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Greetings Readers!

Tis time for another beauty review!

And today I am featuring a new brand on my blog called Madam Glam.Madam Glam is a US based company which specialises in making cosmetic products that are cruelty free, vegan friendly, paraben free and with a formula that is long lasting. I was recently contacted by a lovely representative from the company who asked if I would like to review some products from Madam Glam. I did indeed say yes, as I have heard a lot of great things from fellow beauty bloggers about their products and I am trying to cover as many cruelty free brands a I possibly can on my blog.

However, let me just stipulate that whilst I was sent these products this blog post is not sponsored by Madam Glam. All views and thoughts expressed in this bog are of my own.

Now I was sent 4 products by the company to try: a blush, a nail polish, a lipstick and a glitter eyeshadow. So I will review each of these products individually, giving them a rating for accessibility, ease of application, value for money and overall quality.

Plus, if you stick around to the end of this blog post today you will also uncover a little treat if you want to purchase any Madam Glam products.

So, lets begin…

Shiny Lipstick in Sepia 




Price: $15.95 (£10.54)

Link: Click here 

This lipstick is in a shiny finish in a beautiful pinkish, ever so slightly brown toned nude colour. It makes for a perfect, everyday wearable lipstick. Its not to nude so as to make your lips look as if they are the same colour as your skin, yet it is not too pink toned. It’s a great go-to, natural colour for those days where you are going to wear a bolder colour on the eye or just don’t fancy a dark lip. It is enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin E to help keep the lips hydrated and healthy. When I first applied it I noticed that it was very heavily pigmented (as are all of the products by Madam Glam) and it remained on my lips for a few hours before it started to fade. What I was most impressed with was its stain power and how long lasting it was. As I am hypoglycaemic (little fact for you, which is a condition where you suffer from low blood sugar) I have to eat snacks at regular intervals and my one gripe with most lipsticks fade quickly when I eat. Yet, I didn’t notice that problem with this one, I feel that it lats well as a lipstick or when applied moderately as a stain. It felt very comfortable on the lips, without drying them out or becoming patchy. It glided on very easily and was very moveable, a dream to apply and to work with. I also felt as if it left a protective barrier over the lips, which is perfect as I do get very dry chapped lips in the Winter.

Accessibility: 4/5

I found this lipstick really easy to use, it has a slimmer shape and a more matte finish to the packaging than my other lipsticks which makes it really distinctive. The colour contrast of a black background and white text makes it really easy to read if you have trouble seeing text. However, one way that accessibility could be improved would be to add braille to their packaging and to mention the colour name in braille.

Ease of Application: 5/5

The lipstick was very easy to apply glides on smoothy, has a creamy texture, it doesn’t look patchy on, has great stain power and lasts for a long time on the lips.

Plus the natural colour means that you don’t need to worry about lining your lips beforehand.

Value for Money: 5/5 

At £10.54 this lipstick is very reasonable in price.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

I was so incredibly impressed with this lipstick, I loved the texture, the colour and how long it lasted on the lips.

I will definitely be expanding on my Madam Glam lipstick collection as there are plenty more colours where this beauty came from!

Tinkerbell Eye Shadow 

Price: $17.95 (£11.85)

Link: Click here 


This eyeshadow looks just as good a it sounds, this mineral pigment which glitter and a strong colour gives you eyes that touch of fairytale sparkle. It is in a beautiful glittering light green colour just like the dress Tinkerbell wears in the Disney adaptation of Peter Pan. It come in a slim little bottle with an applicator which I found easy to use, although for my purposes I probably would still opt for a brush  for the simply reason because I like to blend. There are two main things I like about this product other from the fact that it doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients like gluten, allergens, parabens and its fragrance free which means it will be super sensitive and gentle on the eyes. But, the two things I love about this product is the fact that there is such a good, strong colour pigmentation to the product. Unlike most other glitter pigments I have used where I have to put a colour underneath to prevent it from looking transparent this one has both an amazing shimmer and colour to it. Meaning that you wouldn’t need to use a colour underneath, making this product really really and time efficient to use. I also love the fact that with this I didn’t gent any fall out and it blended seamlessly with my other shadows. The colour wore really well and lasted long on the eye, although I’d probably recommend an eye primer before applying this to ensure that it lasts for longer.

But, I have to say out of all my glitter pigments this by far outshines all of them (if you’ll pardon the pun.) It lasts well without using glue and the colour pigmentation is phenomenal.

I would 100% recommend trying this if you are looking for a glitter eyeshadow, they have plenty more colours available on the website to try.

Accessibility: 4/5

In terms of accessibility, I found this product was really easy to open with a long applicator handle and screw up lid. The product was also company and the fact that it comes with an applicator means that you are less lily to get fallout or a massive mess on your surface from using it unlike other glitter pigments. The packaging is clear so you can see what the colour is. However, again if the brand added braille to state which colour it was it would add to the accessibility.

Ease of Application: 4/5

This product was very easy to apply and to blend for a glitter pigment, for so many years I’ve found that the glitter from these types of products speeds all over my face so I look like the Christmas angel has thrown up on my face. But, with these there isn’t much fall out, the pigmentation is amazing, they blend easily and last for a long time without fading or looking patchy.

Value for Money: 5/5

Thee are excellent value for money at £11.84.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all I was super impressed with the quality of this eyeshadow great colour, pigmentation, lovely smooth texture, easy to apply, lasts for long, you don’t need glue and they just look incredible on the eye.

A massive thumbs up on this product, I have found my new eyeshadow obsession.

 Sable Blusher


Price: $15.99 (£10.55)

Link: Click here

The Sable Blush is a beautiful warm pinkish slightly brown toned blusher which is perfect for a natural blush to warm up the face. These blushers are made with no paragons and have a velvety long lasting formula which still makes you look radiant. What I love about this blusher other than its really compact size was the fact that it is very pigmented and easy to blend. I found that even if I used a tad too much blush which can be done as it is a darker toned red I could simply buff it a little with my powder brush and it would fade out to a beautiful, natural glow. It isn’t to heavy on the skin, it blends in seamlessly and doesn’t make your skin appear dry or patchy. Its perfect for anyone with dryer skin who still want to use a powder blush as it has a lovely velvety smooth texture. One tip with this blusher, a little goes a long, long, long, long way! The blusher lasted well and had great stain power and lasted for pretty much most of the day.

Accessibility: 4/5 

I found this product very easy to open and to access. You can physically see the colour of the blush through the transparent circle on the lid. Again, one way the product could be improved would be if Madam Glam added the colour of the product in braille for any braille users.

Ease of Application: 5/5

This product was very easy to apply and the blend into the skin. It wasn’t difficult to work it in, it only required a few simple strokes on my blusher brush to give a natural, glowing complexion. This blusher is great for people who don’t have a lot of time in the morning as its very pigmented and easy to blend.

Value for Money: 5/5

At £10.55 this is very good value for money.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all a fantastic blusher with the best pigmentation and stain power I’ve come across in a blusher for a long time. Easy to apply, stayed in place for most of the day and in a beautiful colour.

Vintage Girl Nail Polish


Price: $10.95 (£7.21)

Link: Click here

(Picture of the colour on my nails to be added) I have worn this nail polish, but like the utter twit I am I forgot to photograph my nails when I wore this colour so I will add this photograph to the blog later this week when I have time to repaint may nails again and to my instagram which is @fashioneyesta2012 if you want to follow me.

Now, I’m not usually one for purple or plum nail polishes, however this one is defiantly an acceptation. Its a beautiful dusty lilac pink colour, its so wearable throughout the year. As I find with a lot of plums they are usually very autumnal shades, yet with this one I’d rock it throughout the year. It looks beautiful on the nails and the colour of the nail polish is fantastic, its very pigmented and the colour is prominent after one colour, although I use two.

They wore really well and didn’t chip or scuff if left to dry for 10 minutes. The nail varnish didn’t scuff in the two days I wore it, even though I am an avid typer and can often find that my nail varnish chips due to the fact that my fingers are always glued to the keyboard.

The texture of the nail polish was very easy to work with, not to thick or watery. It had a creamy texture to it and they dried fairly quickly.

Accessibility: 4/5

The bottle is very easy to open and had a distinctive shape with a square like shape which had a definite line running through it. However, again the product would improve if braille was used to describe the colour of the nail polish.

Ease of Application: 5/5 

The nail polish was easy to apply, didn’t chip, wore very well, wasn’t gloopy or watery and the colour after just one coat was very impressive.

Value for Money: 4/5 

At £7.21 these are good value for money.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all I was so impressed with the colour and the finish, I think these will become my new nail polish obsession. OPI had bene my favourite brand of nail polish which I still love, but I am starting to gravitate to Madam Glam.

All in all I loved all of these products, what I noticed about them all was that they are very user friendly, easy to apply and they last extremely well. They all have a great formula which means they have a degree of longevity to them which I loved.

Madam Glam gets an all round massive thumbs up from me! I am defiantly turning into a Madam Glam convert.

Discount Code Offer For Fashioneyesta Followers

As a treat for all of you (my readers and followers) Madam Glam are offering you 30% your entire order when you enter the code ED30  at the checkout.

Click here to visit their website to get 30% off.

On their website it also states that Madam Glam offer free returns and exchanges.

So, thats it for todays blog I really hope you liked it and its given you an insight into the brand.

Do comment below with what product you’d most like to try and I will see you all next time. In my next blog I’ll be giving you some stocking filler Christmas gift ideas in the third and final instalment of my Christmas gift guide.

Until next time!

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