Fashioneyesta’s 2015 Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar Picks

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I’m so sorry for by absence for the last few weeks fro my blog and other social media platforms. i’ve been taking some time away to concentrate on my studies and I just generally felt like a break from blogging. As I’m sure you can understand a break every so often is healthy.

But I’m back today with a blog that I have been very excited to share with you all for a few weeks now and that is a guide on my favourite Christmas beauty advent calendars of 2015! I did this last year and it was very popular among you all so I thought i’d do a version for this year.

Now you might say that a beauty advent calendar is the height of frivolity, however there are plenty to choose from at all different price points and whats more beauty advent calendars are a great way of being able to try a whole range of different products from one brand in isolation or from many if you opt for a store calendar. So, if you are stuck for what to ask for this Christmas a beauty advent calendar is a great way to try products out and if theres something you like…then give a little nudge to a significant other, friend or family member.

So, today I’ve got a nice little selection to choose from, so lets begin!

Now its worth just point out that not all of these calendars are readily available to buy, some of them are to be launched at the end of November. But, believe me they vanish in a puff of smoke so if there is one you like, I’d whip it up before it sells out.

The 12’s and 24’s

Now another thing to mention is that some of the calendars include include 12 doors and some include 24. This is because it can become more pricey with more doors depending on the brand and the size of products they offer in the calendars. I have tired to include a mixture of calendars that have both 12 and 24 doors. If you have a door with 12 doors its your choice to start to open it from the 1st to the 12th or from the 12 to the 24. Personally I would opt to start mine on the 1st as if there is a product you like and you want to ask for it for Christmas its wise to ensure there is enough time for that person to purchase it for you.

Pick one: M&S Beauty Advent Calendar 

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 18.25.02

Price: £25 when you spend £25 on beauty products in M&S.

Not available until the 19th of November 2015 in store and online.

This first one is probably my favourite one for the more cheaper end of the spectrum this yer. Now for those of you who don’t know M&S house lots of beauty brands like Rituals, Burt’s Bees, Phillip Kingsley, L’Ooccitanne and more. This calendar has 24 doors to open each containing a different product from a different brand each day and the calendar contains over £200 worth of beauty products to try. This will be the one I will personally opt for this Christmas.

Pick Two: Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar


Price: £25 (was £50)

Link: Click here 

Makeup Revolution have also jumped onto the Beauty Advent Calendar band waggon this year. Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite drugstore beauty brands, I love their eyeshadows, blush sticks and lip products. So, this one is perfect for someone who is trying to get their makeup collection started or who maybe wants to try different products from the brand. The calder itself is black and has 24 doors in different shades and behind each door is a different product from the brand each day.

Pick Three: Benefit Beauty Advent Calendar 


Price: £34.50

Available at Debenhams and Benefit Cosmetics.

For any of you Benefit junkies or Benefit newbies this is a great, affordable calder to go for. Inside this brightly coloured calendar you get 12 doors and behind each is a small size of Benefits most popular products such as their They’re Real Mascara, Tints, Highlighters, Blush and more. Its the perfect way to get to grips with Benefit. As there are only 12 doors behind the particular calendar you would have to choose whether to start it from the 1st to the 12 or from the 12th to the 24th.

Pick Four: L’Ooccitanne Beauty Advent Calender 


Price: £39

Link: Click here 

Now this wouldn’t be a beauty blog on if i didn’t mention L’Ooccitanne who are currently the only brand to my knowledge who incorporate braille onto their products (take heed other beauty brands.) Their calendar is visually one of the cutest and most Christmassy ones this year featuring a cute cartoon winter street scene featuring a woman cheerfully walking into L’Ooccitanne. The shop outside is festooned with lights and holly. Inside the calendar there are 24 doors that feature a range of L’Oocitanne’s products such as their hand cream, foot cream, shower products, hair care, perfume and more. Its a great set for someone who wants to have a range of prudes that are not exclusively makeup, fragrance or bath and body. So, this would be one I’d highly recommend.

Pick Six: Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar 


Price: £95

Available at Selfridges.

This box of delights from Selfridges is a great way to try out many different beauty brands like Lancomme, Keals and YSL. Its a great way of being able to try lots of different luxury beauty brands whether that be makeup, skincare or bath and body.

Pick Seven: Charlotte Tilbury The Magic of Makeup Book Beauty Advent Calender 


Price: £150

Link: Click here 

Now this next one is one of my personal favourite calendars from the luxury beauty brand end of the spectrum. Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist who has developed a reputable makeup brand using natural ingredients to give beautiful results. The brand is best known for creating beautiful eye palettes and creamy beautifully pigmented lipsticks with Rose Gold packaging. This calendar is made to look like a box with a gold outline of a fairy on the front sporting a jumpsuit and a wand. Inside the 12 doors features some of the brands bestselling products from skincare, lipsticks, eyeliners and more.

Pick Eight: Diptyque Advent Calendar 


Price: £250

Available at Selfridges from mid November.

This next calendar is more for tho of you who are into your fragrances, Diptyque is a brand that offers a range of candles, body products and fragrance. It is beloved by beauty bloggers and editors alike and this year they have laughed a rather decedent calendar and behind each doc of 24 features a range of different products including mini sizes of their candles, perfumes and other products. This is a great way to trial lots of different fragrances and scents from the brand, but it is on the more pricey end of the spectrum. But, if you have the funds, why not treat yourself.

Pick Nine: Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar 


Price: £149

Available at Liberty.

This is the second year that Liberty have related a calendar, this calendar is perfect for those of you who fancy being adventurous and trying unique brands like Nars, Kai and Dermatologica. Behind each door of 24 features a product from a different beauty brand including bath and body, skincare, makeup and haircare.

Pick Ten: Jo Malone Advent Calendar 
gallery-1440069755-jo-malone-openPrice: £250

Available at Harrods.

The final calendar in my beauty advent calendar picks is this one from Jo Malone, now personally I consider this to be one for someone who wants the ultimate treat this December. Every day will be like opening a Christmas present. In this calendar there are 24 doors and behind each one features a product from Jo Malone including some of their best selling fragrances in miniature sizes, bath and body products and more. So, if you have any disposable income and fancy splashing out on a calendar that has some different fragrances, this is certainly the one for you!

So, that concludes my blog for today, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Do let me know in the comments which calendar you’d like to be opening this Christmas and I shall see you all next time!

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