London Fashion Weekend Spring/Summer 2016

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Today I am going to be talking trends and fashion, as some of you may have seen if you follow me on my Twitter (@DavisonEm) I attended London Fashion Weekend to see whats in store for high street fashion this Spring/Summer 2016.

It was a lovely day spent with friends and I decided to go for a bohemian 70s vibe sporting my black floral print dress in shades of mustard and blue from H&M, my camel cape coat, camel floppy hat from Primark and my brown suede slouch boots.





I have to say that whenever I have gone to London Fashion Weekend in previous years the event has always been very accessible for visitors with disabilities. Now that the event has moved to the Sachi Gallery it is just as accessible, the staff were all extremely friendly and accommodating towards myself and my guide dog Unity.

The Trends

During the trend show there as a number of different trends that can be expected for Spring/Summer 2016. But, we are defiantly seeing a prominent pattern of a number of prints, styles, colours and looks.

The outfits were all provided by and are currently available to buy on their website.

One of the big trends for prints this season is botanicals, I mean that comes as no surprise, naturally. When are florals not in for Spring? Yet, each year we see a slightly different version of floral and this year we are seeing lots of bold, brightly coloured tropical floral prints and botanical designs. Which is of course in correlation to the tropical trends we are seeing this year.




The 70s vibe is still in hugely for this season with a big emphasis on suede and denim and fringing. Its all about sporting those little suede boots, denim shirt and fringed bag this season. Fringing is always an integral part of the fashion scene in the Summer months, especially for festival goers and the like. However, this year its a look that we will be seeing not just on the fields of Glastonbury.



One of the biggest necklines for this season is the halter neck which exposes the shoulders and crosses around the neck. This is a very flattering design and can be seen in dresses and blouses and even jumpsuits.


There is a touch of femininity in the air this season with a huge emphasis on flowing skirts, victorian ruffled collars, pussy bow necklines and soft nude shades.

This season its all about attention to detail with those necklines,  embroidered detailing, sheer fabrics and flowing skirts.






If you’re looking for a new bag this season, you will most likely come across a bag that is known as the half moon shape bag. This bag is made to appear like the shape of a waxing moon and can be seen in lots of different materials and finishes. Leather half moon bags will be in in a huge way this season and not to mention bags with some stud detailing.




This season my advice to you all is to to have a few key pieces that will salute to the trends you like the most. Whether thats the half moon bag, a denim skirt, a pair of suede boots, a floral print dress or a semi fit white blouse.

This season its all about that 70s vibe, halter neck dresses, botanical moody floral prints and high necklines.

With Love

Fashioneyesta xx

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