Fashioneyesta’s Guide To Dressing Neon For Guide Dogs Week #LetsGlow #GuideDogsWeek

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Today I return with the third instalment for my Guide Dogs Week blogs. As you know I’m working with Guide Dogs on a number of videos and blogs in the spirit of Guide Dogs Week and the #LetsGlow. So I’ve covered how to get the perfect makeup and hair look for Guide Dogs Week. Now its time to talk fashion!

Today I’m going to give you some of my top tips as well as some fashion picks for dressing neon this Guide Dogs Week.

So, grab yourself a beverage and join me as we talk neon!

So at this time of year dressing neon does have its perks, even though neon can be more of a Summer trend the one benefit is  one word, sales! So many end of season sales are on at the moment, you are guaranteed to pick up a cute little neon clutch bag or statement necklace for a small amount of money and once you sported it for Guide Dogs Week you can store it away for the warmer months.

Neon can be easy to wear in the Autumn, here are some of my top tips for wearing neon this October.

Tip One: Its all about the accessories! Neon accessories are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to go neon for Guide Dogs Week. You could opt for a neon clutch bag, scarf or jewellery and res it down with black or a white shirt for a daytime look if you want to have a hint of neon for Guide Dogs Week.

Top Two: Mix neon with patterns! Neon when mixed with patterns like florals, tribal art and paisley instantly makes you look more modern and current. As sometimes wearing a block colour in neon can make you look rather 80s.

Tip Three: Don’t be afraid to use more than one colour! You can use as many different neon colours as you like. You could war a stack of neon bracelets or rings for Guide Dogs Week and as long as you don’t wear to much colour with your clothes you will still look ultra neon for Guide Dogs Week.

Tip Four: Anchor it! Wear some not so neon colours to give the look a little more depth. Go for a pair of black shoes if you are wearing quite a bright outfit. Or if you’re outfit is a little more subtle you could opt for some very bright yellow Heidi Sturgess Clutch bag with labrador buckle I wore on the Canine Catwalk in 2013.


Fashioneyesta’s Top Neon Guide Dogs Week Fashion Picks

Pick One: Monochrome and Neon Green Beaded Ethnic Print Clutch 


Price: £10 (£19)

From: New Look

Link: Click here

Description: This bag is perfect for those of you who are holding an evening event for Guide Dogs or are planning on doing a collection. It’s Monochrome style and ethnic print combined with the bright neon acid green makes this bag ideal for Guide Dogs Week. The pattern gives it a bit of a current, modern feel but equally this bag at £10 is great to have for next Summer on a beach holiday. Plus, it also has a silver chain strap which is perfect for us Guide Dog Owners!

Pick Two: Set of Four Neon Friendship Bracelets


Price: £6

From: Accessorize

Link: Click here

Description: These friendship breast are perfect to inject a little bit of colour and bohemian style into your Guide Dogs Week outfit.Each bracelet is in a bright colour neon pink, neon yellow, blue and a yellow and orange bracelet woven together. On each bracelet there is gold tribal dealing. This bracelet set would be a great way of paying a salute to gUIDE Dogs week in isolation or combined with other neon peices.

Pick Three: Neon Pink Floral Playsuit 


Price: £20 (was £35)

From: ASOS (Fallen Rose)

Link: Click here

Now this is a sure fire way to ‘Stand Out’ for Guide Dogs Week! This neon pink white and lilac floral print playsuit is perfect for celebrating Guide Dogs and the floral print means that you will be able to wear it all next Spring/Summer. You can also find more of this neon floral print in other styles on ASOS including a blouse and a blazer.

Pick Four: Neon Pink Shift Dress With Zip Details


Price: £10 (was £30)

From: ASOS

Link: Click here

Description: This dress is simple in a classic, easy style perfect for watch dressed with black or for a night out with some more brighter accessories. But, the great thing about it is that it is in this bright neon pink colour. This dress would be ideal paired with a neon statement necklace and a bright clutch for a Guide Dogs evening out or a brightly coloured scarf for a day event.

Pick Five: Neon Green Eyelash Lace Crop Top 


Price: £4 (was £12)

From: Misgudied

Link: Click here 

Description: This neon green crop top with lace trimming is perfect paired with a high waisted pair of jeans and some brightly coloured converse. The bright colour is ideal for Guide Dogs week, but the lace trim gives it that little boho touch that is still very much a prominent trend for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Pick Six: Neon Temporary Jewellery Tattoos

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 20.44.18

Price: £3

From: Boohoo

Link: Click here

Description: Now these utterly scream Stand Out for Guide Dogs. Temporary tattoos are a great way of adding a bit of style to a look. These temporary tattoos are in a bright neon colour in a mix of heart, floral and tribal designs. Great to add to your outfit for Guide Dogs Week.

Pick Seven: Neon Beaded Statement Necklace


Price: £14.99

From: H&M

Link: Click here 

Description: This beaded statement necklace is the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to have a hint of neon to their outfit for Guide Dogs week or even to wear with a brighter colour piece like a neon blazer or dress. The necklace has a number of leaf shaped sections coming off it and is beaded in colours of yellow, neon pink, blue, green and white.

Pick Eight: Light Neon Coloured Leaf and Floral Print Scarf


Price: £2 (was £4.99)

From: H&M

Link: Click here 

Description: This light neon floral and leaf print scarf with pink, blue, yellow and green tassel detailing to the bottom is a cute little way of saluting Guide Dogs Week. Pair this with a white shirt and jeans for a simple, daytime look for Guide Dogs Week.

So, that concludes my guide to dressing neon for Guide Dogs Week. I really hope you liked it!

Don’t forget if you create your own neon inspired look for Guide Dogs week whether that be an outfit, nail art, makeup or hair look share them under the #LetsGlow and #GuideDogsWeek.

Thank you for reading and I will see you all next time!

Glow on for Guide Dogs!

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