.co.uk

Website: http://www.richardson-and-richardson.co.uk

Etsy: Click here

Folksy: Click here

Facebook Page: Click here

 So, if you are looking to upgrade your jewellery collection with something unique and individual and super fun then why not stop on by and peruse what they have to offer.

I think many of you will adore it as much as I do!

Until next time!

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