The Body Shop Launches New Spa of the World Range

Stress, aches an pains, frustration, long days, hard works, playing hard, having fun, days out, walking here there and everywhere. It’s bound to catch up with us some time…

Greetings Readers!

We are all only human, we all from time to time suffer with the strains that life throw upon us and sometimes our bodies and mind need a little TLC so that we can be on top form to do the things we both need to and love to do. But, going to a Spa is not always an option both for financial and for practical reasons, but we all still want to be able to pamper ourselves from time to time and to have that time to unwind.

As some of you may know aside from fashion i also love to blog about beauty and things you can use to create your own oasis in the comfort of your own home. Although I have reviewed Spa treatments in the past i also love to blog about products that you can use from the comfort of your own home but that are also easy to use and create a sensory experience especially if you suffer from sight loss.

But more often than not with so many companies offering home spa products it can be difficult to know what to pick. To my delight one of my favourite high street beauty brands The Body Shop recently launched their new Spa of the World range which is a range with different rituals all created using products from around the world from Japan to Africa based on old world remedies to create products that you can use to have your own spa day.

So, seeing as I recently went to my local store and tied the products I thought it would be prudent to write a feature on the range for those of you who love your pampering products or as my father refers to them (lotions and potions) as much as I do.

My old art teacher used to have an ethos that was to treat yourself to something nice every day. It doesn’t have to cost the earth anything from your favourite chocolate, to an evening walk, a film, a bubble bath, seeing friends. She used to say that it was so important to do something for yourself every day, to help you get through the days. I guess one thing that I love to do regularly is pamper routines and taking care of myself which is why I am so excited with this new range.

Anyway I find myself digressing into the world of rambles, let me return to the integral purpose of this blog.

photo 1

So to give you a bit of background on this new range like I said the company have created a range of spa products for the home inspired by beauty secrets and traditions from all corners of the globe and using the best ingredients that each continent has to offer. The range has 3 different rituals which are intended for different propose so whether you want to relax, revitalise or elate yourself the product are designed to help you get that little bit of spa oasis.

So to begin with there is the Relax range, which is designed with scents and ingredients to sooth and calm the body and mind and to help you unwind.

This is also the range that I have some of the products in an my personal favourite in the fragrance department.

photo 2

So, the first product that you would use is the African Ximena Scrub made with Beeswax and Ximena Oil from ‘The Tree of Life’ as it is otherwise known, renown for its ability to sooth and moisturise the skin.

This scrub is my particular favourite as when you apply it it doesn’t feel as if its stripping the skin of its natural oils like so many do, in fact it feels as if its adding oil back into the skill whilst removing the dead skin cells.

It also has an incredibly soft, floral scent, but in no way is it synthetic or overpowering.

The scrub retails at £18 click here to view.

The next step of this ritual is to use the Himalayan Charcoal body clay made with Asian Charcoal powder to help draw out impurities from the skin and to help de stress and calm the mind.

It comes in a thick paste which you are advised to apply with the brush that is sold as an accompaniment to the clay.

The clay retails at £16 and the brush at £10.

Click here to view the clay and click here to view the brush.

The next step of this ritual and my all time favourite product from the entire range is to use the Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath. It comes in a little bag with a wooden scoop, its a powder which has a wonderfully sweet, subtle scent that lingers on the skin for a long time, trust me after i used it I could smell it for an age afterward. Inspired by the beauty queen herself, Queen Cleopatra who was said to bathe in milk. Scoop a few scoops into the bath.

Click here to view the Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath.

The next step of the routine is to use the Japanese Camellia Cream which is derived from am old 8th century Japanese Remedy. It has a sweet floral fragrance and is very good for adding oils back into the skin as it is high in Olec acid.

Click here to view the Japanese Camellia Cream.

The final step of the relaxing rang is the French Lavender Massage Oil of course you can use it on the hair, the nails and more if you wish. Lavender is great for calming the spirits and soothing the skin and is a tried and tested beauty secret and its perfect to use when finishing a beauty routine.

Click here to view the French Lavender Massage Oil.

photo 3

The next range is the revitalising range and it is a range to help to bring you a sense of renewal, cleanse and detox the skin and uplift your spirits.

The first step of this ritual is to use the Dead Sea Scrub, inspired by Queen Cleopatra who was renowned for using Dead Sea Salt in her regime. This is a great product for those days where you feel like you need a really good skin detox, maybe you have the old fake tan on and you want to scrub it away or maybe you’ve come back from the Gym. This is perfect for that and it’s scent of Dead Sea Salt is reminiscent of the sea and is a great product to use in the morning to get you going.

Click here to view the Dead Sea Salt Scrubs.

After the scrub, the next step of the ritual is to use the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay which is very rich in minerals to help firm the skin.

What I love most about body clays is that they truly make you feel like you are in a spa without the spa price and this one is perfect to use on areas with stretch marks or scarring.

Click here to view.

The final step of this ritual is to use the Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil, again it can be used for the hair and nails also. Lemongrass is a very fresh, clean, sharp scent and is better to use in the morning to awaken the spirits.

Click here to view.

photo 4

The ritual in the range is the Blissful range with is designed for when you want to indulge your body and mind and bring back moisture to the skin.

The first step o this range is to use the Polynesian Monoi Beauty Oil which has been derrived from the tradition of using Tiarie flowers by women in the Pacific Isles 2,000 years. It is intensely moisturising and can be used on the hair, nails, face, skin and so on. It’s a beautiful floral scent and is perfect to use everyday to promote soft, healthy skin, hair and nails.

Click here to view the Polynesian Monoi Beauty Oil.

The next step in the ritual is to use the Hawaiian KuKui cream, Kukui oil is a tried and tested beauty secret renown for its ability to bring softness back to the skin to keep it healthy and supple and it smell incredible.

Click here to view the Hawaiian Kukui cream.

The final step in the range is to use the Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil. The oil is made of of Wild Vanilla Orchid, Ylang Yland to bring calmness and Patchouli to help you unwind.

Click here to view the Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil.

So, that concludes my blog for today, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Comment below if you have tried any of this range and what your favourite product is.

Until next time!

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