Fashioneyesta’s Guide to Transitional Dresses to Take You from Season to Season

So, you’re sick to death of not being able to keep up with new fashions?

Want to invest in some key dresses that will see you through each season?

But, you don’t know what colour, fabric, pattern, style to pick or where to pick them from?

Fashioneyesta to the rescue!

So what I am going to talk to you all about today is transitional dresses and what these are are basically dresses that you can wear no matter what season it is. Whether its Summer season and bare legs are needed, winter and the thermals and tights are out or the Equinoxes when you are in between seasons.

I am going to be giving you a guide on some of my top tips on how to buy a transitional dress and some of my top picks of the high street at the moment.

So, go and grab a beverage, sit back and lets get going!

None of my Fashioneyestaettes are going to be stuck for what to wear.

So, first of all I wanted to talk about what is the most important things to remember when buying a key piece like a dress that you intend to wear throughout the years. There are 4 key things to remember and they are colour, pattern, fabric, style, and fit.


When selecting a dress go for a colour that suits your skin tone and hair colour, but also one that you can wear in all seasons. Avoid overly bright colours like neon or really dark plums or autumnal shades. Try and go for shades like blue, bright reds, blacks, stone colours, creams, sage greens and so on. Of course if there is a shade you really love and you don’t care about what year it is then go for it. But, be sure you will get your full use out of it.


If you want a patterned dress. The pattern you have is extremely important when choosing a transitional dress, don’t go for things that are in high fashion or seasonal like palm trees or ice creams. Try and go for things that aren’t exclusive to one season like animal patterns, stars and florals. But, be sure the colour isn’t to seasonal like overly bright colours or deep winter shades.


Fabric is again so important when it comes to a dress you intend to wear through season to season, I would avoid really clingy, thin material as it will probably be unsuitable in the colder months. Equally try to avoid where possible polyester as it will be very uncomfortable in the Summer. Go for fabrics like cotton or viscose. Something that is moveable and breathable is very important.


Style is again something to consider, after all if you want a dress to wear in all seasons you could hardly wear a bandeau dress or a roll neck. Try and go for things that have short or 3/4 length sleeves so that you arms are not fully covered up but not completely exposed to the elements. You have to remember you are going to be wearing them in all weathers so they need to be comfortable but easy to layer up with more garments when its colder.


When you buy a dress to wear year in year out, remember you need to be sure that there is room for thermals underneath. Don’t raise your eyebrows you know that when it gets colder we will all reach for a thermal vest. So, make sure that there is room for additional layers. Go for shift dresses, shirt dresses, a line dresses and generally things that are a little stretchy and have room for extra layers.

So, now that I have covered how to shop for dresses I am also going to show you some of my personal picks from the high street at the moment. Don’t worry as always I’ll describe them and leave the links and relevant information for those of you with sight loss.

Pick One: Valley of Dolls Idetta Border Dress


Price: £45

From: Joy

Link: Click here 

Description: A short sleeved dress with a a line skirt, rounded neckline and a nipped in waste. It has a blue and white print in a skin of stain glass floral print I suppose you would call it. But then at the bottom it has a cannel of beige with a paisley print pattern. This dress brings a great touch of boho a classic look for any season, its dark blue shade is perfect to wear in all seasons and can be easily accessorised with gold jewellery and saddles in the Summer or tights, brown boots and an oversized cardigan in the Autumn/Winter. It’s in a breathable viscose material and the classic style means it will be perfect for many occasions.

Pick Two: The Audrey Navy Brocade Swing Dress


Price: £29.99

From: Lindy Bop

Link: Click here

Description: Lindy Bop is one of my favourite brands as they make modern vintage clothing in lots of different amazing designs. The Audrey dress is my favourite shapes as it is nipped in at the waste, a line, sleeveless and very fitted. Perfect for going out on a special occasion. The dress I have picked is a black brocade print dress, meaning it is very tactile for those of you with sight loss. It is a classic dress and one that would take you from season to season with the right accessories and these dresses really do wear well.

Pick Three:Kelly Paisley Print Short Sleeved Shift Dress 


Price: £18

From: Bohoo

Link: Click here

Description: A short sleeved shift dress. This dress is great for all seasons to wear with or without thighs and to even layer up with a roll neck in the Winter months. It’s in a base colour of navy blue with a gold, turquoise and green Paisley pattern on it to add a touch of colour to an outfit. It’s great to accessorise with gold jewellery and sandals in summer or brown boots and tights in the winter.

Pick Four: Mock Pocket Plunge Neck Green Skater Dress


Price: £20

From: Misguided

Link: Click here

Description: This dress is a well fitted emerald green skater dress with faux pockets, a v neckline and it is sleeveless.  This is perfect for any time of the year weather its a summer evening worn with some sandals or a winter day with some black tights and a little jacket over the top.

Pick Five: Red Ditsy Floral Cap Sleeve Dress


Price: £22.99

From: New Look

Link: Click here

Description: This dress is particularly flattering in its type with an a line skirt, cap sleeves and a rounded neckline. The dress is in a dark rust red colour with a delicate floral print. This dress is particularly good to wear it Autumn with its rusted colour, but with the right accessories such as bronze and gold accessorise in the Summer and red accessories in the winter this could be taken through all seasons.

So, that concludes todays blog. I really hope you liked it and that its given you some

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