Support Models of Diversity and Sign Their Petition for Disability Representation in Fashion


Greetings Readers and Happy Sunday!

I hope you are all enjoying a lazy day today or doing whatever your Sunday’s are for. Alas while you are reading this I will be frantically typing away at my computer writing my essay with a grim look on my face….yes darling this is called being a student and I mean a proper student who’s in their later stages of their studies. Be warned.


So, today I wanted to write a brief blog to inform you all bout a new petition that the organisation Models of Diversity have started. Now, for those of you who might not know about Models of Diversity, they are an organisation trying to get more models of diversity into fashion and presently one of their main focuses is to see more models with disabilities in fashion, catwalks campaigns and advertisments.

Earlier last month they launched an exciting new online government petition to try and lobby the government to set more strict guidelines for many sectors of the fashion industry to ensure that they cast and employ more models with disabilities.

At least 1 in 6 people in the UK have a disability of some description and yet this figure is not being represented in the fashion industry. Brands and companies in the fashion industry are eager to take our, the consumers, money and yet they don’t feel the need to represent those of us with disabilities. Isn’t it about high time that they did?

This campaign is aimed at ensuring that for every 6 models that are employed by a fashion company, at least 1 of them will have a disability. This will extend to lots of areas in the fashion industry including media, online brands, London Fashion Week, TV fashion features and Hughstreet and Supermarket brands.

The target for this petition is 10,000 signatures and the deadline is March 24rd 20016, so I’m calling on you, all my dedicated followers and friends to sign and share this petition and help make fashion a more inclusive place for people with disabilities.

Click here to view the Petition.

When I was growing up I know from personal experience that if I would have seen a model with a disability in a magazine feature or a brand campaign I would have accepted my disability a lot sooner than i did. Fashion is an integral part of society and if it opens up to disability I believe that it will pave the way towards a better life for people with disabilities where they are more accepted and included by society as a whole.


Thank You!

Fashioneyesta xx

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