Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm Review

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Today I thought I’d write a little review of a product I’ve been trying over the past week or so, which is the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm.

So to first of all give you a brief summary of Nuxe, Nuxe are a French baed beauty brand who make products using natural ingredients, plant extracts mixed with scientific research to create beauty products. They have become very popular over here in the UK and can be bought in retailers such as Marks and Spencers, Space NK, Feel Unique and many more. Now I have been using Nuxe products for around a year now and I absolutely love their scented candles, body oil and shower oil. So, for my birthday I asked for the Reve de Miel lip balm to try and I thought I’d report back on my findings.


Now this lip balm is marketed as a moisturising lip balm for chapped or dry lips which also smooths out fine lines on the contours of your lips. Its also family friendly, meaning anyone can use it all genders of all ages. Its also been recommended that you put it underneath your lipstick as it helps to smooth out those fine lines and makes for an easy application. But, its also been recommended as an overnight balm. Its been dubbed a most loved favourite of Nuxe followers and is one of their bestselling lip balms.

The balm is made with Honey to moisturise and repair, Shea Butter to moisturise, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Grapefruit extract, Beeswax and also contains a sun protectant.

The texture of this product feels a lot like a balm, its quite solid to the touch. The first thing I noticed when I used this product was its delightful and holistic scent, you can really smell the honey and grapefruit in this product, giving it a very light and sweet scent which does linger after you apply it. However, its all natural, so it contains no mineral oils or harmful ingredients so all those good natural ingredients like the Honey and Shea Butter can really sink down into the Dermis of the skin (the deeper layer of skin that sits below the Epidermis which is the top layer.) So its not just sitting there doing nothing to your lips, like a lot of typical lip balms do it does actually have nutritional benefits for your lips.

When I applied it my lips didn’t feel sticky, greasy for uncomfortable. It felt as if it left a protective layer over my skin so that they felt soothed and nourished. Whats more, I certainly noticed that it did hydrate and moisturise my lips, especially as I am prone to getting chapped lips as of late with all the liquid lipsticks I’ve been applying. I can imagine this would be a great product to use during the Winter months when your lips are more prone to getting chapped because of the fact it felt a really lovely coating of product over the lips. I was also very impressed with the fact it contains a sun protection, as a lot of lip balms don’t and its extremely important to protect your lips against UVA rays as your lips are one of the first notable signs of ageing next to the skin around your eyes (probably because both the lips and the under eye areas have more delicate layers of skin.)

The other thing I noticed about this lip balm is that the product does stay put for a substantial amount of time. Even when I ate or drank, I could still feel the product was there working its magic. Over the last few days my lips have felt a lot smoother, softer and generally more healthier.

But, I did notice a visible different in them as well, when I applied this product I noticed that my lips looked a lot fuller and that the fine lines had evened out after application. The colour of my lips had also changed, taking on a more healthier flush of colour. In feral my lips looked, fuller and healthier. When I applied my liquid lipsticks, I was also delighted to find that not only did the product moisturise my lips so that they applied more evenly and quicker. But, that the lip balm didn’t make my lip liner smudge or fade. The texture is not to moist or sticky, yeah the formulation means that it sinks into your skin leaving a slight protective barrier that locks moisture in.

All in all, I was incredibly impressed with this product and I am extremely happy with the results. I’ve tired lots of different lip balms and this one has to be the best hands down, so I would certainly buy this again.

Now onto the final scoring

Accessibility 4/5

Fairly easy to open, the colour contrast and sizing of the text is ok. However, the brand could benefit by incorporating a QR code for visually impaired people to scan to find out more information on the product. But, the product is pretty distinctive on its own with this honey, grapefruit scent.

Ease of Application: 4/5

Easy to apply, it applies evenly and smoothy. However it is in a tub which you have to apply with your finger, which some may not like.

Value For Money 5/5

At £9.50 I would say this product is very good value for money, the quality of this is absolutely incredible and you only need a very small amount and it lasts for a long time on the lips.

Overall Quality: 5/5

This is a miracle lip product and one that I would recommend to everyone to try. Its nourishing, its all natural and it really does leave your lips looking and feeling healthier. It does everything it claims to do.

So there you have it, I really hope you enjoyed this little review today. You can purchase this product from M&S, Feelunique and SpaceNK for £9.50.

Do let me know if you have tired this product and what you think of it and I will see you all txt time.

Fashioneyesta xx

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