Crimson & Clover: Vintage Wares and Arty Flares

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I cannot believe how the Weather has turned from overcast skies and drizzly mornings to glorious sunshine and the prospect that I shall be able to adorn my sun dresses at last!

Today I wanted to share a little blog in the fashion of the ones I used to do when I first started my blog four years ago. As my beloved blog draws closer to its 4th birthday, I find myself reflecting over the blogs I wrote when I first began. I missed just writing down my day to day discoveries and my thoughts. I wanted to bring back a little of my blogs original essence now that I’ve been writing it for such a time.

Sunday was spent with my mother shopping, going for a truly delicious afternoon tea and then afterward we perused our local area of Hither Green. Hither Green is a quiet area situated close to Blackheath in South East London. Its become upmarket over the last few years with a number of shops and boutiques opening in and around the area. One that I discovered on my travels today is truly delightful slice of retail heaven by the name of Crimson & Clover.  Crimson & Clover is a very endearing shop run by very lovely lady by the name of Donna, who specialised in textiles and art. The shop sells an array of things from vintage clothing, accessories and homeware, organic beauty products and candles and handmade art and unique cards. You can truly tell that the owner comes from an artistic background with the way the shop is displayed with such panache and a creative flare. I would describe it as an Aladdin’s Cave mixed in with the vibe you would get if you were to visit the thriving vintage markets of Portobello Road or Spitalfields.


One of the main allures of the shop was of course the Vintage clothes, scarves and accessories. From 5os silk scarves in beautiful patterns, embellished vintage evening bags, 60s shift dresses, 50s shirt dresses, adorable floral print 40s boleros and all manner of brooches, necklaces and earrings. There is such a wide range of Vintage clothing at different price points from £10-£80.


On the far left wall birthday cards in the most adorable designs line the wall from cartoon depictions of mythical creatures and story time characters to more decedent designs featuring pugs, flowers and other such themes.


What I also loved about this little shop was that alongside the clothes, scarves, bags and other wares which come from another time in history it also stocked new items. Handmade items such as Vegan, organic soaps and Soy Wax candles by a company called Willow and Honey.


The outside of this little shop is decorated with Vintage garden paraphernalia and pot plants which gives the place that old 1940s ‘Dig for Victory’ feel.


The shop is a real little treasure trove, a place where old meets new in a creative, eclectic and accessible way. Its a shop that dispels that old stigma surrounding vintage apparel having a mothball scent and being crammed into rales, making it impossible to find anything. The shop is well laid out in a decorative way which is also inspiring to the eye and makes it easy to consider how you would wear a garment bought from the shop.

Everything has a place and everything is in that place, 50s floral print shirt dresses and little 40’s blouses are hung like works of art on the walls. Beaded headbands and tiaras in Deco and Neavou styles in colours of red, blue, cream and green are arranged on a crystal coloured cake stand. Clothes rales are hung with silk shirt dresses, floral print 50s circle skirts and 40s silk blouses. Vintage cameras are displayed on a table and the walks are hung with handmade wreaths.

Its a truly charming addition to Hither Green and if any of you are passing by I would defiantly recommend you pay it a visit.




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