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DSC02068Greetings Readers!

Now, I’m sure that there are plenty of you who love to sport a little makeup, whether that be a red lipgloss, a highlighter or a touch of concealer. However, there are times when going up and spending a fortune on a new makeup collection is not an option. Plus, with there being a huge amount of budget brands which are increasingly popular with beauty bloggers and enthusiasts alike you don’t need to spend a lot to look great.



So, today seeing as Christmas is on the horizon and I’m sure plenty of you are searching for little stocking fillers, I thought today I would write a blog in which I share with you all a selection of my top budget beauty picks.

In this blog I will talk about my favourite beauty products, be that for face, eyes or lips.

So, sit back, get comfy and lets talk beauty!

I also filmed an accompanying video on my YouTube channel talking about my favourite budget beauty products if you would like to watch this.

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First lets start with that face..

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


Price: £9.99 from Superdrug, Boots and Feel Unique

The Bourgeois Healthy Mix Foundation is one of the most famous and well loved drugstore foundations. Adored by beauty bloggers and makeup artists alike. This foundation is made with fruit extracts of Apple, Mango and Melon to give a natural healthy glow to the skin and to hydrate and protect the skin. It is medium to high coverage depending on how much you apply. It’s very build able, easy to blend and gives your skin natural radiance without looking oiling. I personally love this foundation and I rate it by far better than most high end foundation I have ever used. There are a large number of shades to suit different skin tones (I personally use the shade 51 light vanilla.)

Superdrug B Creative Vol. 5 Pro Face Kit


Price: £4.99 (normally £9.99)

Avaialbe online and in store at Superdrug in 3 different shades Light, Dark and Medium depending on your skin tone.

This palette would make a perfect gift or stocking filler for someone who is on the go a lot. In this sleek, little palette you get a creme concealer (which is perfect for spots, uneven skin tone and blemishes,) a cream foundation which is good coverage, a cream pink highlighter which I use on the cheekbones and brow bone and a powder. It also comes with a sponge applicator, but I personally didn’t use it much. This is a great set for anyone just getting into makeup and wants to start their collection this set would be ideal. The products are all very easy to apply and once blended give a radiant natural look. The B Range is cruelty free and dermatologically tested and all the products are very good quality.

Superdrug B Range BB Under Eye Concealer

Price: £1.98 (usually £3.99)

Link: Click here 

Available in 3 hades: light, light/medium and dark.

This concealer is a fantastic highlighting concealer, it is lightweight, easy to blend and is pretty long wearing. Although you could add some eye primer to extend that period. I personally like this concealer for under the eyes when I’ve had a long night or am feeling a tad under the weather. It’s easy to blend with a brush or a sponge. Just bare in mind that a highlighting concealer should only really be used under the eyes and not on spots or blemishes as this only highlights them as opposed to covering them up.

Milani Tea Rose Blusher 


Price: £5.99

Link: Click here (available on

Milani has shot up to the top of my favourite drugstore brands list and for good reason. Milani is a US brand inspired by the makeup looks of Milan (as you probably gathered by the name.) But, you can get Milani from Amazon UK. This blusher is one of my favourite blushers both from Milani and of all time. It’s a lovely soft pink colour, perfect for an everyday blusher. They blend really easily, they are super pigmented, they wear well and they look beautiful in your collection. This blush is shaped to look like a rose in a rounded plastic container which has gold hardware. I personally feel that Milani’s products look more high end, even though they are essentially drugstore. So, if you are looking for some little stocking fillers, I’d recommend checking out these blushes. They come in 3 other colours a coral, a red and a reddish pink.

Sleek Blusher Trio in Pink Lemonade 


Price: £9.99

Link: Click here 

Available in a variety of colours.

Now, every brand does have its forte or iconic product that it makes. The brand Sleek’s best products they offer are their blushers. These blushers are very pigmented easy to blend, have great stain power and come in a variety of finishes. Some or metallic and some or matte. This trio I love for this time of year is called Pink Lemonade in this palette there are 3 dark pinkish red shades, 2 are metallic in powder format and one is matte in a cream formula. I love each of them and use them a lot during the winter moths. But, I do also have other blush palettes from Sleek, so I would recommend them if you are looking for some new blushers.

I Heart Makeup Blushing Heart Products

Golden Goddess Highlighter

Price: £4.99

Link: Click here 


The I Heart Makeup Range by Makeup Revolution offers some fantastic products which have phenomenal pigmentation, good staying power and a blend-able formulation.

These heart shaped blushing heart blushers, bronzers and highlighters both look adorable in these heart shaped boxes and are fantastic products to use.

This highlighter is by far one of my all time favourite highlighters in my collection its a golden, pearly toned highlighter which looks beautiful on the cheekbone. It gives a radiant glow to your face and blends very easily.

Peachy Pink Kisses Blusher

Price: £4.99

Link: Click here


This blush from the range is great for a highlighting blush as it contain three tones of a shimmery peachy blush in varying tones. It give your skin a glow and would look amazing paired with a matte peach blusher underneath.

Summer of Love Bronzer

Price: £4.99

Link: Click here


I love this bronzer because it isn’t too shiny, but it has a slight shimmer to it giving the skin a bronzed, radiant glow. It blends into the skin easily and you can use it all over the face or on the areas such as the cheekbones, temples and on the edges of the face to create a halo affect to bronze your skin up where the sun would naturally hit.


Now lets get those peepers looking lovely!

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette

Price: £7.99 from Superdrug

Link: Click here


The Naked Chocolate Bar Palette is a great palette for anyone who likes a good palette and maybe cannot afford some of the more higher end palettes like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes by Urban Decay. This chocolate bar shaped palette has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades in brown, gold and nude tones.

The shadows are all very pigmented and easy to apply, you don’t get fallout and I personally rate them as much as I rate my Urban Decay shadows.

Each colour is totally wearable for an everyday look, plus this palette would make a great little stocking filler.

I Heart Naked Death By Chocolate Palette

Price: £7.99

Link: Click here 


This palette would make a great addition to your collection as an evening palette or for those of you who want to rock a darker shade. The colours are similar to the Naked Chocolate, but slightly darker tones. This palette also has a combination of mattes and shimmer in tones of nude, brown and gold.

Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner in Black


Price: £5.29

Link: Click here 

This liner would make an ideal gift for anyone who battles in the constant war against getting your eyeliner down to a fine art. This pen has an ergonomic handle meaning you have easy grip of the product and its good for anyone who has difficulty applying eyeliner. The pen makes for easy hold and application. The pen itself has a fine nib and the liner comes out jet black and thin. Its easy to apply and once dried it stays in place.

Milani Brow Tint Pen

Price: £4.99 (from Comedic)

Link: Click here



Now we move onto the territory of lips!

Primark Lip Liners

Price: £1 (yes you heard me!)

Now I know some of you may be a little sceptical of Primark lip liners, but believe me they are some of the best liners I’ve used for creating an ombre lip. They are easy to apply, creamy in texture, they guide on smoothly and blend into the lips well when blended with a lip brush. They come in some fantastic shades from nude to dark and I think they would again make a great stocking filler.

Barry M Lip Liners

Price: £2.99

Link: Click here 



Swathes Deep Pink and Red.

Like the Primark liners, Barry M lip liners are excellent for an ombre lip or to add more colour before adding a lipgloss or lipstick. I love Barry M lip liners because they are very pigmented, they blend in like a dream and they have excellent stain power. They last for a long period of the day and they look great when used with an ombre lip. I have loved these lip liners for years (in particular the red) they are great for anyone who wants to have a pop of colour on the lips.

Milani Colour Statement Lipsticks 


Price: £4.99 (from Comedic)

Link: Click here 

The Milani Colour Statement Lipsticks have to be my favourite drugstore brand of lipsticks, they are very creamy, pigmented and easy to apply. They glide onto the lips making them feel smooth and even. They don’t look patchy and the stain power is very good. They don’t show up any dry patches or cracks so in that sense they are very forgiving. They come in a variety of colours depending on what you like I personally love the Plum Rose and Nude Creme out of the ones I own. Plum Rose being a soft plum pink and Nude Creme being a pink toned nude. They also have a sweet aroma to them and the gold packaging is stunning and looks more high end than budget beauty.

So, if you are looking to update your lipstick collection, this would be a great one to go for.

I Heart Makeup Wow Gloss

Price: £1.99 (from Superdrug)


Lastly we move onto lipgloss, my personal favourite brand of drugstore lipgloss are the Wow Gloss ones by I Heart Makeup. They are very pigmented, easy to apply with a small applicator. The colour lasts very well and they are not gummy or sticky in feel. They feel like a very comfortable lipgloss and the more deeply coloured ones look incredible. My two favourite shades are Scarlet which is a deep red colour perfect for Christmas and Pretend to be Psyched with is a soft petal pink colour.

They come in a capsule shaped packing with a purple lip which I feel is quite a distinctive shape when so many glosses come in cylinder shaped containers.

And at £1.99 they’d be great to add to someones stocking.

So, that concludes my budget beauty picks for today, I really hope you liked it.

Do let me know in the comments what budget beauty products you like and would recommend because I do listen to your recommendations.

And I will see you all in my next blog, next time I’ll be doing my holiday gift guide so stay tuned for that.

Until then!

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