Fashioneyesta Goes On ITV’s This Morning…and Meets Gok Wan!

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Today I wanted to share with you all a recent experience that I have had and one that will resinate in my mind for many, many years.

Now as some of you may already know if you follow Guide Dogs the charity or This Morning. This Morning are following the journey of one particular guide dog puppy named Clover and will be for 14 months until she hopefully qualifies with an owner and makes an incredible difference to their life. They will be following her through her progression with her puppy walker and trainers as she grows up. But, for Thursdays show they wanted to interview an owner who’s dog has changed their life and who should receive a phone call? Little old me thats who!

Unity meets Clover
Unity meets Clover


Now, as some of you may already know if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, I recently went to ITV’s This Morning to take part on Thursdays show to talk about my life changing guide dog, the freedom she has given me and my experience as a University graduate and visually impaired fashion blogger.

First and foremost i want to say a huge thank you to Guide Dogs Charity for giving me the incredible opportunity as well as ITV for inviting me on the show. It was an incredible experience and it really allowed me to say my piece and to express my love and gratitude that I feel towards my Guide Dog and my feelings about how people with sight loss can lead independent lives and do whatever they want to do with a sprinkle of belief.

In this blog you can also view the full interview.

My outfit of the day consisted of a pair of light wash high wasted jeans from Levis and a black semi fitted vest with crochet detailing to the hem. I paired this with an emerald green fitted blazer with a gold button dealing which was from Zara Basics. I also added a pair of gold t bar Latino style shoes with a small heel from Miss L Fire. For my accessories I went with a green agate pendant on a gold chain from Etsy, an emerald green crystal band ring from Swarovski and a pair of green art deco style earrings. I wanted my outfit to be very smart, fitted, professional which is why i went with the blazer and jeans option. But the addition of the gold and agate pendant expressed my inner bohemian self and thus showed a bit of my personality.


I arrived at this morning and was greeted by the incredible team including the producers, floor managers, security staff and the makeup and prep team. All of which were incredibly complimentary about me and my guide dog. The makeup team did a wonderful job of curling my locks into a bouncy style, something I can never usually master. They also applied my makeup to create a natural, nude makeup look with some liner to the lash line and gold tones on the lip.

Now of course being on ITV’s This Morning to represent not only an amazing charity that has done an incredible service to me but also the visually impaired community was an incredible opportunity for me. As well as meeting Holly and Phillip on the show who were both incredibly welcoming. But, I also got to meet a fashion legend! He’s bold, he’s fun and he is best known for his ability to make women love themselves for the skin they are in. Guess who it is yet? It’s Gok Wan!



I have to say I was rather starstruck when it was first brought to my attention that Gok was in the building. But, my guide dog was the one who broke the ice. After initially meeting him and having a photograph with him he returned shortly after offering to give one of my nails a flower design, something he had ‘never done before.’ I have to say Gok did a rather good job of it! I had a great time chatting to Gok about Autumn/Winter fashion for this year and he gave me some great tips. He also was a great sport and made a guest appearance in my blog which you can see above. And if that wasn’t all after informing him that i was o n the hunt for a burnt orange floppy hat he returned after the show had ended and gave me one that had been used for the fashion feature of that days show!

So now, I have a garment that I can remember my special day by.

Fashioneyesta with Phillip and Holly
Fashioneyesta with Phillip and Holly

It was such a surreal experience to be on a show that I have watched for years and even more surreal to think that 3 years ago i was sat at home, a glum expression never to, far from my face just waiting for my life to start. And it did, the day I got Unity was when my life actually began. I realised a lot about myself, I learned about my strengths, my passions and what I loved. I discovered what i could write about and that was to change perceptions towards disability. I feel that being given the opportunity to be on the show enabled me to serve as an ambassador for people with sight loss and guide dog owners to prove that sight loss isn’t the end of a journey…merely a new road to travel on.

I am also incredibly honoured by the torrent of tweets, messages and comments that I received after the show all which expressed how they loved my appearance on the show and what I represent.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to follow me, comment and send me such heart warming messages. I can honestly say that it is people like you who make me want to continue with my work.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 19.50.16 Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 19.50.36

The Guide Dogs Charity also wrote a wonderfully complimentary and heart warming article about me and my story with Unity which you can view by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 19.52.55

So, that concludes todays blog, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you all for your support and I will see you all next time!

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