Preparing for Spring

‘In springtime, the only pretty ring time,
When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;
Sweet lovers love the spring.’

William Shakespeare, As You Like It.


Greetings Readers and a Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Today I thought I would write a blog post which I hope you will all find somewhat upliftings. Now, its that time of year, we’re on the verge between Winter and Spring and I don’t know about you my dear readers but I simply cannot wait!

Now although I love Winter and the comforts that come with it like warm fires, hot chocolate, Christmas and adorning a Onsie without feeling a pang of guilt.

But, I love Spring, its a time for new beginnings, pastel colours, lighter mornings, going for walks in the park and seeing the heads of flowers as they shoot up from the ground skywards. I am loving for the Spring now and it will not be long before it arrives and we are already seeing hints of Spring in the fashion and beauty world.

So, today I thought it would be prudent to share with you  all a little blog with some of my musings and what I’ve been doing to prepare for Spring.

I begin to bring a hint of Spring into my home by replacing the red blooms and candles with warm blends of Cinnamon and Amber with pink Tulips and more fresh blends of uplifting Tangerine, Jasmine and Sandalwood.

I recently took a trip to my local florist and purchased a bouquet of pink Tulips and to T K Max and to my incredulity I discovered that they had a wide range of candles from many reputable companies at discounted prices.

I invested in two new candles, both of which are from brands I have never trailed before but have heard many beauty bloggers and fragrance enthusiasts talk about with a great deal of praise. I purchased the Neom Organics candle in Restore which is a blend of natural soy wax and natural, holistic essential oils of Jasmine, Ginger and Sandalwood.  From my research of these candles they are made with natural ingredients and designed to act like a holistic treatment in the form of a candle and don’t contain any harmful fragrance oils like so many candles do. The other was from a brand called Miller Harris that one can find in a corner of Covent Garden, London. The candle is called the Tangerine  Vert candle and is a sweet blend of Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange Flower, Geranium, Ceaderwood, Moss and Sweet Musk.

Click here to view.




One way that I like to ready myself for the upcoming Spring months is to invest in some new arm candy in Spring themed colours and shades.

Two bags that I now own and have been coveting recently are two beautiful satchels at very different price points.

The first is a deep pink laser cut satchel with gold hardware, a long strap and a grab handle this bag, believe it or not, I discovered in Sainsburys for £14.

An absolute steal and with the Victoriana themed trend being in this season satchels will be extremely popular. But, in all honesty satchels are a staple bag, they are super adorable and  easy to use especially as they have the cross body strap.

Click here to view.


The other one I wanted to feature is a little more on the prices side where bags are concerned and is from one of my all time favourite companies The Cambridge Satchel Company. The bag itself is the “Batchel’ meaning it has both a grip handle and a detachable, adjustable strap. The bag is in the most beautiful Ivy green shade and looks like the stem of a spring bloom . It features silver hardware and can be bought in a range of different sizes and designs, mine is in the 14 inch as I have the lovely task of constantly having to lug my laptop and various other things around with me due to being a postgraduate student.



Recently I have also been taking stock of my makeup and adding some key pieces to my collection to bring a hint of Spring into my cosmetics.

Three new palettes that add a touch of Springtime glamour to my makeup are the Sleek Garden of Eden Palette, the Urban Decay Electrics Palette the Dreamcatcher Palette by NYX in Stormy Skies and the Becca Afterglow Palette.

The Garden of Eden Palette is a new addition to the Sleek palette family and, for me personally, one of the most beautiful ones they have ever launched. It features a beautiful range of 12 shades in earthy green, pink, aubergine and light gold tone colours. They all have an earthy tone and this palette can create some beautiful looks for Spring. Its a wonderful palette and Sleek eyeshadows give wonderful colour payoff and are very pigmented and easy to work with.

Click here to view.



The NYX Dreamcatcher palette in Stormy Skies is a beautiful palette featuring 12 eyeshadows in mutual tones of pink, taupe, nude,grey and cream. For me, this palette is ideal for those days where you may be wearing a more bolder colour on the lips and you want toot for something more neutral as this shade has both shimmer and matte pigments.

Click here to view.


The Urban Decay Electrics palette may not be one you would immediately associate with Spring as a lot of the shades are very bright and vibrant. But, one of the biggest beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2016 is a pop of colour on the eye in colours of pink, acid green, turquoise, blue and oranges. Its a trend inspired by a tropical vibe which has been warn a lot with a very natural lip and natural makeup look.

The palette features 10 shades in bright colours of yellow, green, purple, pink, orange teal and a metallic silver. These are pure pressed pigments so the colour payoff is truly awe inspiring and with this palette you can really create some bright and vibrant looks this Spring that are so on trend.

Click here to view.


The Becca Afterglow palette is a face palette and features 5 of Becca Cosmetics iconic products 3 of which are highlights in Moonstone which is pinkish white shade, Rose Gold and Pressed Opal which is a gold shimmer toned shade and two are blushers in pink shimmer colours.

Finally, I also invested in another lipstick to add to my collection from NYX, from their Butter lipstick range. The lipstick is in the shade Pops and is in a pinkish, slightly brown toned nude shade. Again a perfect shade for Spring 2016 as there is a huge emphasis on a natural, fresh look in the beauty world for this Spring. These lipsticks are said to be very moisturising, creamy and give the lips a healthy, full look.

Click here to view.


And finally, something else I like to do in the lead up to the Spring months is to gather inspiration from one of my favourite books called Fairie-ality: The Fashion Collection from the  House of Ellwand. Which is a book simply perfect for any fashion enthusiast who still believes in fairies…don’t judge. Its a wonderful book with the most incredible Vogue inspired illustrations of couture inspired for little winged folk. 


So, that concludes my little blog post for today, I really hope you all liked it and it has maybe got you into the mood for Spring when it eventually pops it’s little head up and waves goodbye to Winter.

Do let me know what you’re doing to get ready for Spring and I will see you all next time.

Until Then!

Fashioneyesta x

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