Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette Review and Swatches

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Its another one of those blogs where I pick a beauty product and I tell you my thoughts on it, its a review!

Today I am going to be talking about the brand new palette by beauty Urban Decay which is a collaboration with Gwen Stefani. Earlier last month Urban Decay launched the Gwen Stefani palette which has been a hot topic of conversation in the beauty community. So, today I wanted to review the palette for you as someone with sight loss.

So, without further adieu!


Now, the first thing I noticed about this palette other than its sleek gold and black design and large mirror, was the amount of wearable everyday colours in this palette.

This palette features 18 shades in nude and brown tones as well as a beautiful matte plum, a shimmery navy blue and a shimmery light pink. Which did surprise me because I initially imagined the palette to feature darker shades in more outlandish colours. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised as I do love a good nude, brown toned eye.

I think this palette is one of the most wearable palettes Urban Decay have released featuring a mix of matt and shimmers in wearable nude tones. This palette would be very well suited to someone who is just venturing into makeup or even to someone with sight loss who is a bit cautious of darker shades.

When I applied these eyeshadows I found them really easy to apply and blend. They glide on really easily and really make your eyes look bigger and more awake seeing as there are so many flattering nude, light and gold tones. I was able to create a wearable everyday nude look with a touch of gold shimmer or brown matte in the crease. Yet, with just a bit of a colour like punk (a dark brown tone) in the crease or lash line my look could instantly turn into an evening look.

The eyeshadows themselves do not disappoint in pigmentation and you get no fall out with Urban Decay shadows. I love the fact that with this palette you can create a no makeup makeup look with some matt tones or you can go full on evening glam with the darker colours. This palette is super wearable and a staple to everyones makeup collection no matter what skin tone or makeup level you are at.


Colour Names and Descriptions

Below are some descriptions of each colour.

Baby-a light vanilla shimmer colour.

Anaheim-a matte coffee brown shimmer colour.

Stark-a light, sheer gold colour.

Zone-a nutmeg brown colour.

Serious-a dark plum tone colour.

Blonde-a very light gold, pearly shimmer colour.

Bathwater-a slightly darker gold pearly, shimmer colour.

Skimp-a gold, matte colour.

Steady-a gold, copper toned, shimmer colour.

Punk-a dark chocolate brown colour.

Pop-a pale, gold translucent colour.

Harajuki-a light pink shimmer colour.

Danger-a navy blue shimmer colour (which looks like Lapis Lazuli.)

1987-a bright cold colour.

Blackout-a dark velvet black.



Top Arm

Left to Right: Blackout, 1987, Danger, Harajuku, Pop, Punk.

Bottom Arm:

Left to Right:  Steady, Skimp, Bathwater, Blonde, Serious, Zone, Stark Anaheim, Baby.


Now onto the final scoring

Accessibility: 5/5

In terms of accessibility this palette is easy to open with a magnetic fastening, the mirror is very large if you have limited vision and would find this useful. Each shadow is sectioned individually making it easy to find the shadow you want. The darker shadows are mostly situated to the right hand side of the palette meaning its easy to know which shadows can be used for which looks. There is also a gold embossed emblem on the palette which is very tactile.

Ease of Application: 5/5

The shadows are all very easy to apply and to blend. Most of the shadows are in very light, nude and warm shades which is ideal for anyone who is worried about using darker shades. You are not likely to get fall out with these shadows and they make for a really easy, wearable eyeshadow look.

Value for Money: 4/5

This palette is pricey at £40, however you get 18 shades all in very wearable shades so I would say that if you like a nude palette this palette would be a good investment as most of the colours are very user friendly and easy to wear.

Overal Quality: 5/5

All in all Urban Decay have once again charmed us beauty lovers with is stunning palette with wearable, beautiful colours in a variety of finishes. The shades are a dream to work with and I would defiantly recommend this palette to anyone who is in search of an all round easy to use palette.

This is a palette for makeup masters and novices alike.

If you want to get your hands on one of these palettes or put it on your Christmas list I would hurry as this is a limited edition palette and its been extremely popular as of late.

The palette costs £40 and can be found on a number of websites and stores including Feel Unique, Selfridges, Urban Decay online and Debenhams.

Click here to view on Feel Unique.

So, that concludes this blog for today, I really hope you liked it and found it useful.

Do comment below if you have tired this palette and what you think of it. I’ll also be doing a review of some products by Madam Glam next, so do check back if that would be of interest to you.

And I will see you all next tine!

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