Lush Oxford Street Spa The Spell Treatment: Review

Greetings Readers!

Who would ever think that in the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street London, one of the busiest shopping spots in great Britain a place that is practically buzzing with activity, that a such a delightful conner of heaven and tranquility could be found.

Yesterday I traveled to London to make a visit to Lush Oxford Street to indulge in a spot of retail therapy and…a spa treatment! Last year for my 21st birthday my mother bought me a voucher to have the Lush Spell treatment. However, with all my studies and other commitments I hadn’t yet had a chance to visit Lush to have this treatment. But, finally I booked it and yesterday I indulged in a truly amazing experience and I’m here to tell you all about it.



Now it may come as a surprise to some of you that Lush actually offer a whole range of spa treatments all tailored to create a truly memorable experience and are unique from the ordinary spa treatments you may have had. Lush have a number of Spas up and down the country  Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, London Chelsea, Bath, Kingston, Poole and of course London Oxford Street (which is the one I went to yesterday.) The treatments that Lush offer vary in price and experience, but one thing that have in common is that they are all very special and are made at helping you get into a better and more positive frame of mind. Lush treatments combine a mixture of their own made organic products, a comfortable and cosy cottage like atmosphere, the use of natural essential oils and their own specially created soundtracks for each individual treatment to give you a wonderfully transformative sensory experience.

Let me begin by just telling you a bit about Lush Oxford Street, Lush Oxford Street is one of Lush’s largest flagship stores comprising of three floors and offers a range of exclusive products you can’t buy anywhere else. You can see some of them in a haul video I did when I visited last year below (I will also be doing another haul as I did buy myself some goodies on my Lush pilgrimage.) On the lower ground floor is where you can find amongst the perfumes and other items, the Lush Spa.

Now at first when I saw this I was amazed, after all a store so busy as Lush Oxford Street with its happy chatty staff, Instagramers holding their phones over a foaming bath bomb, face mask and hair stand and the general hubbub of the shop would surely be the most unlikely place to have a spa?


But, no in fact when I went into the Spa area of the store it was as if the noises died away, for instantly I was taken into a place of comfort, full of natural remedies and where your worries just seemed to fizz away like a bath bomb would in the bath. Now the idea behind the Lush Spas is that they have been designed in a way that gives the place the aesthetic of a cosy english cottage with wooden walls and floors, tables and chairs, padded green comfy armchairs, fresh flowers, shelves lines with all manner of lotions and potions, a blackboard where words are written to give you inspiration for what you want to take away from your treatment. The whole place seems to envelop you in a warm hug as you walk in, into the setting of a warm, english cottage kitchen.


The treatment that I had was called The Spell and the spell has been designed to help people overcome their worries, clear the mind and renew the self by the power of massage and reflexology. So, this treatment is hugely about the feet, pressure points and receiving stress and tension through various points in the body including the head and the stomach. The treatment lasts for 60 minutes and comprises of three phases, using a number of foot products a lot of which you can purchase from Lush itself.  The treatment is there to help people who have reached a point in their life where they feel that they can’t move forward or as if they are stuck with the worries they carry. It may be a small worry, it could be a larger one, but its about reliving that tension and thus helping you free up all that emotional baggage you have been carrying around with you. The notion that some believe is that if you are having issues with your feet it is a physical symptom of having a worry and the need to let go of their worry. The feet is a key place where a reflexologist can determine whats ailing you and The Spell Treatment uses the key pressure points of your feet to help clean the mind and the self.

Its a treatment about allowing you to move forward with your life and your future.

This treatment is very theatrical and one that is for those of you who like a more inspirational Spa journey. It comprises elements of alchemy, nature and a little conjuring trick here and there to create the experience.

Now, when you have your treatment you will be met your therapist who will be looking after you for your session. My therapist was a lovely lady called Sonia who made a massive fuss over my little guide dog. I was then taken into the Lush Spa, where I discovered this beautiful space inspired by an english cottage kitchen. I was given a drink of water infused with Cucumber and Mint to clear the palette and the digestive system. Lush, being a company that are ethical, fair trade, vegan friendly and inspired by nature ensure that your treatment is more than just taking care of your exterior, they also want to take care of your entire self both mentally and physically. She very clearly explained every single aspect of the treatment, what I should expect, the products she was going to use and the ingredients in them. It was very comprehensive and I even learned a thing or two about ingredients and their uses. She then asked me to fill in a form to declare any medical information (but if you have difficulties writing you could always ask them for assistance.) The treatment begins with a little element of ‘magic’ I was asked to write a worry using a quill and ink onto a peace of parchment. Then after I had done so this worry was placed into an iron tea pot and a match was put to it, it disappears in a puff of smoke. Symbolising that the treatment would help me overcome this worry.



After that it was time to enter the treatment room and the journey truly begins.


The treatment room itself is incredibly relaxing, with a similar decor to the rest of the spa giving it that classic english cottage feel with wood panelled cupboards, gingham blankets on chairs, wooden tables and dainty cups and saucers. The rooms are also sound proofed to enable you to unwind and relax and listen to the music. When you enter this room you are invited to remove your shoes, socks, and outside layers and jewellery. My guide dog was given a towel to lay on and she slept for the entirety of the treatment.

The therapist will begin by inviting you to sit on a chair with a padded cushion whilst they begin the first stage of the treatment which is about getting you centres and grounded. The first thing they do is to play the Spell Soundtrack. Now the soundtrack I actually to have as you can purchase the spa soundtracks from Lush and I strongly suggest you do if you like calming music with elements of folk to them. The soundtrack was created by composer Simon Emmenson who creates a lot of Lush’s spa music. The soundtrack is a blend of ambient sounds like woodland animals, sea, wind and storms, vocals and folk music. Its a very beautiful collection of songs which is a combination of english cost, a pastoral landscape that pertains a certain haunting quality about it. Its incredible to listen to and its one of the most transformative soundtracks you will listen to. Its all about going on a journey, about moving forward and of letting go.


The treatment begins with a relaxing, warm foot soak using a Spa Exclusive Volcano Ballistic made with Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities and pumice to soften the feet. This is dropped into the foot bath and as its fizzing away the therapist will scrub your feet using the Rub Rub Rub scrub made with Sea Salt, Mimosa, Orange and Orange Flower using massaging techniques to soften the skin and remove any impurities. After this you will then be invited to recline on a bad, with your feet and knees propped up, a towel laid over you as the next stage of the treatment begins. A warm stone is placed on the top part of your abdomen to help yo feel secure and to release any tension. After that the Volcano Foot Scrub is placed over your feet to act as a mask. The treatment is hugely based around this product. Made with Pumice, Papaya, Fresh Tomatoes, Potatoes, Lemon Oil and Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities and renew the feet. The treatment is left on whist the therapist begins to massage your scape (done worry no oils are used during this part.) After that the Lush Dream Balm (another spa exclusive) is applied to some hot stones which is then wafted around your noise. This is to be deeply inhaled as it is made with Lavender and Chamomile to help you relax and unwind.

Then the foot mask is removed with a damp, warm towel and dried. The therapist will then begin to massage the feet and apply pressure to the pressure points to release tension whilst using the Pink Peppermint Foot Cream made with a cooling and soothing blend of Peppermint, Arnica and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter. Whist this is happening I may add that you may drift off at some point, believe me! I did at one stage as I was lulled by the soothing music, the warmth of the room and the fact that I was having such an incredibly relaxing foot treatment. Sonia was incredibly friendly and was willing to talk if I asked questions, however there were times where I did want to remain quiet and it was so lovely to have a therapist who respected that. After you’re feet have been massaged from the soul, sides and ankles a foot powder is then applied. The therapist will then apply the T for Toes foot powder made with a clarifying blend of Tea Tree Oil, Kaoilin Clay and Lime to help cool the feet and draw out impurities.

To finish the therapist will prepare a hot drink using Mint Leaves to cool and refresh, Lemon to help you digestive system and Lemongrass to renew. You are invited to relax wit this drink and allow the treatment to work its magic. Once you are ready you will then be invited to adorn your shoes and rejoin the world with a better mind frame and if nothing else, feet that feel as if they are walking on air.

They also give you a little card with an uplifting message reminding you to keep advancing forward and to remain in a positive mainframe.

To tell you the truth the Lush Spa was so homely and relaxing I felt as if I could stay there for the entire day! I really didn’t want to leave and join the throng of Oxford Street, one thing I will recommend is that if you do have your treatment in one of the London stores do invest in a taxi back home or to the station so you can continue to relax as much as possible.

You are encouraged to drink water for the rest of the day and to take some time out for yourself. I can tell you know last night I had the best sleep I have had in a long time and this morning I have woken up feeling so much more relaxed. I don’t have any tension in my muscles and I feel energised and ready to work.

All in all I thought the treatment itself was an incredible experience and one that i hugely enjoyed. The Lush Spa is a wonderful place to visit and have a treatment, its holy, its relaxing, its inviting and it has that element of personality to it that a lot of spas wouldn’t necessarily have.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this treatment to anyone who feels that they need to have some time to themselves and forget their worries. Maybe you know someone who has been feeing stressed lately or even you may know someone who does a lot of walking or physical activity this treatment is perfect to enable you to move forward, relax and take some much needed time for yourself.

Everything about the treatment is enchanting and truly transformative, the music, the setting, the atmosphere, the products, the staff themselves and this all combined really does make for a truly unique spa experience.

Now, onto the final scoring…

Accessibility: 5/5 

Lush Oxford Street is very accessible as a store, its easy to find whether traveling by car or public transport or on foot (even just by following your nose.) The store itself is level with the pavement, all three floors are accessible by stairs or a lift. The lighting is not to harsh and the staff are all incredibly friendly and welcoming. Whats more as a rule Lush allow dogs of any into the Oxford Street store, but they’re of course very welcoming to guide dogs! The staff both in the store and the spa made my experience pleasant and easy. They gave me as much information as I needed, explained everything clearly and were always happy to help. They offered to look after my guide dog whilst I had the treatment, but equally were very happy for my dog to remain with me during the time.

Hospitality: 5/5

The Lush Spa was incredibly welcoming and the environment was warm and inviting. Everything about it just seem to emanate positivity and happiness. The therapists were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all this treatment was wonderful, it isn’t just about aesthetics its about helping you move forward mentally and aiding you physically in yourself and your own wellbeing. Its a unique experience and one that I’ll never forget. I’m even considering having a different treatment just so I can go back again!

Would I Recommend This? Absolutely!

The treatment is £70 and lasts for 60 minutes including 15 minutes consultation time. To book the treatment you must contact the store you wish to visit directly, you can also buy the treatments as a gift for someone either online or in any Lush store.

If you want to find out more about this Spa Treatment click here.

If you want to find out more about any of Lush’s other Spa Treatments click here.

If you want to find out about The Spell Soundtrack click here.

So, that concludes this blog for today, I hope you liked it. Do be sure to let me know if you’ve had a Lush Spa treatment and what you thought of it or if you’re thinking about having one, which one you would like to have.

Massive thanks to all the Lush staff at Oxford Street, in particular my therapist Sonia and staff members Hannah and Wonie for your help on the day.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all again soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

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