UltraDEX Dental Products: Review *


Greetings Readers!

Today is one of those days where you join me for a review type blog post in which I give the the scoop on a product or in this case products that I have been trailing and my findings on them.

As you may know I personally love to write review blogs because they are a great way to give you my personal opinions on a product as someone with sight loss in a bid to make cosmetics and personal care more accessible.

A couple of moths ago I was approached by a dental care company called UltraDex. UltraDEX is a UK based range started up by Periproducts LTD. The brand began in 1993 and is entered around with working with dental professionals to create products that are focused on maintaining a healthy mouth. The range incorporates many products including toothpaste, oral rises, sprays and more. The company very kindly sent me a box of dental delights for me to trial in the agreement that I would write a blog on my findings.

Yet, let me state that this blog post is not sponsored by UltraDEX, all views are my own and non biased in their viewpoint.

So, I will break this review into sections giving a brief review of each product individually before moving onto the final scoring on whole.

A Little Background 


The science of UltraDEX is that the products are designed with ingredients that will work with the PH balance of your mouth the nueteralise the bacteria in it. The products are customisable to your personal PH balance of your mouth to promote a healthier, cleaner mouth.

Their products are Vegan friendly, Gluten Free and Kosha Status.

Their toothpastes are low abrasion and gentle on the enamel on your teeth. They do not use SLS which adds the foaming factor to most toothpastes meaning that you still get the clean feeling, without the harmful foaming factor. Their mouthwashes are alcohol free.

They also offer a toothpaste and mouthwash for those who suffer from sensitive teeth.

With  IQ+  ActiveOxi Technology the products are designed the products helps to eliminate bad breath for 12 hours, product teeth and gums from bacteria and decay and restores the natural witness of your teeth.

Daily Oral Rinse 


Link: Click here

The idea behind the daily oral rinse is that it acts like a mouth was to be used once a day either in the morning or evening. It helps to promote oral health and fresh breath. Pour a small amount into the lid and gargle for 30 seconds.

What I personally liked most about it was that because it didn’t contain any alcohol it didn’t feel abrasive or uncomfortable when i used it. It was very gentle and made it easy for me to use.

After two weeks of using this product (in conjunction with the sensitive range toothpaste) I noticed that I wasn’t getting any issues with bleeding gums like I had before and that my teeth looked whiter and there was just a general feeling of healthiness to my mouth.

I also noticed that my breath smelt fresher for a lot longer, well into  later stages of the day which has really made me feel more confident and better about myself.

Low Abrasion Toothpaste


Link: Click here

In conjunction with the daily oral rinse I also used the low abrasion toothpaste. For me, as someone who is on a lot of medication and one of the side affects is that it affects the enamel of my teeth. So, I was really keen to see if this made a difference. For me, I noticed that before using these products my teeth felt as if they were being ‘stripped’ for want of a better phrase of their proactive barrier. They could often look and feel quite chalky in appearance and texture.

Yet, after two weeks of using this I began to notice that my teeth felt stronger and more healthier. There was a shine on my teeth and they seemed to loose that chalky feeling and appearance described before. They felt cleaner for longer, even after eating food and the appearance of my teeth improved after using this toothpaste.

I also like this toothpaste because even though it does not foam the product still spread easily and a little goes a long way.

Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Daily Oral Rinse


Link: Click here 

Sensitive Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste 

Link: Click here

I personally found that this oral rinse has hugely helped my teeth feel cleaner and fresher for longer. I use the product at night before going to sleep in conjunction with the Recalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste. I personally found that after using this for a few weeks my teeth have felt cleaner after a nights sleep and its help to keep any bad breath at bay. My mouth generally feels healthier and my teeth have a smooth feeling to them.

My teeth generally look more even in colour and I’ve noticed less staining to them even though I am a big tea drinker.

Out of everything I tried from this range I personally found these two products in particular to be my favourite. As I’ve noticed the benefits to my mouth and teeth in general and I’d defiantly repurchase these again.

Anti-Bacterial Coated Interdental Tapanti-bacterial-coated-interdental-tape

Link: Click here 

This mint flavoured tape with its thick texture makes flossing my teeth a more comfortable and pleasant experience. I often find that most dental tapes and flosses hurt the gums when going through the motions of flossing each tooth. However, with this I didn’t feel any pain, discomfort of bleeding to the gums. I also felt that it got read of any excess plaque lurking in the ridges of my teeth. I’m utterly impressed with this dental tape and because it has made such a difference in me actually flossing my teeth as opposed to not flossing in fear of experiencing pain its 100% worth it.

Wire Free Interdental Brushes


Link: Click here 

These anti-bactieral brushes make getting rid of any excess plaques or bacteria to hard to reach places a whole lot easier. The website states you can use it on places like crowns, fillings or any difficult place of your teeth to reach. I personally find these really useful to use on my one crown I have at the back of my mouth as they fit easily into small gaps of your mouth. I also carry these around with me in my bag for when I’m out. As I find that when I need to use the (coughs) convenience I whip one of these out to use in between meals and snacks just to be sure no sneaky bits of food or a stray herb are stuck between my teeth.

They are really easy to use, they don’t give any discomfort when using them and they are easy to use if you have any fillings, crowns or harder to read places or if you have the dreaded braces I imagine these would come in handy as floss can be a lot more tricky. These however, would not get caught in your braces so it would make maintaining healthy teeth whilst you are forced to wear the metal a lot easier.

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, food stuck between your teeth is so not attractive…just saying!

Fresh Breath Oral Spray 


Link: Click here

Meet my new best friend! This product has permanently  taken up residence in my makeup bag. This handy little breath freshening spray is great for getting rid of any breath odours. The thing I like about this breath fresher aside from the fact that it actually gives me a fresher breath is that is doesn’t have a particularly bitter taste when spraying it or aftertaste for that matter. I can wager that it is seeming to do with the fact that there are no harmful chemicals in these products. But, it leaves my breath feeling so much fresher and my mouth generally feels clear after using it. So, I think this would make a great go to essential to use throughout the day.

Now, onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 4/5

I found all of these products very user friendly, easy to open and access. The colour contrast is easy to read with blue text against a whit background. However, my only criticism would be that the company could improve by incorporating braille into their products for those with limited vision or some kind of QR code to give further information on the product and how to use it.

Ease of Application: 5/5

Thee products are all very easy to apply and to use, I found the interdental tapes and brushes very gentle, comfortable and non invasive. In general, I found that all of these products make the process of maintaining good oral hygiene a lot easier without the nasty chemicals.

Value For Money: 4/5

These products are fairly good in price range going up to the £8 region on Amazon and Boots. I personally feel that even though the brand may be a tad more pricey for a toothpaste or mouthwash you do get good results, without harmful chemicals or gluten. So, I would say you pay for a much better product which actually helps to promote healthy gums and teeth. Plus, considering how much dental treatment would cost, its better to spend a little more on products and a lot less on treatment.

Overall Quality: 5/5

All in all I really enjoyed using each of these products are there are products I would defiantly repurchase again including the Oral Spray, Rinse and Dental Tape.

UltraDEX is a great brand, user friendly, kind to your mouth and generally improves your dental hygiene after around 2 weeks of use.

So, UltraDEX gets a thumbs up from me.

Thank you so much to UltraDEX for sending me the products to try and I really hope you enjoyed this blog.

You can purchase UltraDEX products via their website, on Amazon and Boots.

For more information on the brand and the products consult the UltraDEX website at http://www.ultradex.co.uk.

Thank you all for reading and I will see you all in my next one.

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