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Today I have a very exciting new review for you all which I am happy to be sharing with you all as it is on a newly discovered company, with a big difference.


Now, I do love my long hot showers and of course beside that my scented shower gels and I recently was contacted by an amazing company to review their products.

This is really a company who’s truly using the profits to give back to a good and worthwhile cause and their products are by far the best that I have ever tried when it comes to shower gels and soaps.

So, to give you a bit of a backstory to the brand Clarity is a company based in North London that produce shower gels and soaps and other household items. The proceeds are all pumped into helping people with visual impairments and other disabilities get into work. Indeed, their body of staff is mainly comprised of a large number of workers who themselves have a visual impairment or other disability.

Clarity’s aim is to ensure that people with disabilities are able to get into work. They currently offer a range of factory and office based jobs around the United Kingdom and their ethos is all about equality.

They offer training schemes and experience to help you get back into the world of work and habilitate you in the world.

The company was founded in 1854 and is still going strong today, the money that they make goes directly back into the company to help them fund schemes and programmes to help people with sight loss and other disabilities get back into work.

So, now that I have sung the praises of this company in what they do to help the disability community, let me now get onto telling you about the products themselves.

So, the staff at Clarity are busy working each day to make a whole range of products from shampoos, toiletries, cleaning products, shower gels and soaps. Now, Clarity very kindly sent me a package of soaps and shower gels for me to trial for my blog in a variety of different scents. Now, because they were so generous I had to recruit some of my friends and family to trial the products like I do occasionally with my reviews.

So, we all clubbed together and had a chat about what we thought of the products and we were all hugely impressed with them.



Firstly, I shall begin with the Soaps, Clarity make a whole range of soaps. I was scent the Tranquility box of six different soaps to trial. Clarity teamed up with the fragrance house Ungerer to create a variety of different scented soaps blended with natural essential oils. They are also made with natural ingredients and don’t contain any artificial colouring. The soaps come in a variety of scents including Monoi, Neroli Blossom, Oatmeal, Olive & Patchouli, Green Tea, and Vetiver and Black Pepper.  I have to say whilst I love all the fragrances, I did particularly love the feminine scent of Neroli Blossom and the creamy texture of Oatmeal.

What I did find with all of the soaps is that they are incredibly creamy, easy to lather, have incredible and lasting scents which linger on the skin and they do not dry out the skin or strip if of its natural oils. These are incredibly gentle soaps and I can imagine they would be ideal for someone who is prone to dry skin or irritated skin.

None of the soaps smell synthetic, they all smell very natural and holistic. Having used a lot of my own essential oils when making products I can smell a synthetic soap a mile off and this one is certainly anything but synthetic.

The box is also beautifully presented in a rustic looking cardboard box and each soap is individually packaged, the cardboard is 100% recyclable and this would make a great gift to someone who likes their soaps. Or you could split the soaps, keeping some for yourself and giving the others as gifts.

The Tranquility Soap Box retails for £18.95.

Click here to view.


Now, moving onto shower gels Clarity project also sent me a range of different shower gels to try from both their regular range and their special collaboration with some famous faces.

Their regular shower gels are in the £3 region and come in a variety of fragrances including Lavender, Juniper & Seaweed, Lime Grapefruit and Bergamot,  Almond & Apple, Tea Tree & Fuchsia and many more.

What I noticed about using the shower gels is that like the soaps they foam up very easily, however they do not leave the skin feeling dry. After using the shower gels I found that my skin felt smooth and clean and rather soft even without using any body lotion.

I utterly love these shower gels, especially the Seaweed & Juniper and Almond & Apple shower gel. The Seaweed & Juniper shower gel literally smells as if you have bottled the seaside, its a beautiful scent reminiscent of beach walk, salty air and english costs. Almond & Apple smells as good as it sound, it very much smells like a delectable cake in a bottle.


Now, moving onto the Celebrity Trio of shower gels, Clarity teamed up with 3 of their biggest supporters Joanna Lumley, Fiona Phillips and Samantha Fox to create 3 different shower gels. Each are very different, but all have a unique and very beautiful scent. Whats more they are again very kind to the skin.

Joanna Lumley’s scent is called Island Paradise and this was my personal favourite out of all the shower gels. It smells quiet fruity and punchy, rather like some exotic cocktail with berries and citrus fruits. Its such a rich, fragrant scent and its perfect to wake you up in the morning.

Samantha Fox’s scent is called Foxy Fever and it is somewhat more of a unisex blend than Island Paradise. It has a warm undertone to it and is perfect if you like to use a Unisex perfume like Jo Malone’s 154 or you like that warm aftershave type of scent.

Fiona Phillip’s scent Mystal Wood is more of a deep musky scent, from smelling this one is seems as if its been blended with white musk. Its more of a deep, oriental scent, so if you like that kind of scent with warm species and woody undertones I’m sure you would love this one.

The celebrity trio retails for £19.95.

Click here to view.


I also mentioned one of the shower gels in my March Favourites.

All in all, I absolutely love Clarity’s products, they are excellent quality, they smell amazing, they feel so gentle on the skin and make for a great shower experience. And whats more, it genuinely is a company with a big different.

After having the pleasure of finding out about this company and trying out their amazing products. I don’t think I’ll be buying my shower gels from anywhere else but Clarity in the future and I sincerely mean that.

Bravo Clarity, you’re doing an amazing job!

Find Out More About Clarity 

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Click here to view their YouTube Channel.

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