A Bohemian Garden Picnic

Greetings Readers!

And a warm welcome back to you all.

Today I wanted to write a little blog for you all as it was my birthday on the 28th of June and I turned 22 (my gosh time is going by fast.) This year, as the garden was full of Summer blooms and the open buds of flower heads and the fragrant aroma of Peonies, Roses and Honeysuckle I decided to have a garden picnic. Truth be told, I haven’t had a garden party in years and I thought it was time that I did.


This year I decided to go with a particular theme in my garden and I decided to have a bohemian, hippie inspired birthday picnic. Because as I am sure many of you all know by now I am a complete and utter boho lover from my attire, room decor to my quotes of the day that I post on my Facebook Page.

I thought this would be the perfect theme for me and my mother is an utter fan of the boho vibes to (she’s the person I credit my hippie flare to.) So, today I thought I’d share a blog with you all on how we achieved the look and some snapshots taken of the day.

Luckily enough the weather did hold out for most of the picnic, so me and my friends spent our time guzzling food, blowing bubbles and trading gossip.

So to start off with the first thing that we did was we mounted our cream pop up gazebo, as we weren’t 100 percent sure if you could rely on the weather and so to be sure we thought we would assemble it.

Then to give it an injection of colour we added colourful pom-poms to the ceiling in all different bright colours from orange, blue, green, red, pink and purple. We also hung brightly coloured paper lanterns to the ceiling in corresponding colours to give the space a hippie vibe (it was also appropriate as the rainbow colours were also a little nod to the Pride festivities.)


To the outside of the Gazebo we steamed lots of brightly coloured ribbon in rainbow colours which looked super pretty as they fluttered in the breeze. I also thought this added a little Coachella touch to the space. We made sure that each colour was different to the one before and that they were at slightly different lengths to give it a staggered effect.


For the seating space we first of all played some tarpaulin on the grassy ground and then covered it with brightly coloured material bought form a local market in bright colours of pink and orange. Then we added some garden cushions some were plain and square speed some were oblong with a pink Moroccan inspired print with pink tassels and some were square with a brightly coloured paisley print. We wanted to give the vibe relates and like a picnic. Then for the table my father made it out of some old palettes to form a rectangle and then we covered it with a bright orange blanket to give it a smash of colour.


On the table itself my we used a gold and orange Indian lantern to act as the centrepiece which we found from our local TK Maxx. We then added some brightly coloured tea light holders in colours of blue, green, purple and red with rented tea lights in them which we bought from Tiger. Then we used an assortment of collected jam jars and cans (clean of course) and tied brightly coloured ribbon around them finishing them in a bow. In each we had a an assortment of brightly coloured summer blooms such as Roses, Sunflowers, Carnations, Gerbras, Gypsophilas and daisies to add a touch of hippie to the table. And yes there is also bubble mixture on the table, because me and my friends are so mature for people in our 20s! Th mixture of the Summer blooms and the tins and jars gave it a rustic feel, so typical of a lot of urban cafes I’ve visited over the years.



The Arbour also featured a material image of a brightly coloured Indian elephant in corresponding colours of orange and magenta to tie in with the colour scheme. And of course to add a touch of British Summer to the whole thing (as if the unpredictable weather wasn’t enough) we did also add a brightly coloured bunting bought from eBay.

Then of course there was little old me sporting my floral crown from New Look in bright colours to match the decor.



Items Mentioned

Indian Copper Lantern: T K Maxx

Tea Light Holders: Tiger

Cushions: Primark

So that concludes my little blog for today, thank you all so much for reading I hope it gave you some inspiration for you guys to have your own picnic. Do let me know if you do!

Also a massive thank you to my lovely friends and family for coming and making my birthday special and to my mother for decorating the garden so beautifully.

Take Care and I will see you all soon!

Fashioneyesta xx


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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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