Fashioneyesta’s £10-£20 Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Greetings Readers!

Tis time for another gift guide and today I am going to be sharing with you all a selection of products in the £10-£20 region which is a little more affordable if you have a lot of people to get for but still want to give someone something nice and with a hint of luxury.

So, lets get on with some more festive gift ideas!

Pick One: Autumn/Winter Candle Collection


From: Sanctuary Spa

Price: £20

Link: Click here 

This first gift set is an absolute bargain and would make a great gift for anyone who loves their scented candles. Sanctuary spa candles are best known for their warm, calming blends which give off the scent of a spa. Inside this box you get 6 miniature candles for the Autumn/Winter season. You get…

Signature Sanctuary Candle

Winter Bark & Sage Candle

Winter Jasmine & Myrrh Candle

Orange Spice Candle

Black Rose & Cassis Candle

Fig & Black Amber Candle

This gift would be a great set for anyone who wants to try a selection of candles from Sanctuary Spa.

Pick Two: Yankee Candle 12 Melts of Christmas Set


From: Yankee Candles 

Price: £15.99

Link: Click here

Now, as I’m sure many of you know I do love my Yankee Candle melts, they are basically the same as a candle but without the wick. You can break them up into pieces and burn them in an oil burner (you can also buy electronic ones which are safer if you like me are visually impaired.) In this little tube which is decorated in a Christmas shop design  with a tree, holly and a snowy night you get 12 festive melts.

Cranberry Ice

Christmas Cookie

Snowflake Cookie

Spice Orange


 Christmas Garland

Wild Fig

 Season Of Peace

Angel’s Wings

 Christmas Eve

Candy Cane Lane

 Black Cherry

Or you could always choose to a friend (or yourself) 12 days before Christmas so they can burn a different scent for each day in the lead up to the big day.

Pick Three: Starbucks Cocoa Duo


From: Boots

Price: £16.50

Link: Click here

Now who seriously doesn’t love a hot chocolate at Christmas time? This set contains everything you need to give yourself and a loved one the perfect hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. It contains two festive mugs a hot cocoa sachet, a hot chocolate sachet and some marshmallows. So if there is a significant other in your life this would make a great gift to share between you both.

Pick Four: TopShop Pink Mushroom Mug


From: Topshop

Price: £10

Link: Click here 

This little mug is such a cute little gift to give to someone who likes whimsical things or who perhaps like to take a good instagram photo! This mug has been made to look like a toadstool with a little pink lid to go on the top. But, you could also use this for your makeup products, hairbands or to store something else if you’d prefer.

Pick Five: Eyeko Eye Want It All Black Makeup Bag


From: ASOS

£14 (was £22)

Link: Click here

Now yes I did choose this bag because of the wordplay which makes me think of my blog! Like ‘Eye want it all’ and ‘Fashioneyesta” get it, get it? Ok, moving on, this bag is great for people who have a lot of makeup as it is really deep and in a square shape. Its black and has the words ‘Eye want it all’ in bold writing. I just thought this would make a great gift for someone who loves their makeup and lets face it you can’t go wrong with a new makeup bag!

Pick Six: Cream Robin Print Scarf

Cream Robin Scarf O21A7281-900x900

From: Lisa Angel

Price: £12

Link: Click here 

Now one great little gift to give someone is a cosy, snuggly and Winter themed scarf. This cream scarf with a pattern of robins is ideal for the Winter time and can be warn again and again. The design of the robins vaguely reminds me of Beatrix Potter’s illustrations. But, its super cute, festive and can be warn with lots of different colours and outfits.

Pick Seven: Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette 


From: Superdrug

Price: £10

Link: Click here 

This would be a great gift to give to someone who wants to add to their eye makeup colours. With a whopping 144 shades at £10 (was £20) this set is an absolute bargain. But, I know what some of you might be thinking that a set for that cheap can’t be any good right? Nope, think again, I use makeup revolution eyeshadows and I find them to have really good pigmentation, they blend easily and have very good stain power. in this set you get a wide variety of colours from nude to pink, green to blue, dark to light. You have a shade pretty much for whatever look you are trying to achieve.

Pick Eight: Boho Jennie Polka Dot Onsie, Red



Price: £15 (was £18)

Link: Click here 

Now everyone loves a good old comfy onsie! They are ideal for having a cozy day in. This red onsie with polka dots on is a great little gift to give to someone who likes to spend time indoors with a good book or a film and a box of chocolates over the Christmas period.

Pick Nine: Crystal Moon Studs 


From: Pia

Price: £12

Link: Click here 

These cute little silver moon shaped earrings studded with black and clear crystals would make a perfect gift for any jewellery lover this Christmas. They are so simple, classic and elegant in a classic style and with a little sparkle for the Christmas season.

Pick Ten: Lush Best Wishes Gift Set


From: Lush

Price: £19.95

Link: Click here 

Now, I know I mentioned a Lush set in my previous video, but honestly I believe that one of the best gifts to receive under the tree at Christmas is a wonderfully smelling box full of Lush treats. This one is called the Best Wishes gift set which is wrapped with holly and star printed white paper and finished with a red bow. Inside you get the Yog Nog bath bomb, Star Dust bath bonb, Lord of Misrule bubble bar, and Holliegolightly bubble bar. These are al very warm, spicy blends and perfect for anyone who likes to pamper themselves and who is a bit of a lush addict.

So, that concludes my £10-£20 gift guide, I hope you enjoyed it and you’re feeling inspired.

Do let me know in the comments if you have any of your own reconditions for its and I will see you all in my next blog which will be a guide to stocking filler gifts under £10.

Until then!

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