Chinese New Year 2016 Fashion Ideas

Greetings Readers!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year marks the year of the Monkey in Chinese Astrology and I do like to pay homage to traditions and celebrations from other cultures and nationalities.

So, today I thought in the spirit of Chinese New Year I’d write a blog with some top Oriental inspired fashion for those of you who are doing anything this week to mark Chinese New Year.

Pick One: Blue Crane Print Cape

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.53.09

From: Sainsbury

Price: £13

Link: Click here

This stylish long navy blue cape with tassel detailing to the dipped hem is perfect for Chinese New Year as it features a beautiful white bird and red and white floral pattern in an Oriental inspired design in rich colours. Pair this with a simple black blouse and jeans or a black dress for a casual evening look. But equally this cape is hugely on trend for Spring/Summer 16 with a fixation on blue and deep red tones.

Sainsburys will be a recurring theme in this blog as they have alucnved a whole range called Geisha inspired for Chinese New Year and Spring/Summer 2016.

Pick Two:Multicoloured Fan Print Shirt Dress

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.57.10

From: Sainsburys

Price: £20

Link: Click here 

This adorable semi fit shirt dress with an oriental inspired fan print in colours of light yellow, black, red and soft pink is a great little find for Chinese New Year. Plus the colours of pink, yellow and that statement accent of red makes it a great piece to wear for Spring/Summer 2016. Pair this with a little clutch in black for an evening look or a red day bag if you’re out and about this Chinese New Year.

Pick Three: Red Printed Placket Blouse

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 18.02.15

From: Sainsburys

Price: £18

Link: Click here 

This stunning blouse in a flattering diamond neckline cut with loose fitting sleeves and trim detailing is a great piece for Chinese New Year and Spring/Summer 2016. The statement red colour mixed with white accents is perfect for the trend that emphasises a bring red this season brining a tropical touch to fashion. Yet the statement print of red and blue blooms fixed with an oriental pattern is a beautiful piece to wear on an evening out combined with jeans and red heels.

Pick Four: Liquorish Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress in Japanease Garden Print


From: ASOS

Price: £33 (was £48)

Link: Click here 

This beautiful navy blue dress with a stunning, ornate print of Japanese blooms, cherry blossoms and patterns in colours of red, light pink and white with detailing to the trimming of the sleeve and the entire body of the dress is stunning for Chinese New Year and would make a classic piece. Its flattering kimono sleeve design and the elegant pattern would be a great piece to wear on Chinese New Year combined with a pair of classic heels or flats for a more daytime look.

Pick Five: Fay Floral Kimono


From: Boohoo

Price: £6 (was £15)

Link: Click here 

Everyone should have a classic kimono, Chinese New Year or not. This striking kimono in a bold red colour with black trimming and a cream Oriental floral pattern is great to wear on an evening out, but particularly for Chinese New Year. Pair with a black clutch and some classic heels for an elegant look.

Pick Six: Daisy Mix Print Floral Kimono 


From: Boohoo

Price: £15

Link: Click here 

Now I have to say this is one of my favourite finds for Chinese New Year 2016, its a beautiful long kimono with long white hassle detailing to the neckline with a white tassel hanging from each side. The print is a mix of different floral patterns in colours of blue, red, orange, pink, green, gold and purple in beautiful reach jewel like shades. Its a very striking piece and would look wonderful paired with a black blouse or dress. Its also very on trend for this season with the bring colours and mixture of different patterns.

Pick Seven: Metal and Enamel Red Dragon Necklace 


From: Lady Muck of Whitstable 

Price: £35

Link: Click here (also available in green)

Now this is quintessential Chinese style! This striking red enamel and metal dragon necklace featuring a scarlet red dragon rearing up with a fierce look on their face and gold fire sparking from their tale is a perfect accessory for Chinese New Year.

So, that concludes my blog for today I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know what your getting up to this Chinese New Year and have a good one!

Until next time!

Fashioneyesta xxxx


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