Fashioneyesta’s Top Dotty Fashion Picks For RNIB’s Wear Dots for Lots Campaign #WearDots

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Today we are going to be talking polka dots, yes you did hear me correctly, polka dots.

Now some of you may know that October is the RNIB’s (Royal National Institute of Blind People’s) Wear Dots Raise Lots Campaign. What this is in a nutshell is throughout October the RNIB are asking people to wear dotted outfit, have dotted cake bake sales, have a dotted dress school or work aid of in aid of raising money for the RNIB’s reading and transcription services to make books accessible to people with sight loss.

As I am sure many of you know this is a campaign that is very close to my heart as growing up the RNIB were one of my main sources of accessing literature due to my limited vision. I personally think that being able to sport a polka dot dress or wearing some polka dot nail art in aid of an amazing charity is a capital idea!


So today I wanted to talk you through some of my top polka dot picks that are currently averrable on the British High Street and online for you to wear this October in support of the RNIB.

So, after this blog you will have no excuse not to go out, purchase something fabulously dotty and do your bit to ensure that people with sight loss enjoy the wonderful experience of reading!

Plus…polka dot never go out of style!

Now when it comes to polka dots there is truly something for everyone whether its a polka dot scarf, polka dot nails or a polka dot dress. Polka dots are timeless, comes in a variety of colours for different seasons and sits any age group.

You could use a polka dot dress of top already in your wardrobe and add a polka dot headband and some nail art to really vamp up the look in the spirit of Wear Dots Raise Lots.

But, enough of me telling you what you can do, here are some of my top picks for polka dot fashion finds.

Pick One: Burgundy Polka Dot Knot Bow Headwrap 


Price: £3 (was £5)

From: Claire’s Accessories 

Link: Click here

Description: This is great way of achieving a cute, vintage look  whilst it brings a touch of Autumn in the mix in this beautiful burgundy colour perfect for the season. You could easily wear this with an updo or with your hair down, some cat eye makeup and a polka dot sweater. Claire’s do plenty of polka dot headbands, head wraps and other hair accessories so you are pretty much spoilt for choice!

Pick Two: Medium Red and White Polka Dot Leather Trim Tote Bag


Price: £60

From: Cath Kidston

Link: Click here

Description: Red is a staple colour for Autumn/Winter and Cath Kidston’s polka dot pattern is a classic iconic look that will never go out of style. But, this bag if paired with a matching red polka dot headscarf and some red polka dot nail art would really make a statement for Wear Dots Raise Lots. But, after October this would be a perfect bag to use if you lug your entire life everywhere you go. But of course Cath Kinston offer many more polka dot bags in varying styles from backpacks to saddle bags. But, personally I think that this tote is ultra stylish and classic.

Pick Three: Black Polka Dot Sheer Tights


Price: £3

From: New Look

Link: Click here

Description: Now if you are not the adventurous type and would rather not sport a polka dot head scarf or dress then these might be a safer option. These polka dot tights could be paired with a shift dress or a shirt and circle skirt for a retro inspired look. But, with those polka dots on your pins you will still be saluting Wear Dots Raise Lots.

Pick Four: Black Mesh Polka Dot Print Midi Circle Skirt


Price: £25

From: Boohoo

Link: Click here

Description: Speaking of circle skirts, this black mesh circle skirt with a white polka dot print is perfect for anyone who is a fan of that timeless 50s outline with the nipped in waste and full circle skirt. This shirt could be dressed down with a white shirt and some Mary Jane Shoes. Or you could really go to town and match it with a black polka dot head wrap, black polka dot shoes and even a black polka dot bag. But, equally this skirt is a classic piece, in a flattering outline that flatters any body shape.

Pick Five: Pink Polka Dot Onsie 


Price: £18

From: Boohoo

Link: Click here 

Description: Don’t laugh! I know that everyone reading this at some point or another is guilty of sporting a Onesie and if you deny it then you are an utter liar! It’s ok, you can be honest with me, Onesies are God’s gift. Come up, admit it! But anyhow I digress. This hot pink onesie with a white polka dot print is super comfy and great if you are perhaps having a dotty pyjama party to raise money for the RNIB. Think about it you could get the girls (and guys) together, have some DVD’s, everyone brings a cake and whine and you all put whatever money you would have spent on a night out towards the RNIB. Am I not a genius! But think how stylish you would look in this Onsie, especially if you decided to also get one of your friends with an artistic tendency to do some polka dot nail art.

Pick Six: Black Polka Dot Pac a Mac


Price: £8 (was £10)

From: Boohoo

Link: Click here

Description: Everyone needs a pac a mac in their life, they are super practical to have if it starts to rain and you’re coat isn’t water proof. But, this one is even more great because when you wear it it will be a little salute to Wear Dots Raise Lots with that black and white polka dot print. Plus it has pockets and zips up against the lashing rain.

Pick Seven: Cara Polka Dot Print Sleeveless Shirt Dress 


Price: £8 (was £10)

From: Boohoo

Link: Click here

Description: (Available in black and navy.) This dress is classic, elegant and flattering. It’s A line skirt and nipped in waste is very flattering and forgiving on the figure. It comes with a tan belt, it buttons down at the front and is sleeveless. This dress would be perfect in isolation, but equally you could pair this with matching coloured polka dot accessories to really amp up those polka dots. I personally love the navy coloured dress as navy is very flattering and easy to wear and looks great with tans and reds.

Pick Eight: Black and White Polka Dot Print Jumpsuit 


Price: £22.40 (was £35)

From: Dorothy Perkins 

Link: Click here 

Description: This black and white polka dot print jumpsuit is perfect for those of you who want to wear something, comfortable, practical for work, university and social occasions. This jumpsuit has little capped sleeves, a tie belt waist and tapers in at the ankle. It is perfect to wear with a bold colour like red or with a more muted colour like tan. This could be worn on so many occasions and you wouldn’t need to add any more polka dot accessories as the jumpsuit pretty much speaks for itself. After all, clad in this you will be top to toe polka dots!

Pick Nine: Navy Blue Polka Dot Print Slip On Trainers 


Price: £40

From: ASOS (Toms)

Link: Click here 

These navy blue and white polka dot slip on trainers fro m Toms are a great way of making sure you trotters are showing solidarity to the RNIB. They are super comfortable to wear and a classic style of she. They look ultra smart paired with a blazer and jeans for an everyday easy look. Whats more, did you know that every pair of shoes someone buys from Toms, Toms gives a pair of shoes to someone in need from a part of the world. Plus for every pair of sunglasses someone buys from Tom’s, Toms funds for people in third world countries to have a cataract operation to prevent blindness. So, there you go fashion that goes the extra mile.

Pick Ten: Elegant Touch Express Nails French Manicure Pastel Polka Dots 


Price: £7.99

From: ASOS

Link: Click here 

Description: Now the final item I have is for you to jazz up your talons this October. This pastel coloured polka dot temporary nails are prefect if you haven’t got time or the funds to have a full on nail design at a salon, or maybe if you can’t do them yourself. I really rate these nails as they last a long time and they are easy to apply if you have vision loss like myself. The nails are plan and then on the tips in the style of a french manicure they have pastel polka dot designs in colours of blue, green, pink and lilac.

So, that concludes my guide on dressing for the Wear Dots Raise Lots Campaign. I hope you enjoyed it and that it has given you some inspiration to get your polka dot thing on!

To find out more about the RNIB’s Wear Dots Raise Lots Campaign and how you can get involved click here to view the Wear Dots Raise Lots Website.

Thank you all for reading and I will see you next time!

PS. I hope this blog didn’t make you go dotty!….Forgive me I could not resist my friends.

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