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Today I am going to be sharing with you all a very Autumnal blog post all about my top Autumn makeup picks and some of my key looks for the Autumn season.

Autumn makeup I find to be the most beautiful, artistic and colourful of all the seasons for makeup. Its a time to put down those corals and peaches and take up the plums and pinks. It’s a time were gold eyes and deep berry lips take centre stage. For Autumn you can go all in with a deep plum ombre lip or a smouldering smokey eye.

Watch My Tutorial

I also filmed a makeup tutorial over on my YouTube channel on how to create an Autumn makeup look.

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DSC01490 DSC01494 DSC01495 DSC01496 DSC01500 DSC01501 DSC01502 DSC01511 DSC01512 DSC01534 DSC01535 DSC01545 new DSC01500For those of you who cannot see the images above to give you an idea of my makeup that I am wearing. I am sporting a dark berry ombre lip, plum colour eye shadow, black cat eye eyeliner and plum mascara. I finish the look off with a hint of pink blush to add that vampish look into the mix.

So for Autumn here are a few of my favourite looks….

The Berry Ombre Lip

For those of you who are unsure of what I mean by an Ombre Lip, an Ombre Lip is where you take a dark lip pencil or darker than the lip stick you intend to use and outline your lips. Be sure to take care and to pay attention to the cupids bow and the corners of your mouth. Once you have drawn the initial outline of your lip fill it in using the same pencil around a quarter of the way into your lips then blend it using a lip brush. Then take your lipstick and fall in the inner area using a lip brush. You may need to repeat the lip liner a few times to keep that Ombre look. Just be sure to build it up and blend to keep that natural gradient look. An Ombre lip is about giving your lips gradient and texture and its perfect when using with berry tones in the Autumn. Just be sure to practice this if you are a visually impaired makeup user perhaps with slightly lighter colours. Be aware that the lipstick may fade quicker than the liner, so make sure you touch up your lipstick from time to time.

Plum Eyes

I love wearing plum eye makeup, like plum and rose gold colour eyeshadows and plum mascaras. There is a little bit of a misconception that plums can only be worn if you are young as they can drain your face. But, thats not entirely true. If you are worried about wearing plum colours for whatever reason balance it out with a hint of gold to warm the competition. You could wear a gold colour all over the lid and then add a little accent of plum to the crease of your eye with is the line that you feel when you open your eye and look straight ahead. Or you could have an accent of plum on the lash line with a liner or with a plum mascara. But, whatever you choose make sure that it is the right shade of plum for your skin tone and if you are pale warm it up with some lighter, more pink tone plums.

Gold and Coper Eyes 

gold and copper eyes are stunning for the Autumn time and seeing as I’m a natural redhead they compliment my natural skin tone and colouring. But, in if you are a brunette, blonde or any other hair colour you can wear golds and coppers no matter what. I find gold eyeshadow in Autumn to be a very wearable colour for day to night. if you are going to work you could use one gold colour on the lid and then for a more evening look pop a little bit of copper onto the outer corner of the eye, blind it well, add a little black eyeliner if you feel confident enough and you instantly have the perfect Autumn evening look.

Now that I have covered some of my favourite looks for Autumn I will also share with you all some of my favourite makeup products for the Autumn season. I will also give you my ratings on ease of use and accessibility as a visually impaired person.


Berry and plum lipsticks are one of my Autumn makeup staples, I mostly opt for lipsticks as I personally prefer to look more Matte in the Autumn months. But, you could always opt for a lipgloss if you find them easier to apply.

Too Faced Melted Berry Lipstick

DSC01731 The first Autumn lipstick that I have been using is the Too Faced Melted Berry Lipsticks. For those of you who have never used one of these before the Melted Lipsticks by Too Faced are a fantastic beauty invention. They have the formulation an apply like a gloss, however once on the lips they have the appearance of a matte lipstick. They come in a wide range of colours but Melted Berry is a beautiful dark Autumn berry colour with a hint of Burgundy to it.

Accessibility: 3/5

In terms of accessibility this is not the most accessible one I have found as the colour contrast of black text against a reddish background makes it somewhat difficult to read. Plus the lack of braille is also a contributing factor to this. However, they are easy to open and it has a distingushiable colour packaging.

Price: £15

Link: Click here 

Ease of Use: 4/5

These Melted Lipsticks are relatively easy to apply either with a brush or by using the applicator itself. Although I would personally recommend using a brush. They glide on very easily and give a great finish to the lips.

Clinique Chubby Stick in 07 Broadest Berry

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.34.36

The Clinique Chubby Sticks are ideal for those of who who are perhaps a little unversed in the subtle art of applying lipstick. As this one acts a little bit more like a crayon in consistency and apply extremely easily. I have used these for a number of years now and I have always found these to be very easy to use if you are in a hurry. The Broadest Berry Shade is an ideal everyday Autumn colour to use as its a muted plum tone.

Price: £17

Link: Click here 

Accessibility: 4/5

For accessibility I personally think these are relatively easy to distinguish from its shape and the colour contrast of silver text against a dark background.

Ease of Use: 5/5 

Personally I find these to be one of the most easy lip products save perhaps nude lip glosses to apply. They glide on very easily, they are balmy in consistency and you don’t even need to outline your lips with a liner before applying this.

Urban Decay Sheer Shame Lipstick 


The Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lip Glosses are super moisturising to the lips and really help to make your lips look fuller and plumper. In fact, this is the only lipstick in my Autumn collection which has more of a glossy finish to it. What I love most about this lip gloss is that with the sheer affect it gives and the deep berry colour it makes you look as if you’ve been eating berries in a glamorous, finished sort of way. I personally opt for this as an everyday lip colour as I find it to be one of the more wearable darker berry colours that I own.

Price: £15.50

Link: Click here

Accessibility: 4/5

The packaging of this lipstick is very distinctive as it has a smooth, glass like texture and it is in a muted purple colour. The only down side to this product is the lack of braille for those who are braille users and the fact that there is not any contrasting text to detail what the colour is.

Ease of Use: 4/5

I personally find this to be relatively easy to use, the formulation of these lipsticks is incredible! They glide on soothly and blend well with a lip brush.

Mac Creme In Your Coffee Lipstick


Mac lipsticks are one of the beauty world holy grail products and for good reason, they have fantastic colour pigmentation and the formulation of these lipsticks is creamy in texture. I personally love Mac lipsticks and the berry tones are absolutely phenomenal. The Creme in Your Coffee lipstick is a beautiful brown tone plum lipstick, a kind of darker nude for the Autumn months. If you are looking for a good everyday Autumn nude I would personally recommend this.

Accessibility: 4/5 

The shape of the packaging is very distinctive as they are designed to look like bullets, however the lack of braille and the fact that all the packaging are all in the same black colour can make it problematic to see.

Ease of Ue: 5/5 

Price: £15.50

Link: Click here

Mac Dark Side Lipstick 


Now if you want a really dark lipstick with that element of wow factor or perhaps you want to go for a vampish look for Halloween this will be the lipstick for you. This Mac lipstick is in a beautiful matte, dark berry colour a little bit more of the grape side of berry. Its a stunning colour and would make a great colour to combine with a darker lip liner for an Ombre lip.

Price: £15.50

Link: Click here

For accessibility and ease of use see above.


Now we move onto the makeup to get those peepers looking Autumn ready!

Mac Amber Lights Eyeshadow 


This Mac eyeshadow is without a doubt my all time favourite eyeshadow, it is in a beautiful shimmery amber colour. It is so rich and beautiful to use on the crease combined with a gold for an everyday look or used on the lid with a darker colour if you are going for an evening look. I personally would love to use this colour to create an Autumn fairy look. But, i think its a stunning colour and perfect if you are looking for a colour to mimic the beautiful Autumn leaves.

Price: £13

Link; Click here 

Accessibility: 4/5 

The packaging on these eyeshadows is easy to access and you can easily see the colour of the eyeshadow. However the lack of braille is a let down for anyone who uses braille.

Ease of Use: 5/5 

These eyeshadows are very easy to use, the pigmentation is incredible and the powder is compacted so you are not like to get a lot of fall out with thee shadows and they blend very easily.

Laura Geller Autumn Leaves Palette 


This palette is without any shadow of a doubt one of the most beautiful and Autumnal makeup items that I feature in this blog. It is a round baked shadow palette in which there are three different shades a light copper, a deep brown, a forest green and a vanilla shade all in the shape of Autumn leaves. The shadows are stunning to use for Autumn looks, in particular the copper as a crease colour and the vanilla shade as a highlight.

This is part of a set called the Italian Garden Collection which you can order via QVC Uk.

Price: £44.15

Link: Click here

Accessibility: 3/5

Now whilst I do adore this palette i do have some qualms about accessibility. For one there is no tactile divide between each shade, so you would really have to memorise exactly where each colour is in the palette. For another there is no braille incorporated on this item. However, the packaging is fairly distinctive and easy to access.

Ease of Use: 5/5

These are baked cream shadows meaning that you will get virtually no fall out and they blend in seamlessly to give a flawless finish where the colour really to bleed into one and other. I personally love the formulation of Laura Geller eyeshadows as they are so creamy and smooth.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Palette 

DSC01744 DSC01745 DSC01746

This palette is utterly stunning, the Laura Mercier Eye Art Palette is a relatively new product onto the beauty scene. It features some truly stunning plum, aubergine, rose gold, cream and coffee tone shades. I thing this palette is perfect for achieving Autumn looks and there is a mixture of matte and shimmer colours so that you can create looks no matter what the occasion is.

Price: £45

Link: Click here

 Accessibility: 4/5 

This palette is easy to distinguish as it has a patterned outer casing which is slightly raised. Each colour is divided in the palette too. However, the lack of braille does let it down a mark.

Ease of Use: 5/5

These shadows are extremely easy to work with, they blend in easily and there is a wide range of colours and shades to use from. So if you are not versed in using a darker colour there are lots of lighter plum tones to use until you build up your confidence.

Clinique Chubby Lash Portly Plum Mascara 


The Clinique Plum Mascara is a great addition to your mascara collection. I personally loved coloured mascaras as they can really change a look an add a new dimension to your makeup. I have used the Clinqiue mascaras for years and i personally find the brush applicator a dream to work with as there are some many tiny bristles on the brush so you can really get all the lashes coated wit the mascara. The colour is utterly stunning in a really beautiful dark plum shade.

Price: £17.50

Link: Click here

Accessibility: 4/5

This mascara is relatively easy to distinguish with silver text against a plum coloured background and the fact that the Clinique logo is raised on the top of the mascara. However, the lack of braille does let it down a mark.

Ease of Application: 5/5

This mascara is one of the easiest ones I have found to apply, the wand is ideal for people with limited vision as it enables you to get all the lashes and the bristles are not to long.


Now onto those cheeks!

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick in Matte Malibu 

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.34.56

This blusher is a little more on the brown tone side of things, however it makes a perfect shade when combined with a gold toned highlighter. The Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks are amazing for people who are worried about fall out when applying blusher. These act more like a cream which is fantastic in the sense that you can feel where you have applied the blusher. They are very easy to blend and do not give the skin that dry appearance that some blushers can give. Perfect if you can suffer with dry skin in the colder months.

Price: £5

Link: Click here 

Accessibility: 4/5

The colour contrast of a black background against silver text makes this product very easy to distinguish and that packaging shape itself is very easy to distinguish.

Ease of Use: 5/5 

These are very easy to use the creamy formulation makes them easy to blend if you have limited vision like myself and you will not get fall out with this product.

Mac Swiss Chocolate Blusher


This Swiss Chocolate Blush is a perfect colour for counter if you are pale like myself or if you are of a darker complexion to use as a blush. Its a deep chocolate shade which I use to counter the temples of my face. This product is limited addition so I am not entirely sure of its price and the link, but it is currently available in Mac stores.

Accessibility: 4/5 

The colour of the blush is easy to see as the top part of the packaging is clear and the packaging is easy to open. however, the lack of braille does let it down a mark.

Ease of Application: 4/5

This colour is very dark so if you are wanting to use this I would suggest practicing a few times and making sure to blend thoroughly before you intend to wear it out.

Nail Varnish 

Now we move onto nail varnishes, I absolutely love darker nail varnishes in the Autumn Months and in particular I love the nail varnishes from Essie and one from Barry M.


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.35.09 Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 13.35.27

Essie Nail Varnishes

Essie Nail Varnishes are easy to apply, they do not chip and you only need to sue one coat with the darker shades which I personally find very easy being that I have limited vision.

The shades in particular that I love are…

Fall in Line: A green tone grey colour.

The Perfect Cover Up: A dark grey colour.

Dressed To Kilt: A deep burgundy toned red.

Partner in Crime: A rich chocolate brown shade.

Barry M Vintage Violet 

Barry M Nail Varnishes area again one of my favourite drug store nail varnish brands as the colour is strong with one coat and there is no need to apply more than one and the nail varnishes do not chip easily. Vintage Violet is a beautiful plum shade perfect for adding a touch of vintage glamour.

Price: £2.99

Link: Click here 


Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne 


The final thing I have to feature for this Autumnal blog today is the Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay scent. This has been an Autumn staple for me ever since the fragrance was launched three years ago. This scent with notes of Blackberry, Bay Leaves and Ceaderwood is a beautiful musky scent that mimics long woodland walks and the old past time of picking blackberries.


Price: £42

Link: Click here

So that concludes todays blog, I really hope you enjoyed it and that it has given you some inspiration to create your own Autumn makeup look.

Please comment below with your Autumn makeup essentials and I will see you all next time.


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