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Now today I thought I would do a little blog post on a topic which is very hot in the beauty world at the moment and that is liquid lipsticks.

Liquid lipsticks have been around for a while, thats no mystery of course. But ever since the Kardashians started sporting them and Kyle Jenner brought out her own range of liquid lipsticks pretty much every single beauty brand brought out there own version of liquid lipsticks. So, today I thought I would divulge some of my top liquid lipsticks that I have discovered during my stints in Superdrug and hauls on Feel Unique and the like.

For those of you who don’t know, a liquid lipstick is pretty much what it says on the tin. Its a lipstick tat applies like a gloss but dries or looks matte on the lips. Forget the dewy look, matte is super in for this season and matte lips it seems that we can’t get enough of. The other thing is that I would seriously suggest that anyone who wants to sport a liquid lipstick ensures that they are regularly exfoliating their lips with a lip scrub (I personally like Lush’s lip scrubs) and moisturises them using a lip balm. This will help ensure that your lipstick applies evenly and doesn’t cling to any patches which would in turn make it look clumpy and just utterly vulgar. It is also prudent that you use a lip liner in a similar colour to your chosen liquid lipstick before applying to ensure it stays within the lines because a lipstick that is messily drawn on over your lip line…what are we trying to ay Clown? Nope, it simply is not a good look dear friends.

So, now without further adieu here are my top picks…


Pick One: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks 


Price: £19

Bought From: Debenhams 

Favourite Shades: Melted Berry (berry red,) Melted Chihuahua (light nude pink,) Melted Chocolate Milkshake (light brown toned pink.)

The Too Faced Melted Lipsticks definitely win the award of most moisturising, these lipsticks come in a squeeze tube and I usually apply them with the use of a lip brush. They are super pigmented, they don’t make your lips look dry and they do not apply patchy or uneven. The downside is that they can smudge of if you eat, they do not dry matte, they merely give the appearance of a matte lip. They are incredibly creamy and bring a real pop of colour too the lips.

Pick Two: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour 


Price: £8.99

Bought From: Superdrug or Boots 

Favourite Shades: Seduction (a classic nude shade,) Addiction (a deep berry shade.)

The Revlon HD Lip colours defiantly have to be one of my current favourites, they are so easily accessible and can be purchased from your local Boots or Superdrug. They are incredibly pigmented, they last for a long time, they don’t apply patchy. They feel very creamy and comfortable on the lips, yet still giving your lips that matte look that is so popular at present. These are defiantly one of my go to brands for liquid lipsticks and the colour Seduction is hands down my current favourite liquid lipstick.

Pick Three: Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks


Price: £16

Bought From: Marks and Spencer, Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic.

Favourite Shade: Dolce

The Stila all day liquid lipsticks certainly win the award for the lipsticks that dry matte without having that matte, crusty look that so many liquid lipsticks can have. This lipstick really has staying power, but you could quite easily get away with applying it without slathering your lips with lip balm beforehand. They are enriched with Vitamin E and Advocado Oil to give your lips moisture while you wear them. They certainly feel moisturising and when I remove the lip colour at the end of the day my lips do not feel dry or flaky. My favourite shade is Dolce which is a beautiful matte true brown shade, which is super in for this season. That whole brown 90s grunge lip is all anyone seems to be wearing at present.

Pick Four: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams


Price: £5.50

Bought From: Boots, ASOS or Feel Unique 

Favourite Shades: Copenhagen (dark berry plum shade,) Amsterdam (warm tone red shade,) Stockholm (nude toned pink shade) and London (brown toned nude shade.)

The NYX soft matte lip creams are great for anyone who wants to have a liquid lipstick with the feel of a lip gloss but with the look of a lipstick. There strong point is there pigmentation, the colour payoff is incredible and the variety of colours is amazing for the price point. This is definitely a brand where you can afford to have a serious collection under your belt, NYX is a US company which has recently been introduced to us Brits via Boots stores and online in Feel Unique and ASOS and by golly we are loving what we’re seeing! These lip creams apply beautifully, they glide over the lip delivering a solid stroke of colour they don’t apply patchy and they give a beautiful matte finish to the lips.

Pick Five: NYX Lingerie Lipsticks 


Price: £6.50

Bought From: Boots

Favourite Shades: Exotic (a warm pink tone nude) and Ruffle Trim (a warm brown toned nude.)

Now the NYX Lingerie Lipsticks have been said to be a dupe for the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits and I can defiantly see why in terms of how they apply and the fact that they too dry very matte. I have both these and Kylie Jenner Lip kits myself and personally I feel that these wear a little better and don’t actually dry out your lips as much. The colour range of the NYX Lingerie lipsticks are all mainly nude toned colours, its a range which is designed to give you the perfect nude lip depending on your skin tone. They apply very matte and last for an extremely long time, the pigmentation is very good too. These can cling to the lines of your lips and if you have any dry patches these lipsticks can highlight them. So I personally would be sure to exfoliate and moistures your lips before using these. But, the colours of these are very beautiful and they last throughout the day.

Pick Six: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks 


Price: £6.50

Bought From: Boots and ASOS

Favourite Shades: Cherry Skies (a deep cherry red shade) Vintage (a deep plum shade,) Cookies and Cream (a light pink shade) and Softspoken (a warm pink nude shade.)

These lipsticks are defiantly win the award for the most flawless finish, the lipsticks are a little thicker in formulation than some of the others and thus they almost airbrush the lips and fill in any fine lines or cracks. They almost act like a filler of sorts. This is the lipstick I would be most likely to use for a cookbook or a close up shot or even the a cheeky selfie. Because they apply so flawlessly, they have great stain power and the payoff is fantastic. They are very pigmented and that combined with the formulation and sued finish really gives your lips that wow factor.

Pick Seven: Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream


Price: £4.99

Bought From: Superdrug or Boots 

Favourite Shade: Bittersweet (a cool slightly plum toned vintage pink.)

Now, imagine if you were going out into terentical downpours (I mean with our British Summer thats probably more than likely.) Now you would want a lipstick that doesn’t smudge or budge. You want a lipstick that can withstand the elements, right? Well then I think the new Sleek Matte Me lipsticks are your answer because believe me they are not going anywhere! I swatched them when I was on a shopping trip to Superdrug and even with the use of a makeup wipe they do not come off. It was only when I got home and took a long shower did they actually come off. Now that is something I personally want if I’m going out for the evening and I don’t want to do touch ups the whole night. These are super quality, they last for a long period of time and they dry matte. Sleek have a wide range of colours to suit your skin tone and colour preferences. But, I would suggest that you apply some lip balm before use to ensure your lips stay moisturised. These are also the most affordable out of all the lipsticks I mentioned today and in my option have the best stain power. So for that reason the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks are my ultimate liquid lipstick pick.

So, that concludes my blog today guys, I really hope you all liked it and that its proved to be useful if you are looking to invest in some liquid lipsticks.

Be sure to comment below with your favourite liquid lipstick, I’d love to hear your comments. Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you all next time.

Fashioneyesta xx

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  1. I love the NYX ones they are so good.The Maybeliene 24 hour ones look really good I haven’t purchased any as yet. But I have switched them and you really have to scrub your hand to get it off lol. 😃

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