Fashioneyesta’s Guide to Spring/Summer 2016 Beauty Trends

Greetings Readers!
Today I have a new blog for you all and its going to be a kind of follow up from the previous blog I did talking about the top fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2016.

Today I wanted to write a blog on the top beauty trends for 2016 because having looked through online websites and magazines on my iPad there are lots of beautiful, wearable trends in the beauty world this year.

So many of them are very easy to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle and are easy to achieve even if you have sigh loss like myself.

So, today I am going to be discussing some of them and how you can achieve these looks.


In the hair department there are a number of different trends, but most of them focus around a central theme, casual styles. They are all very easy to achieve and incorporate things like braids, loose waves, middle partings and casual updos.

Its all about creating hair that looks ‘lived in’ maybe a little messy, windswept or say. But this style is one that is so easy to wear and flattering.

Wet Look Hair

The wet hair look seems to be a very popular style among hair stylists this year, all centre around having a beachy style where the hair is causally swept away from the face and products applied to give it that damp look as if you have just come out of the sea.


A huge hair trend this year is braids, french braids, dutch braids, classic brains, waterfall braids. The braids are either incorporated in a low ponytail or a half up half down hairstyle. But, classic braids are in for this season and are perfect for people on the go who don’t necessarily have an age to perfect a hairstyle.


Casual udpos are another go to style for Spring/Summer 2016 they involved styles that are simple, slightly messy and usually feature some accessories like beading or floral clips.



Casual, soft waves are majorly in this season, its not about perfect curls this season its about having a style that is messy, sot and ‘lived in.’ Waves are very easy to achieve yourself whether that be through braiding your hair wet or using a curling tool like a pair of GHD’s curling the hair in opposite directions.

Hippie Hair


Hair for this season is hugely around having a middle parting and some soft waves and even some hair accessories to add a touch of hippie glamour to the look.


For makeup this year although there are many different looks out there they are a few central themes that have been a recurring pattern on the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2016.

A luminous glow to the face, dark grunge eyeliner, statement lips, bold lashes, 60s winged eyeliner and a pop of colour to the eyelids are but some of the trend one can anticipate for Spring/Summer 2016.

Statement Red Lips


Now I know what your thinking, red lips in Spring? Yes, indeed, but we’re not talking deep crimson we’re talking tropical and jungle red colours. The reds for this season are more of an orange tone red or a tropical fruit toned red. Its all about that statement, dewy red lip this season and the product of the moment has been the Nars Jungle Red lipstick according to beauty experts. So, get your red on this Spring/Summer 2016.

Statement Lashes


Full, thick statement lashes are in, its not about length this season its about volume and thickness. With the comeback of certain 60s and 70s inspired trends we are thus being the Twiggy inspired full lashes were quite frankly the fuller the better. So, the mascara craze has been for mascaras that bring fullness to the lashes like the Charlotte Tilbury Fully Fat Lashes or Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara.

Glowing Skin 

This season one trend can be for certain, forget about matte skin its about that luminous, glowing healthy looking skin this season. No matter if your wearing a bold lip or eye, the base for Spring/Summer 2016 is glowing and radiant. Makeup artists have been achieving a beautiful radiant finish using Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Mac Luminous Skin Finish and Mac Strobing Highlight. When you are trying to achieve this look think liquid foundation, bold highlight and a warm natural blush for that flawless complexion.

Pop of Colour on the Eyes

One look that has taken centre stage is a bold pop of colour on the eyes, a lot of makeup artists have been favouring a bold green, orange, blue or pink bold eye using liners and eyeshadow pigments. Of course you could always tone this down with a hint of colour on the waterline or lash line. Its all about brining that tropical edge to those eyes this season, so think bold and think hues of green, blue, pink and even a little glitter here and there.

No Makeup Makeup Look

But, of course, another look that has been really popular this season is the no makeup makeup look. This is a timeless look that can make your outfit look so much more modern or if you want to have a casual day. Makeup artists have used products from Nars, Mac, Channel and Charlotte Tilbury to create a soft, glowing, natural complexion with healthy coloured lips, clear glowing complexion and slight shadowing to the eyes and cheekbones. When in doubt this Spring/Summer, think natural and you will never go wrong.

So, that concludes my blog today I hope you liked it and its given you some inspiration of new looks to try. Do let me know if you’d like me to do any more blogs or videos on upcoming beauty trends for 2016.

Thank you all so much for reading, be sure to follow my blog for more fashion and beauty blogs.

And I will see you all in my next one.

Fashioneyesta xx


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