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Greetings Readers!

Today I am going to be sharing with you all a brand new tag that I have created. The tag is called The Guide Dog tag and it is one that I have independently have created. The tag is simply a series of questions themed around having a guide dog.

So, I will proceed with the tag and I hope you like it.

What is your guide dogs name?


What is the breed of your guide dog?

She’s a Yellow Labrador, Golden Retriever Cross.

How old is your guide dog?

5 years old.

Where was your guide dog trained?

She was trained in Redbridge, Essex and then in Central London.

When did you qualify with your guide dog?

July 2012.

Is he or she your first guide dog?

Yes, she is indeed.

Summarise your guide dogs personality in five words?

Cheeky, intelligent, funny, sweet and wonderful.

What is the best thing about your guide dog?

The freedom she gives me, Unity is a very easy going dog and is very happy to go on new routes and adventures with me. I love being able to go where  I want and when I want and Unity enables me to do that. She’s a dream to work with and keeps very good company.

What is the funniest thing your guide dog has ever done?

She does a lot of funny things on a regular basis, she is just a very comical dog. But the funniest thing I can recall was when I was at a Shakespeare Exhibition a couple of years ago with my friend. We had just entered a section on The Tempest and there was a large projection moving image of Caliban on the way. Caliban was rearing up and going into some great speech. Unity then caught sight of it, her hackles went up, she bared her teeth and began to bark at it standing in front of me defensively. Her reaction was incredibly amusing and everyone else seemed to think so too! Clearly she isn’t a fan of The Tempest.

Has your guide dog ever gotten you into any embarrassing situations?

Yes, absolutely! There re so many crigne worthy moments that she has gotten me into. But, the most embarrassing two by far are as followed.

The first was when I was at University, I was in the coffee shop getting a drink before my lecture was due to start and a troop of boys came in. They were clad in Greek style togas for a play they were rehearsing for and apparently…nothing underneath. One boy stood behind me and waited in line for a coffee. Unity got to her feet, snuck over to him, burrowed her nose underneath the togas and proceeded to sniff…I won’t tell you what she was sniffing I think you know what I’m referring to.

I was utterly mortified!

The second was when I was out with my mother and we were shopping at our local shopping centre before a fashion show that we were attending. Now Unity didn’t distinguish that it was not the place to relieve herself. I knew that she was in need or the toilet because wen she is she starts to drag her behind to the floor and walk slower. Before I even had a chance to get her outside so that she could receive herself she suddenly crouched down and did her business in the middle of the shopping centre, next to the fashion show!

What was worse was that two young boys proceeded to get there phones out and film the sorry business, everyone was looking and the only bin that was in sight was a bin next to two girls eating their crispy cream donuts…thanks Unity!

What is your guide dog like on harness?

On harness Unity is a very calm, well tempered, sensible dog. I some ways she is very much an all business dog, she gets on with her work. She’s easy going, she does get distracted when she sees certain types of dogs, although its my job to discipline her when this happens. But on the whole she’s very good when working, she walks with a spring in her step, her tail swaying from side to side and she simply goes about her business with me.

What are some of your guide dogs quirks?

She does have a lot!

One of her biggest quirks is that when she is facing me and I walk towards her, instead of turning around and walking away. She backs up as she faces me which I find most amusing especially as she usually knocks into my parents legs!

Another is that she has something we call the ‘quizzical brow’ in which her brow furrows and raises when you speak to her or when she is thinking. She is a very animated dog.

She loves Carrots and she eats bubbles.

Her ears also change position depending on what she’s feeling, they perk up when she’s happy, droop when she’s sad and twitch when she thinks. Although I think this is a general doggie trait, with her its so much more animated when she does it.

Where does your guide dog seem to work the best?

Either my University because she knows it very well and enjoys seeing familiar faces and surroundings or London because she likes working in busy situations. Unity is a city dog at heart and she loves being somewhere where there is a lot happening, I think she enjoys that stimulation and being in the throng of it al.

What does your guide dogs favourite thing to do when off harness?

She loves going to the park for a free run, I mean I think every dog loves being able to let off steam and run around like a wild thing. But, she also does enjoy sitting out on the front steps of my back garden, munching on a carrot and surveying her little kingdom like a Queen in her Ivory Tower.

But then again, she does love a good game of tug and war and taking a long snooze on her bed.

Has your guide dog ever done anything that goes beyond the call of duty?

I think everyday Unity goes beyond the call of duty with how attentive and loving she is towards me. But, certainly there was one time where I was going home from University and I hadn’t assessed traffic properly. I stepped out into the road with her to walk on and a car was racing towards me. Unity yanked me towards the pavement and stood in front of me to prevent me from walking any further until the car had passed. Now, although Guide Dogs in the UK are trained to look out for traffic and cars, they’re not superheroes and they cannot always be relied upon to do this all the time. But, Unity did do it that day and we’ve never had an accident yet.

So, thats it from me today, I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my little furry friend.

I nominate Molly Burke and Kimberley Burrows to do this tag.

Do feel free to do this tag yourself and to pass it onto anyone else who has a guide dog. If you do share it under the #guidedogtag so I can see it.

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you all again soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

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