Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette

Greetings Readers!

I hope you are all well?

Its a fine sunny day here in London today and I’m currently basking in the warm sunshine revealing in the fact that my Macbook Pro is being fixed at the Apple Store and the fact that I have now submitted my essay and have thus completed the first year of my Masters Degree.

You cannot believe the relief I am feeling right now!

But, enough about essays goodness knows I have probably bored you to tears moaning about my essay for the past three months. Today I am going to be talking to you all about something very exciting and that is a new in beauty launch!

Which is (drumroll) The Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette! So to give you a low down for any of you who aren’t beauty obsessed like myself. Urban Decay have collaborated with Disney for the launch of the new Alice Through the Looking Glass film which is currently out in Cinemas. They have created an eyeshadow palette and 5 different lipsticks all in the theme of the film.

So, today I thought I would write a blog post giving you my thoughts on the palette and one of the lipsticks which I purchased along with it.

Can I just begin by gushing over the packaging? Its so beautiful, decedent are dare I say it ehcnanting. The palette is comprised of two sections the first is where you open it up to find a mirror in an ornate gold border with clocks on the outside. Then you have two little doors which feature a quote from the film in gold ornate writing. When you open the doors a 3d deep blue butterfly pops out admit a kaleidoscope of colours. Then the second part is a drawer where you can find the 20 shadows and a brush. There is also a quote in the same ornate gold lettering on the drawer front. The exterior of the palette itself is decorated in a kaleidoscope of colours which is so incredibly mesmerising to look at.


So as for the colours themselves there are 20 in total and I shall start by describing each one to give you an overview of the variety of colours of offer (for any of you with visual impairments.) This palette features a variety of colours from matte to shimmer and velvet and whist they look very intense they have a lovely rich sheen when applied to the eyelid and blend incredibly.

Looking Glass: A matte slightly pink toned white.

Hatter: A matte rich bright green.

Lilly: A soft matte cream shade.

Heads Will Roll: A shimmery, turquoise colour.

Time: A shimmery, dark navy blue.

Reflection: A matte, light peachy pink.

Gone Mad: A shimmery, dark plum purple.

Duchess: A orange toned golden shade.

Bandersnach: A matte, light navy blue.

Dream On: A shimmery, silver toned purple.

Dormouse: A shimmery, light brown.

Paradise: A deep shimmery amber colour.

Kingdom: A shimmery, taupe brown.

Salazen Grum: A shimmery, rust colour.

Chronospehre: A shimmery dark oak toned brown.

Metamorphosis: A light shimmery aqua blue colour.

Cake: A deep magenta.

Chessboard: A light matte brown.

Royal Flush: A shimmery, pearl colour.

Mirror: A shimmery gunmetal grey.


So as you probably can tell, the palette features an array of colours and to look at its very much like a kaleidoscope to look at. Now even though the colours may sound a big outlandish or intense, they apply beautifully and look so rich and almost jewel like. This palette would be ideal for all seasons, but especially Summer and Autumn as the shades are very warm toned, rich and deep.


In terms of what I thought of the quality of the shadows, Urban Decay shadows are renown for being very good quality, super pigmented, easy to blend and apply and there is never any fall out with these. The same applies to these shadows, they are very pigmented, easy to apply and to blend which is great as a lot of the colours are very intense. The shadows also have little fall out, although there is some which is noticeable with the dark colours. But this palette is great for someone with a visual impairment as they are so easy to apply and to diffuse into other colours with a big fluffy brush. So, if you are looking to invest in a more colourful palette I would recommend this as there is a nice combination of mattes and shimmers. However the darker colours, having shimmer in them make them more wearable and easier to blend and correct should you make a mistake.


Now the lipstick I purchased (well in truth I purchased two) but I used one in a look for my YouTube channel. The two I bought was in the shade Alice which is a shimmery iridescent nude pink and the other is called Mirana which is a deep plum in a glossy finish. I absolutely love the bright vivid packaging and the stain power of these lipstick. I also loved the way they looked on the lips, they didn’t apply patchy and they were easy to blend   and apply. I am utterly in love with Mirana lipstick its such an incredibly beautiful shade.


I also filmed a First Impressions video which you can check out below. It features an amber and plum eye look with the plum shimmer Mirana lipstick from the Alice Through The Looking Glass Range.

alice lookother lookF

Final Scoring

Accessibility: 4/5

I found the palette pretty easy to open and to use, its very distinctive both visually and to the touch with the 3d butterfly. The colours are also easy to locate as each is divided into its own section.

Ease of Application: 4/5

The shadows are extremely easy to apply and to blend, although there are a lot of darker and more intense shades the shadows can be blended to create some utterly stunning looks. Just be mindful that there are a lot of darker and brightly coloured shades in this palette.

Value For Money: 4/5

You get 20 colours in this palette and they are extremely good quality and this palette is very versatile and could be used to create so many looks.

Overall Quality: 5/5

All in I utterly adore this palette, I think the shades are all so workable. Its very much a capsule palette for the Summer months featuring a mixture of mattes and shimmers in different shades. This palette could be worn by people of many different skin tones and the shadows are so buttery and easy to work with.

Urban Decay you have done it once again, another successful palette to add to your vault.

If you want to purchase the Palette it is currently available on Urban Decay for £43. Click here to view it.

The lipsticks are also averrable on Urban Decay for £16. Click here to view.

Also be aware that the Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Range is limited edition and will only be available for a limited time.

So, I hope you liked this blog, be sure to like and comment if you did. Let me know if you have this palette and what you think of it.

And I will see you all next time.

Fashioneyesta xx

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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