Fashioneyesta at the Charlotte Tilbury Store in Covent Garden

Greetings Readers!

So earlier this week I went to the new Charlotte Tilbury store that recently opened in the bustling streets of Covent Garden.



I’d been bursting with anticipation to see the new store as I am a lover of Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics. The makeup that this renown makeup artist has created is designed to give the skin a beautiful old world, Hollywood glow, the eyes a touch of cat like glamour and the lips a flawless smooth finish in classic shades.


The shop itself certainly did not disappoint, its a beautiful little beauty haven inspired by the glitz and glamour of the 20s and 30s with velvet red stalls, gold chandelier lights and counters displayed with lipsticks, beautiful eyeshadow palettes, foundations and skincare products.


Ever since June last year I had been suing a number of Charlotte Tilbury products including The Golden Goddess Eyeshadow palette which features an array of beautiful bronze and gold tone shades, The Kissing Tree Lipstick in B.I.T.C.H Perfect which is a beautiful creamy matte lipstick in a nude pink shade which has become somewhat my signature shade of lipstick and the cheek and lip Beach stick in the shade Moon Beach which is a beautiful luminous soft peach shade. I also currently have a trio of Lipstick Charms in three iconic shades including Marilyn which is a gorgeous 50s inspired red colour which is the ultimate shade of Vintage red, not too blue toned, not to orange.

All of Charlotte Tilbury’s products are extremely good quality, easy to apply, blend, have excellent colour payoff and stain power. They add a touch of glamour into your makeup routine and I have found they have made applying makeup a lot easier as someone with a visual impairment. I find that her eyeshadows blend seamlessly, the lipsticks have a beautiful buttery texture and the sweet scent of Vanilla. All of Charlotte Tilbury products are made with ingredients with are beneficial to the skin like Rosehip and Orchid to soften the skin and bring luminosity back to your complexion. They give you a beautiful, radiant glow that any Made in Chelsea star would be proud of and I simply cannot rave enough about this brand.

Charlotte Tilbury is indeed a high end brand, so it might not be something you can smash out on all the time like we do in our local drugstore. But, its certainly an amazing brand to go for if you have a special occasion coming up or you are planning wedding makeup. The makeup I acquired from Charlotte Tilbury last year was a 21st birthday present and the makeup I acquired on my latest visit was bought with some left over Christmas money I had saved in anticipation to go to the Charlotte Tilbury store.

I had a lovely time exploring the different shades of lipsticks and chatting to the friendly and welcoming staff about their favourite products and recommendations for what would suit me.

I had a mini consultation with one member of staff in particular who applied a number of products to me face including the Film Star Bronze and Glow palette which is a beautifully presented golden palette featuring a highlight to apply to the cheekbones, centre of the noise and forehead and a contour to apply to the hollows of the cheeks, the temples, sides of the noise and sides of the neck to create a sculpted, glowing look to the face. I utterly fell in love with this palette, I had seen a number of beauty enthusiasts simply gush over this palette and there praises weren’t misdirected, this palette certainly deserves its big reputation. It does also come in a number of shades depending on your skin tone.

Click here to view.

I also tried a new colour to the Kissing Lipstick in the colour Kiss Case which is a a beautiful soft berry pink tone. Its a great shade of berry for anyone with paler skin or red hair like myself. The lipstick is very creamy has a beautiful texture to it, they do not apply patchy and creates a flawless finish to the lips.

Click here to view.

To my eyes a dusting of the Long Lasting Creamy Eyeshadow in the colour Marie Antoinette which is an utterly stunning gold tone with a hint of oyster accented in it. The shadow has such a beautiful, creamy texture and are so bendable and build able you can wear one of these shadows in isolation or combined with powder shadows. The beauty of these shadows rise from the fact that these shadow colours are all inspired by women with very iconic makeup looks throughout history, is that they are so easy to blend and with them you can achieve a beautiful eye look in minutes with your finger or a brush if you wish. I would say that if you are starting out with makeup and, like me, have a visual impairment, seriously look at trying one of these shadows as they are so easy to blend with their cream texture and the colour payoff is excellent.

Click here to view.

aClose up



Now as customary when I visit a store I do also like to rate it in terms of accessibility, hospitality and quality of service.

Accessibility: 2/5

In terms of accessibility I was only able to give it a 2/5 because even though the shop is daily accessible to someone with sight loss it is not for someone who may use a wheelchair or who has other mobility needs from what I could see. To access the shop  you had to step up from street level and there was no ramp for wheelchair users. The other point to address is that the beautiful open plan lower floor with large light mirrors and red stalls was only accessible via a spiral staircase and from what i could see there was no lift access.

This was a tad disappointing for me, but lets hope that accessibility improves in the future.

Hospitality: 5/5

The staff were all very friendly and welcoming to me, my aunt and my guide dog, they offered to show me the bottom floor and try on whatever products I was curious about trying. But, they at no point pushed me into purchasing anything which I always love in a sales consultant. They had some great tips about which colours would suit me and how to apply the products myself.

Quality of Service: 5/5

The service was very good, I was offered help within a few minutes of entering the store and upon purchasing my products I did receive a number of samples of lipsticks to trial.

What I Bought


So, naturally I did purchase the things that I tried in store, all of which i had bene very keen to try upon seeing reviews and tutorials of these products.

My lovely aunt did buy me the lipstick I had been favouring in Kiss Chase and I purchased the Bronze and Glow palette and the Marie Antoinette eyeshadow.



So, that concludes my blog today on my latest trip to the Charlotte Tilbury store, I’d hugely recommend checking out her products, especially the lipsticks.

Do comment below what you’re favourite Charlotte Tilbury product is or what you would most like to try from Charlotte Tilbury.

Thanks all so much for reading and I will speak to you all in my next one.

Fashioneyesta xx

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7 thoughts on “Fashioneyesta at the Charlotte Tilbury Store in Covent Garden

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics are so beautifully made and the packaging is luxurious and glamorous. Tge products that you chose really suit your complexion and hair colouring. This is definitely a product brand that I would consider buying.

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