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Now today I wanted to write a very special blog, its not one on a beauty review, or a trend report, or even one about disability advocacy. No, today this blog is a little more self indulgent as it marks a very important day in my life.

Today was the day that I graduated from Goldsmiths University with a BA in English Literature.

It has been 3 years of hard work, fun time and wonderful memories. I cannot begin to describe to you the elation thatI feel right now and how much I appreciate being given the opportunity to attend higher education.

From an early age I always felt that society’s aim was to in a sense confine me in a box of stereotyped and preconceived judgements due to my disability. But, I struggled against these imposing rules and fought the break the mould, I didn’t want to be written off before I had even begun. So, I pushed myself into the realms of books and radical thinking and at the age of 21 there I was with my guide dog at my side walking onto the stage to shake the chairman’s hand and accept my degree and with it my right of passage as a graduate.


I didn’t let society tell me what I was or who I would be merely because I had vision loss. I had an amazing 3 years with a group of incredible, individual and talented people who I am honoured to call my friends.

My academic journey will continue, for the next 2 years I will be studying an MA in Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths so that one day I may achieve my dream of becoming a children’s author and an educator in disability to children.

DSC01571 DSC01573

The day was truly wonderful spent with my good friends and the kind staff at Goldsmiths. I finally got to wear the legendary outfit including Harry potter worthy black robes and hat. I walked across the stage without falling flat on my face and I partook in a spot of bubbly afterwards.

One other incredible thing about today is that I am officially the first person in my family to graduate from University and to my knowledge the first guide dog owner to graduate at Goldsmiths University.

University taught me many things aside from how to write a footnote and what Decadent literature means. It taught me some very imperative life lessons tolerance, acceptance of diversity, radical thinking, pushing for change, striving for better and sheer grit and determination. I believe that you leave University with more than a Degree, you leave with a new and improved sense of self.

Now as a graduate one thing I should know how to write is a conclusion, its where you bring together all of your findings, research and ideas into a clean paragraph to summarise your thesis. Therefore, I can honestly conclude that University is a truly wonderful, mind opening, character building experience. It’s a time where that inner bud in you begins to open to reveal the sweet nectar that lies within you’re core. It’s a time where the true you is opened up into the world with all of those late nights, books, new people and educators who inspire new ways of thinking. It’s the time where you become the master of your destiny and where you will learn how to steer boat of the future onto the right course.

If you are considering the possibility of University let me leave you with one thought, each and every one of you has a flame of thought, a burning ember of an idea or drive to do something incredible. But, each person will need something to fan that flame, for some of you studying at University may be the very thing you need to stoke that fire. You’re life is your own, make it into something wonerful.


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2 thoughts on “Today I Graduated

  1. I was there too. What a wonderful (and sunny!) day. I enjoyed watching your dog trying to do roly-polys with his harness on.
    As a mum of a son with autism and severe learning difficulties, it was an uphill struggle for me too. Makes our degree feel extra special, huh?
    Very best wishes and I hope you achieve your dreams.
    Chris x

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