When Emily Davison Met Bianca Von Stempel: Visually Impaired Fashion Blogger Meets Visually Impaired Fashion Designer

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to fashioneyesta.com, I do apologise for not posting anything for the last two weeks. My time has been massively taken up by essay work and other commitments, so I have not found any free time to work on any content for my blog. Doing a Masters Degree requires a lot of self discipline and commitment and I’m having to dedicate time to that side of my work. But, the end of my essay is on the horizon and I will be able to get back to posting more frequently very soon.

But, I thought I would come on here to write a blog on something very exciting that has recently happened in the world of Fashioneyesta.

Now I was on Twitter having a browse (as you do) and I came across a fascinating piece about a fashion design student in Kingston University. Bianca Von Stempel is her name and she’s out to change perceptions by incorporating visual impairment into the fashion world in a new and dynamic way.

Bianca is currently in the final stages of her fashion degree, she’s looking into applying for a masters and she’s had her collection featured at London Fashion Week. Something else about Bianca is that, like me, she is visually impaired. She was born with a condition that affects her vision, she has nystagmus and limited vision in both eyes. However, Bianca is not someone who will let her disability hold her back. So, she is pursuing a career in fashion and using her visual impairment as an aesthetic in her amazing designs.

I was so fascinated by her story that I decided to contact her, asking if she would be interested in doing a feature on Fashionability the podcast channel I co run as well as a feature on my column for the Huffington Post UK. She agreed to both, we met a couple of weeks ago and here we are not!

In fact, Bianca and myself have become rather chummy lately and are going on a shopping trip this weekend. Bianca is a truly amazing person who is using her talents and visual impairment in a positive way. She is showcasing how her visual impairment gives her a unique perspective into the world of sight with her garments by the use of embroidery, drapery and different use of fabrics.

I’ve been a fashion blogger for the past four years now and although I have met many visually impaired fashion enthusiasts (many of which also read my blog) who do an amazing job of dispelling that myth that people with sight loss can’t look stylish. I have never met anyone who is also so passionate about fashion and the design process of it. So, its a really refreshing change to meet someone so driven in what she does. The two worlds have collided, the visually impaired fashion blogger has met the visually impaired fashion designer. #squadgoals…Need I say more?



Click here to view her interview with me on the Fashionability channel.

Click here to view my article on Bianca on The Huffington Post UK.

So, that concludes my blog post, don’t forget to check out the pieces I did on Bianca. Do also give Bianca a follow on her Instagram @bvonstempel and her website www.biancavonstempel.com.

And I will see you all in my next blog.



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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

3 thoughts on “When Emily Davison Met Bianca Von Stempel: Visually Impaired Fashion Blogger Meets Visually Impaired Fashion Designer

  1. Hi Emily — you have a new fan from Canada — the mom of a 6 month old beauty born with aniridia, our girl Ruby Jane. It’s so wonderful to see you thrive doing what you love! We’re fans of Bianca’s too (heard of her through Canada’s CNIB). As @herheadache says, thanks for shifting perspectives. We’re now followers too.

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