Please Vote For Me In The National Diversity Awards 2016

Greetings Readers!

And a warm welcome back to!

I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend and if you’re not I demand you go out and have a jolly good time as I’m slaving away at my laptop working on finishing my essay. Although its almost at an end now as I’ve finally reached the editing and footnote stage…although that stage is always where you flop in despair.

But, I’ve not come on here to talk to you about my essay woes, I do that enough on my own personal social media accounts. No, today I wanted to join you to call on my lovely supporters and readers to ask you for a favour.

I have recently been nominated for the National Diversity Awards 2016 in the category of Positive Role Model in Disability. This is an incredibly huge honour for me and I’m very grateful to everyone who has already voted. But, for those of you who haven’t voted and would like to I would hugely appreciate your support in this.

Click here to vote for me.


For those of you who don’t know the National Diversity Awards is a yearly event in which people of diverse backgrounds are brought together to celebrate their achievements.

Over the past 4 years my work has been focused towards making society more inclusive and accessible towards people with disabilities. I started my blog and YouTube channel in 2012 for that reason. Before that I did public speaking and journalism for my local school paper. Since 2012 I have worked with a number of charities including Guide Dogs, RNIB, RLSB, Victa, Vision UK, Blind Children UK, Scope and many more in a bid to raise awareness of disability. I co founded my podcast channel Fashionability to raise awareness of fashion and diversity and to bridge the gap between the two. I’m a reporter and a journalist and have worked with publications including The Guardian, Able Radio, BBC, Channel 4, London Live, RNIB Connect Radio and many others on features and pieces surrounding disability inclusion. I’ve been a columnist on the Huffington Post UK for the past 3 years and have written a number of stories surrounding disability advocacy, inclusion and disability in culture.


I remain to dedicated as I ever was to my goal of enabling society to embrace disability and empowering others to move forward with their aspirations.

So, if any of you would like to vote for me, it would mean the absolute world to me. I hold you all, my readers, in high esteem, you are all my online family and every one of your comments, shares and messages inspires me to continue each and every day.

With Love

Fashioneyesta xx


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