The Old Stable Store’s Country House Collection Candles: Review *

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Now that the Autumnal equinox is dawning upon the horizon. Now is the time when the blankets come out, the kettles are whistling with the sound of brewing tea and we begin to light candles with warm, spicy fragrances.

I adore Autumn, it is in fact my favourite time of year and one reason for this is because the fragrances connected to Autumn remind me of my childhood. Some of my fondest memories were formed in Autumn when the leaves turned amber and the air was thick with the smell of bonfires. I always like fragrance having sight loss as they transport me to my memories.

Now recently I was sent some candles by an amazing UK based company called Old Stable Store who specialise in home fragrances on the capacity to review for my blog. However, I would like to specify that this blog is not sponsored by the company. I was merely sent the candles with the agreement that I would write an honest review about my opinions of the products. Now, I am one for being 100% honest with my readers and I can claim that all views expressed in this view are my own.

I have been a huge fan of Old Stable Store for the past year now as their candles are extremely good quality, they last for ages and the scents are extremely realistic. Now the company recently brought out their new Country House Collection inspired by the smells that one would find in the rooms of the house.


There are five candles in the range. The first is called ‘The Pantry’ and smells of Pear, Cinnamon and Vanilla. The second is called ‘The Parlour’ and smells of Black Tea and Lemond. The third is ‘The Conservatory’ and smells of Orange and Earle Grey. The fourth is ‘The Library’ and smells of Woodsmoke, Pine and Leather. Finally the fifth is called ‘The Green House’ and smells of Tomato Leaf and Pink Peppercorn.

Now the two that I was sent was ‘The Pantry’ and ‘The Green House’ each very different in fragrance but both equally amazing to burn in the home. I will first go into a little detail about the candles generally and then review each candle individually.

Each candle costs £16 and will be on offer for buy one get one free on the first week of launch. They are made with EccoSoya wax and contain 10% of the finest quality British fragrance oils to create the best fragrances. When the candles are light the wooden wick which has been treated to softly burn with a crackling sound like an open fire will fragrance the room with a beautiful aroma. It is also recommended by the company that the candles are burnt for at least two hours to get the full fragrance. Each candles has 50 hours burning time.

Each candle comes in cylinder boxes with lids, perfect for giving as a gift to someone. On the box itself there is a little information about the candles. The design of these candles are incredibly pleasing on the eye, the art work of the candles is very reminiscent of Brambley Hedge a little book series I used to read as a child. The art work is in soft, muted colours depicting the ingredients used in each candle. The candles themeless come in little jars and although thee trial testers don’t include them on the finished products there will also be silver engraved lips for the candles themselves.

I absolutely love the fact that the wicks of these candles are made using a specially treated wood that when light sounds just like a crackling open fire. I love this touch to the candles as I am visually impaired and thus rely on my other senses to create an atmosphere around me.



The Pantry Candle


The first candle I shall talk about is ‘The Pantry’ candle. This candle is made to smell of warm kitchen spies like Pear, Cinnamon and Vanilla. It is a beautiful Autumnal fragrance and is perfect for this time of year as it is a very warm, comforting, spicy fragrance.

What surprised me most with this candle is that one I light the wick within about two minutes of lighting it there upon wafted the most glorious, warm scent around the room. This candle really does fragrance the room very strongly within no time at all and it would be perfect to burn in the hall as a welcoming scent to guests and visitors.

Personally, I feel that this candle could be used in any room in the house, the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and so on. It is a warm, sweet scent but it isn’t a scent that one would perhaps attribute to a certain room like some of the others from this collection may possibly be.

This candle would make a great gift for someone who likes Autumn/Winter fragrances or perhaps if you are not too sure what they may like. Even though the scent is strong, the scent itself is very pleasant and not overpowering. As this candle is made using British essential oils the smell is incredibly natural and realistic so there is no synthetic scent to the candles.

With some candles I find that the scent fades after time, but so far from burning this I have found the scent to remain as strong as the first time you begin to burn it.

This candle has instantly rocketed to the top of my Autumn candle essentials list and has even knocked some of my failsafes into the water. I truly think this is the quintessential candle to have in the home this Autumn, its warm, spicy blend is reminiscent of comfort food and cosy evenings indoors. Perfect for when the colder moths sink their teeth in!

Click here to view the candle.

The Green House Candle

Now the second candle that I will discuss is ‘The Green House’ candle made with Tomato Vine and Pink Peppercorn this is a very sweet and fresh fragrance to use. I personally feel that this candle is perfect to burn in the kitchen where you are preparing food. It would also be a wonderful fragrance to use throughout the year as the sharpness of the Tomato gives it a little kick, ideal to get you inspired to cook.

This candle was rather different in fragrance compared to ‘The Pantry’ it reminds me of when my mother would grow Tomato plants in her greenhouse every Summer. I can practically feel the heat of the greenhouse against my skin and see the ripe, rich juicy fruits hanging from the leaves of the plant. I am rather fond of this fragrance and the fact that is is such a sweet scent which is again very lifelike. I found with this candle that you don’t initially smell the fragrance like you do with ‘The Pantry.’ But after spending a few minutes in the area of where the candle is burning you can detect the gentle aroma of the Tomato Vine and Pink Peppercorn. This candle provides a soft, steady trickle of fragrance throughout the room.

I would personally not recommend this candle in the bedroom as I find the scent may be a little to sharp for those times when you may want to unwind. But, this would made an ideal fragrance for the kitchen and a perfect gift for the cooks or green fingered souls out there.

Click here to view the candle.


Now onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 3/5

Although the candles do have very distinctive scents, I feel that having braille on the outside packing for anyone with sight loss would be very useful. The candles also come in a glass jar which may be an issue for some with little vision who are concerned about dropping it.

But, on the plus side with that very audible wick that sounds like a crackling open fire, you are able to hear if it is still burning. Which is a first for me with any candle that I have ever tried.

Ease of Use: 5/5

The candles are very easy to light with the wooden wick.

Overal Quality: 5/5

These candles are incredible quality, with such realistic fragrances. In all honestly they are the best candles I have tried in a long while.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed trailing these candles and I would highly recommend these to anyone who likes very homely scents. My personal favourite was ‘The Pantry’ as someone who loves spicy fragrances. However, my mother adores ‘The Green House’ as the gardener of the family. But, I believe these candles are extremely good quality for the price, with excellent presentation and realistic fragrances. They are perfect for the upcoming Autumn season.

If you want any further details on these candles you can check out Old Stable Store via the links below.

Website: Click here

Twitter: Click here

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it after trailing these amazing candles.

Let me know in the comments what candle you would like to try and I will see you all in my next blog!

Until Then!

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