Kiko Haul and First Impressions

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And a very Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2016 is a wonderful year for each and every one of you.

Today I wanted to kick off the New Year by talking about a new beauty brand that I have discovered by the name of Kiko.

Kiko is an Italian beauty brand which aims to allow its customers to express their individually through makeup. The brand focuses on creating products that allow people to have their own personal makeup look and that keep up with makeup looks and trends. The brands mission is to make products which allow customers to have access to the most innovative makeup products without having to spend a fortune. Kiko’s products are all reasonably priced and they are also a cruelty free company, meaning that they don’t test on animals.

The brand has Italian routes and it inspired by Italy’s fashion capitals and creative designs.

Just before Christmas a Kiko store opened in my local shopping centre in Bromley and one of my Christmas presents from my mother was that I could have a little splurge in Kiko as one of my gifts.

So, in this blog today I thought I’d share with you all some of the things I got and my initial thoughts on the products.

I also filmed a Kiko haul on my YouTube channel which you can view below.

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One of the things I purchased from Kiko is a Christmas lip set. The set is called Cranberry Crumble Angel Kiss Set. Inside it features a Cranberry flavoured lip scrub and balm duo.

The scrub has a sweet, sugary taste and is made with fine sugar granolas to help buff away dead skin, leaving the lips feeling smooth. I love the texture of this product and the fact that it makes my lips feel moisturised after using it. I found that this scrub is not as harsh as some other lip scrubs I have used. Which is ideal for this time of year when our lips are more prone to getting chapped.

The lip balm I like as it has a slight tint to it, giving the lips a healthy reddish tint. The balm feels comfortable on the lips and very nourishing. It is enriched with ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamins and Antioxidants.

Price: £8.30

Link: Click here 


I also got a selection of the Water eyeshadows which are eyeshadows with a sheer, shimmery finish to them giving them their beautiful watery appearance when applied to the eyelid. These are beautiful to use on their own, in conjunction with a stronger pigment or used with later to make the colour more intense. I got them in the shades 201 Rosy Taupe, 229 Pearly Grey, 219 Flamingo Pink and 213 Dark Slate Green.

Price: £8.90

Link: Click here 


I also invested in some other products including two Colour spheres eyeshadows in the shades 06 Forest Green Melange which is a green with gold flecks in it and 29 Golden White Multicolour which is a white with golden pearl undertones. They are illuminating pigments and can be used wet or dry depending on the desired look.

Price: £5.90

Link: Click here 


I did invest in a number of other products which you can view in the above haul video.

So, that sums it up for today folks I really hope you enjoyed this little introductory

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