August Favourites 2016

Greetings Readers!

I hope all is well with you, I cannot believe this heat wave we’ve been having for the last few days in London its been stifling! To be brutally honest I do love Summer, but I prefer the Spring and Autumn for the mild air and the cool nights! So I will be pleased to welcome Autumn back into my life soon.

Anyhow today I am still on the subject of Summer as I am going to be sharing my August Favourites with you all!

However, just a bit of admin before I do well a few announcements actually, the first is to let you know that on Friday the 16th of August I am going to be sharing a very exciting interview with Kelly Knox over on the podcast channel Fashionability that I co run with Laura Legendary, so do keep your ears peeled for that. The second was to let you know that today I have been featured on the Daily Mail Online in an article about my blog, love of fashion and YouTube channel. Which is incredibly exciting, I feel like at this point in my life everything is starting to accelerate and take new heights and I could not have done any of this without you, my amazing followers. So thank you all for your continued support!

Click here to view the article.

So now onto the favourites…

Watch The Video Below

Also do be sure to subscribe to my channel as I’m 35 subscribers away from reaching 2k! I would love to reach this milestone as it would be an incredible achievement for me.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and I’ll see you all again soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel

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