Fashioneyesta’s Guide to Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

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Today I’m going to be talking about some of the trends that are being forecasted for Spring/Summer 2016. Now, as custom I will be going to London Fashion Weekend 2016 this year to report on what the high street will have to offer for trends. But, I thought to give you an idea of what to expect i would report on some trends that have been seen on the catwalk Spring/Summer for this year.

I thought this might also be a prudent way of helping those of you who are not sure what to wear at the moment, get some good ideas of how to look on trend at the moment with the wardrobe you have.

So, without further adieu



Some of you will be very pleased to know that 70s is still in in a massive way, designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Jonathan Saunders have been saluting the trend with their fabulous range of clothes. This trend is all about the luxurious suede materials, which is actually a recurring trend from last year so you may even still be able to find some items in the sale for the new season. Theres also a lot of emphasis on fringing, pussybow necklines, embroidery and woodstock, boho patterns. This trend is an easy trend to wear and many accessories with that 70s flare can be found in your local high street store. Think floppy hats, wide leg trousers and lots of suede.



Halterneck dresses, tops and jumpsuits are a massive trend for Spring/Summer 2015 its been one of the most seen outlines on the catwalk with designers like Givenchy and Derek Lam showing off their new like which promises to be a halterneck heaven. The halterneck is a style which is in the shape of an x which ties around the neck and crosses diagonally. Its a faltering style for those of you who want to show off your arms of don’t have a large chest area.

Victorian Vibes


Flowers, high collars, ruffles, ribbing and trimming. One of the major trends for this Spring/Summer 2015 is the Victorian inspired trend. Designers like J.W Anderson and Erdem are showcasing a range of trends which features the pretty, feminine element to them which is all about flowing skirts, pastel colours, soft materials like cotton and lace. Its feminine, pretty and very pastel.



Oscar De La Renta, Dianne Von Furstunburg, Michael Kors what do they have in common? They’re all channeling Spanish vibes into their lies for Spring/Summer 2015. Its all about those ruffles, bold red colours, intense floral prints and layers. This is very much a trend modelled around the famous flamenco dancers and their billowing skirts and daring colours.

Mules and Flats


Heals sheamls! Forget those agonising heels this season, give your feet a rest because flats are in! The classic slipper style shoe and mules are in for Spring/Summer 2015. They are in many different designs floral, statement colours, statement patterns and fabrics. Think Tom’s, espadrilles and slipper style shoes. This is a trend which is super casual, comfortable and easy for people to sport and I find that it is one that is pretty Unisex. Its also good if you have a disability like myself and cannot always wear heals for whatever reason.

You can relax, don’t go out to find a pair of insoles or foot soak to rest your throbbing toes, this shoe trend is one that won’t be the death of your feet.

There are of course lots of other trends we can expect like the colour Orange is in in a big way, lace material is in, bow detailing on the collar, lingerie inspired fashion and two piece outfits.

So, I really hope you liked this blog today. Do comment below with which trend you will be sporting this Spring/Summer 2015.

And I will see you all next time!

Fashioneyesta xx

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