New Beauty Discoveries: March 2016

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Today I thought I’d kick off with a new series I’ve come up with for my blog. now as I’m sure many of you know I am a self acclaimed beauty junkie, always have been, always will be. So, I thought it might be fun for you guys to see what new beauty things I discover when I’m out and about on my travels.

So, this is a new series I have decided to start on my blog, not all the time maybe once a month or whenever I had found a number of beauty items either new out drones that I haven’t tried before to talk about. It could be that I do this every month or every so often, i cannot say for certain. But, in these blogs I’ll be chatting about some of my new beauty finds that I have come across.

So, without further adieu..

So, first things first when I was on a little excursion to T K Max the other day I was delighted to discover that they stocked a wide range of different candles from some very well known brands all at discounted prices.

The first one I purchased was from a brand called Neom Organics, Neom Organics make candles using natural essential oils and plant extracts. The ethos of three company is to create candles using ingredients for holistic purposes that are non toxic and are like having a little bit of sensory medicine. I have been wanting to trial this brand for a while now and I finally got the chance to purchase the candle in the scent Restore which contains Jasmine, Ginger and Sandalwood. It is a very relaxing scent, but with a warm, slightly oriental undertone.


The second candle is from a brand called Miller Harris, now I have seen Miller Harris before on my travels in Covent Garden. But, having just bought a few candles online I didn’t really think it would be wise for my bank balance to purchase another. But, when i saw that they had some in T K Maxx for half the price I thought to myself ‘go on Ems, you know you wanna!’ And who can honestly argue with that little voice of reason at the back of our head?

So, I got one in the scent Tangerine Vert, an uplifting blend of Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange Flower, Geranium, Ceaderwood, Moss and Sweet Musk. I haven’t yet light this candle as I am currently trying to get through the last dregs of a Christmas Candle I purchased in December. But, this has the most beautiful, sweet scent to it which I can imagine would be a very uplifting candle.


Now moving onto makeup, I have to say one of my biggest addictions is palettes. What can I say? I love them, I need them, I eat, breath and sleep the things. I have so many I now have to have two drawers to accommodate them. Its a thing, we all have one, whether its collecting stamps or magazines or photography. Mine happens to be palettes.

So, one of the palettes I invested in recently was this Garden of Eden Palette by Sleek, I wanted to add a few green eye shadows to my collection. I had seen some bloggers talk about Sleeks new palette I have to say Sleek is one of my favourite brands for drugstore eyeshades and blushers. The colour payoff is amazing and at such a good price point, plus I do also believe this brand is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

This eyeshadow palette features a range of colours from light to dark green, pinks, plums and aubergines. It’s a very floral inspired palette and the palette has a mix of matte and shimmer colours.

I will do a review and swatches blog on this palette in the next few weeks, in which I will describe each colour in detail. So do comment below if you are interested.

Click here to view.


On pursuing the Space NK website I discovered a new palette released by one of my favourite high end Makeup brands, Laura Mercier. The palette is called the Paris After The Rain palette and it features a beautiful range of mates and shimmer colours in light browns, green, taupe and a beautiful shimmery blue. This palette is utterly stunning and the shadows have such incredible colour payoff and durability.

Click here to view the palette.


The last palette I discovered this month was from The Balm I discovered this palette again when I was pursuing T K Max at a discounted price. The palette is called the Bon Voyage Palette the palette contains an assortment of eyeshadow colours, lip colours, blushers, a highlight and a bronzer.The palette is slightly more verging on the Summery side in the colour spectrum with the bright lip colours and peachy toned colours. The design is also extremely cute featuring a cartoon design of a beach and little images of different places in the world. The Balm is known for its gimmicky retro inspired makeup items and I have to say this palette is great as a travel palette. I particularly love the blushers and the highlight and that it also comes with a guide of what colours you can mix to create different looks.


One of my current favourite makeup brands at the moment is a brand called Kiko, an Italian makeup company which is best known for its colour variety. I have been adding items to my makeup collection for a while now and recently I came across their Colour Correcting Powder. The powder contains four different shades of green, orange, purple and yellow to balance any discolouration and even out skin tone.

I have to say I’ve been reaching for this a lot since purchasing it, more so than some of my more high end powders that I’d usually go for. I also love to use this with a setting brush under my eyes to set my concealer. I also like it as it stops any shininess and keeps my makeup in tact for longer. You can also use these shades in isolation or use them all together.

Click here to view.


Now moving onto some lipsticks I recently discovered, this month I came across 3 lipsticks.

The first is from a brand which many beauty bloggers have been talking about called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I discovered their lip tars which have been subject to quite a lot of hype recently. The idea of these lip tars is that they provide a concentrated amount of pigment to the lips in a mate finish. So, if you want a truly matte, intense lip colour these are sure to give you that look. They are also averrable in a wide range of colours, although they are quite hard to get hold of at the moment. You squeeze a small amount out and apply the tar with a brush to create a intense colour.

Click here to view.


The next lipstick I discovered is a cult classic and not necessarily a new item and they are the  YSL Rogue Volute Shine Lipsticks. I have been coveting these little lipsticks for a while and I finally decided to invest in one in the shade 09 Nude in Private. They are made with ingredients to moisturise, protect and bring shine to the lips.

Click here to view.


The final lipstick is in fact a very new launch on the beauty scene and its one by Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir Lipsticks, mine is in the shade Pink Ballerina a warm toned pink with a sheer finish. These lipsticks are made to have a lightweight texture with a sweet fruity scent in a variety of shades and colours. These lipsticks are very buildable and moisturising and can be worn as a sheer light tint or as a pop of colour. They do have a shiny finish to them, but they really make the lips look healthy and full. The packaging of these lipsticks is rather eye catching featuring a clear lid with the company name imprinted on it and a heart shaped stopper.

I have to say I absolutely love the formula of this lipstick, its super moisturising and the scent reminds me of cranberries. They give a lovely gloss to the lips and are such an easy lip stick to apply in the morning for an everyday look.

Click here to view.


So, that sums it up for this blog post today folks, I hope you enjoyed it.

Do let me know if you would like to see more of these in the future, I do take your comments and feedback into account.

And I will see you again soon.



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