Nars Killer Heels Lipstick Set: Review and Swatches

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back, I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas?

I know I certainly am, but I fear the January sales will involve me investing in a pair of stretchy jeans to accommodate all the food I’ll be eating over the next few days.

But, today before I retire for the Christmas period I thought I’d do a little review of a recent purchase I made from Space NK.

Now you may have seen this if you read my Luxury Christmas Gift Guide you would have seen me talking about this. Nars is a well known beauty brand and every Christmas they release some amazing collaboration between themselves an art artist. This year Nars have released the Killer Heels Lipstick gift set in collaboration with Steven Klein.

This limited edition set contains 5 miniature Nars lipsticks in their signature and most popular colours.

The set costs £29 and can be bought on the Space NK website.

Click here to view.


Nars lipsticks are one of my favourite luxury brands of lipsticks, they are very pigmented, long lasting, they guide on smoothy and have excellent stain power. They have a smooth matte texture to the lips that doesn’t feel drying, nor do they appear patchy.

They are super good quality but a full size lipstick would cost you in the region of £22. However, this set with its cute little sizes are perfect for traveling and are a great way of being able to try out a different selection of colours from the Nars lipstick range without spending the full price on a full size.

The sizes of these lipsticks are very good value for money and they are perfect for traveling.


Swatches and Colour Descriptions 


Little Darling-a very sheer opaque nude colour, which matches the natural squinting of the lips. If you want a true nude lipstick, then this is absolutely the supreme of nude lipsticks.

Mayflower-a soft light warm pink colour, very pretty for an everyday lip colour.

Joyus Red-a warm, coral toned red, great for a wearable red which isn’t too dark.

Jungle Red-a true hollywood, starlet red. Bold, glossy and vibrant, the ultimate night out lip colour.

Firedown-a dark cranberry red to create a more vampish look.

What I love about this set is that it very much covers the basics for you to get your lipstick collection up and running you have a nude, a pink, a coral tone, a bright red and a darker toned red. This is the perfect set for anyone who is just putting out their feelers into the makeup or indeed lipstick world. Each colour is classic, easy to wear and can be worn by anyone no matter what skin tone, hair colour or complexion they may be.

I am utterly in love with this set, I think the colours are beautiful, the quality of the lipsticks are incredible and its excellent value for money.

Onto the final scoring….

Accessibility: 3/5

In terms of accessibility I would only create this a 3 out of a possible 5 for a number of reasons, although the lipstick print has a good colour contrast of white print and black background the print on the bottom of the lipstick is very small and as each lipstick is the same in colour and shape it doesn’t make it easy to differentiate between the shades unless you open the lids. As well as that the lack of braille on the packaging to state the colour of the said lipstick does loose it out on a mark.

 Ease of Application: 4/5 

These lipsticks are so easy to apply, they glide on smoothly, they last well and they don’t appear patchy when applied. Some of the colours are quite dark and bold meaning you would have to have a skilled hand and be able to outline your lips. However, as these lipsticks are smaller in size it makes it easy to say within the lines of your lips when applying them directly from the lipstick.

Value for Money: 5/5

At £29 this set is an absolute bargain, I would highly recommend investing in this if you’re thinking about what to spend with your Christmas money or if you want to order yourself a little Christmas treat.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all this set is perfect, the colours have all been well chosen, classic, go to shades, perfect for any makeup lover or novice alike.

So, thats it for todays blog, I hope you all enjoyed it.

Thank you all so much reading and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Eat, drink and be merry!


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