My Year In Review 2015: It Was a Good One

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to and Happy New Years Eve to you all!

Seeing as it is New Years Eve and 2015 is about to draw to a close I wanted to do a special blog today to recollect all the amazing things that have happened to me this year, all the milestones I’ve reached, all the incredible people I have met and how grateful I am for you-my readers, continued support.

So todays blog will be talking through all the amazing events of this past year.


In January I took part as a speaker in a podcast for the BBC Ouch Disability Podcast show talking about fashion and sight loss, disability inspirations and getting into employment with a disability.

Click here to view.


In January also took part in a petition hand in at Westminster with Guide Dogs Campaigns for the Blind Children UK Whats On Offer Campaign.

Click here to view.

Also in January I was featured in a double page spread interview in Enable Magazine talking about my blog, fashion beauty and how I came to start up my blog.


In March I took part in a campaign for Guide Dogs called the Safe and Sound Campaign which is a campaign to have audible outputs installed into hybrid cars to help make streets safer for pedestrians.

I appeared in a video in which i talk about the challenges of living in London with sight loss and the importance of being able to hear approaching traffic.

The video is below.


In April I was featured in Posability magazine talking about my blog, my work and what its like to be a fashion and beauty blogger with sight loss.

In May quite a few things happened.


The first was that I appeared on London Live TV to represent the RNIB and the launch of their new Online Today service which is a service the charity are delivering nationwide to people with sight loss to tutor them on how to get online with assistive technology and to use the internet to their advantage.

The second was that I teamed up with my YouTube friend Molly Burke who is an amazing girl who lives in Canada, she’s a public speaker and a YouTuber who has a condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa which means that she is registered blind. We collaborated on a tag called the Blind Girl Beauty Tag on social media. The tag featured a series of questions about how we as visually impaired girls apply makeup, explore fashion and maintain our appearance. The tag was shared on social media and we got a truly incredible response.

Watch My Video

Watch Molly’s Video

Search #blindgirlbeauty.

Click here to view the blog on the Blind Girl Beauty Tag.

The last thing of May was that I was invited to give a speech at the RNIB Talking Books 80th Anniversary Reception. In the speech I talked about my personal experiences with the Talking Book service provided by the RNIB and how it lead me to study for a Degree in English Literature.

June was an utterly amazing month full of lots of wonderful things. Amongst finishing my Degree and finding out that I had received an unconditional offer to study my MA I also turned 21 and took part in the Vision UK 2015 Conference and walked across the O2.


In celebration of my mother’s birthday we walked across the O2. This was an utterly wonderful experience, the sun was high in a clear blue sky, the water sparkles and I got some incredible Selfies!

Later that month I took part in the Vision UK 2015 conference in Stream 4 talking about empowering and supporting visually impaired young people. I collaborated with the amazing girls Meg and Mared from UCAN productions on a funny presentation about the world of social media.

Watch The Vlog

Watch The Full Presentation


I turned 21 on the 28th of June and as my birthday treat I did an indoor Skydive and Airkix in Reading which was such a fun experience. I’ve longed to do this for many years and to finally try my hand at being blasted into the air was a pure adrenaline rush.

Watch The Vlog of My Indoor Skydive

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe


In July I traveled up to Brighton to meet my YouTube friend Charlotte Eades. We met on YouTube after discovering each others channels and that we had similar interests. Charlotte makes videos about beauty, fashion and what its like to have Cancer.

We had a fantastic day shopping, chatting and logging even though the rain was lashing down the entire day.

Watch My Vlog of the Day

Watch Charlotte’s Vlog of the Day



In July Scope relaunched for a second year their incredible campaign known as the #EndTheAwkward campaign.

The campaign is aimed at ending social awkwardness that surrounds disability in the UK and in the release of their new video featuring many people including the likes of Warwick Davis, Nick Hamilton and Jack Binstead, I was also featured in the campaign talking about the awkward moment when a passer by gave directions to my guide dog!

Click here to view the blog post on the campaign.

It was a privilege and an honour to take part in this campaign and a huge thank you to Scope for such an incredible opportunity.


August was a quiet month, consisting of Summer walks, afternoon tea and taking time to relax. However, I was once again featured in Posability Magazine however this time I had written a feature myself about the #EndTheAwkward Campaign.

September arrived with an exciting event on the horizon and one very unexpected surprise.


In September I adorened my gladrags, cloak and graduation cap as I walked across the stage with my guide dog, a graduate in English Literature. It was one of the best days of my year and I was truly blown away with a torrent of lovely, heartwarming tweets, messages and comments from all of my lovely followers and supporters congratulating me on my graduation.

So I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your kind words that day, it meant so much to read through all your lovely messages.


Then later on in the month I was extremely lucky to be invited to go on ITV’s This Morning to talk about my guide dog Unity and how she enabled me to study for a degree, start a blog and live a normal life. It was such a wonderful experience, I met the This Morning puppy Clover, Holly Willoughby, Philip Scofield and my fashion idol-Gok Wan!


In October I began my life as a Postgraduate student and started my Masters Degree in Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths University with a scholarship.


In October I was featured in Posability Magazines list of top 10 disability blogs alongside some amazing people like my good friend Vicky from Around and Upside Down.

October was also the month that I appeared on a Channel 4 documentary called ‘The Changing Room’ which exposed the nations shopping habits and what goes on in the changing room. I was contacted by the production company to take part in this documentary to represent the disability community and to prove that sight loss is not a barrier to begin able to shop or having an interest of fashion.


In  November I was featured in the RNIB Gala campaign and was very lucky to be invited by the RNIB to give a speech on the night about the ways in which the charity has enabled me to lead a normal life.

Watch The Vlog of the Gala and My Speech Below


In December I reached 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. Which I am so incredibly grateful for and I would like to say a massive thank you to all of my subscribers and followers for following and supporting my work.

Click here to check out my channel.

So, that sums it up for 2015, it was a truly wonderful year. However, I do not wish to overlook how this year has also posed challenges for all of us as a society. With the terrible terrorist at attacks that took place in Paris earlier this year, the growing pressures of climate change, cuts to funds for people with disabilities and many numerous other challenges it is vital that we all remain united and try to make 2016 the best that we possibly can.

Think big, live well, endeavour to do your best and all will be swell.

Good luck for 2016 and I will speak to you all in the New Year!

With Love

Fashioneyesta xxx

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