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I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, today I wanted to share with you all a blog post on an event I went to this week. Not On The High Street is an online websites which stock a wide range of personalised, unique and handmade items from food, stationary, clothing, jewellery, children items and much more. Its an absolute Aladdin’s Cave for anyone who loves unique pieces and I usually find myself on there looking for my stationary and jewellery items. But, the other time I usually find myself on their website is during Christmas.

Now I know some of you may be reading this and saying ‘whoa! whoa! slow down Fashioneyesta! Its far too early to be thinking about Christmas.’ But, apparently not! Especially not when it comes to retail and the world of business. Because, early this week Not On The High Street invited me to their Christmas in July Press Launch to see what they’ve got in store for Christmas this year. And let me tell you, its gonna be a good one this year!

So today I thought I’d talk about the event and what pieces Not On The High Street Showcased.


Stationary and Other Knick Knacks 

So to start off with, stationary. Stationary is always a huge element of Christmas and especially when it can be personalised. Not On The High Street offer  wide range of things from notebooks, pens,  desk ornaments, prints and candles which can be personalised to give a gift that personal touch.

One of my personal favourite elements of the stationary selection was a notebook which you could personalise with a chosen name and would read lets say the name is…I don’t know…Emily. It would say ‘Emily this is your year’ and ironically enough that is exactly what the notebook on display said!

A lot of the notebooks and stationary could be personalised with a person’s name or initials, which I thought was a lovely personal touch. As one can never go wrong with a notebook to jot down to do list or to write ideas in for everyday life and thus I think its great that there will be such a wide variety on offer.


Another thing I loved was all of the stylish copper ornaments and plant holders that were on display. The theme of this years stationary was a sophisticated mix of personalised notebooks, copper hardware along with a slightly rustic edge with the wooden plant holders and personalised prints.





Now I have to say when it came to the time to take snapshots of the food, my mouth was utterly watering with the amount of enticing treats that were on offer. From chocolate, cakes, biscuits and so on.

The theme of the food this year seemed to be adding that touch of cuteness and a gimmicky touch to classic Yuletide treats.

Of course there are the usual things that notonthehighstreet are famous for like their handmade macaroons, cakes and wine.

One thing I noticed was a selection of chocolates that were made to look like Brussle Sprouts with a gift tag reading ‘eat your greens.’ I thought this was a really charming idea and would be great for those of you who want to incorporate sprouts into your Christmas celebrations without actually having to eat them.








For Her 

Now moving onto what is in store for the ladies, I have to say I was very impressed with a lot of the things in the ‘For Her’ section.

The beauty section hosts a wide range of beauty items from body scrubs, body oils, soaps in the shape of a snowflake and one thing was attracted my attention which was a Prosecco and Strawberry scented lip balm for £14.95 which would be perfect for the festive season.



Another thing which I thought was a really cool idea was a jar of bath bombs which are designed to look like Chill Pills for £10. I think this would make a great gift for anyone who has a proclivity towards joke presents.


Another thing that I want to mention was that Not On The High Street will have a rather lovely selection of Festive Jumpers this year. One of which which I can safely say I’ll be putting an order in for this year is a bright red jumper with the words ‘Procec ho ho ho’written in gold lettering. This Jumper would also work well for the New Year Period too as Prosecco can be drunk throughout all of the month of December!


Now moving onto jewellery, I have to say Not On The High Street are sure to have something to suit every jewellery lover. Whether you are (like me) a lover of all things bohemian, or perhaps you like something a bit more statement and high fashion, or those who like to keep it understated. Whatever metal, style and cut you like there would have been something there for you.

Having said that I absolutely feel in love with a few of the pieces from the Bohemian edit which were in rose gold. One thing I fell in love with was the Oriana Sunrise stacked necklace in rose gold featuring a sun, a dream catcher and a feather. This piece is from a designer called Essentia by Love Lilly Rose.


Not On The High Street also offer a selection of jewellery that you could personalise from rings, bangles and necklaces. You could personalise them with adding engravings and charms. I always think that personalised jewellery is a lovely gift to give during any celebration as it enables someone to have something to remember that particular time by.


Home Decor

Now, moving onto the home decor section, stepping into the rooms with festoons of glowing fairy lights, personalised ball balls, handmade stockings and the set table with its mixture of monochrome chinaware and light green candle holders was like stepping into another reality. Even though I absolutely love the Summer months, this Christmas in July event transported me back to my childhood and its mixture of traditional christmas fare like the decorated mantelpiece with stockings and garlands and a touch of modern such as the use of monochrome for a more sophisticated look.

I was also utterly entranced with the selection of handmade door wreaths which were on offer. There were of course the transitional ones you would expect to see which as ones made with faux pine and berries in a frosty effect, some with rich red winter berries, some with white pearly beads and some festooned with pinecones and stars. Some, however were more contemporary such as ones made entirely out of wood in the shape of a holly wreath and another made with brightly coloured blooms and ornaments. One of my personal favourites was a wooden wreath made in the shape of a white ball ball which could be personalised to read the family name and the name of the house.


Another thing I wanted to talk about was that Not On The High Street will also be having a range of decorations this year which can be personalised with names and messages. One particular favourite of mine was a little snow globe decoration, inside is a little sign post which you can add words like ‘Mum’ ‘Dad’ or any other name you like. I thought this was so adorable and personally I think that decorations which you can personalise really do add to a Christmas tree.






So, that concludes this blog for today everyone, I really hope you liked it.

I shall leave you with this adorable picture of my Guide Dog Unity sitting down next to the Not On The High Street Christmas Tree.

Thank you so much all for reading and I will see you all next time.

Fashioneyesta xx

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