London Fashion Weekend Autumn/Winter 2016

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to, todays blog is going to be a fashion related one as I feel as if I’ve strayed away from the fashion territory over the past few weeks and its about time I returned to it.

On Sunday I and my friend Bianca Von Stemple visited The Sachi Gallery in London for London Fashion Weekend Autumn/Winter 2016. London Fashion Weekend is the baby sister to Fashion Week and its gives people from the general public a chance to see whats in fashion and on trend for the upcoming season. I go to the event regularly, I went in Febuary this year and I also went last year. For me, I enjoy going not only to report on trends for the season, but also because the staff at London Fashion Weekend are fantastic around accommodating me and my guide dog and endeavour to make my experience as accessible as possible.

So, today I’m going to be talking about some of the key trends we can expect to see for Autumn/Winter 2016 and my style tips.


Key Trends 


The first key trend of the season is velvet, velvet this year had made a huge comeback in a big way. Earlier this year we saw a massive emphasis on the Victoriana trend with high collared shirts, ruffles and embroidery. So, this trend is a great way to combine elements of your wardrobe you may have from earlier this year for Autumn/Winter. On the catwalk we saw a lot of velvets in really rich jewel shades of blue, burgundy, green and black as well as the sophisticated black velvet two piece suits and little dresses. Velvet was being combined with little white high collar blouses in a very elegant Victorian style and lace shirts to give it that elegant feel. Even if you don’t want to go all out velvet you could add elements of the velvet trend  like a velvet clutch bag, a velvet jacket or a velvet skirt and incorporate a ruffled shirt or some flat velvet loafers to give it a more relaxed look. But personally this Autumn/Winter I would recommend investing in a key velvet piece like a velvet jacket to update your wardrobe for the season.






The second key trend for Autumn/Winter is lace, lace as a trend seems to come back every season but in a new way whether that be through the cut, the style or the colour. This year the emphasis on lace runs along a key key themes the first is that we are seeing a lot of lace in really string shades of mustard, blue, red and green this season lace is being worn with Autumn in mind in striking beautiful bold colours. Victoriana was huge last season and the lace trend is a great way of being able to carry it through for the season. Lace this season is all about the use of patterns and boldness, forget the demure little lace tips this season this season lace is being worn to attract attention. We are seeing lace being worn with tassels and in bold patterns like paisley and even stripes. We can also expect to see some full length lace dresses this season with ruffle detailing and in fitted cuts that draw attention to the waistline. Lace is a trend that you could adorn for either day or night, although I’m sure we can expect to see a lot of lace dresses for evening wear lace can also be worn in the form of a high necked blouse or a full circle skirt in a bold colour like mustard or green. Lace is back this year but this isn’t a trend thats playing it safe, its all about having fun this year and having a striking look with lace for Autumn/Winter 2016. Lace is back, but there nothing cute about it this time.


Winter Florals 

The final trend for the season is florals, now don’t roll your eyes and say something like ‘but florals is in every season.’ Of course florals is always a huge pattern for every season, but its constantly being updated to suit the new season. For this season a huge aspect of the floral trend is embroidery, the floral pattern is being designed in an embroidered almost tapestry like design with a big emphasis on floral print blouses and skirts in the design and long full length evening dresses in embroidered and embellished floral prints. Florals is certainly back again this year, but this season its more tangible and and perceptible to the touch as well as the sight. Florals is being worn in a big way in the forms of evening dresses in beautiful striking colours and embellishments, little white floral print blouses, floral cape coats and fitted floral skirts. This season when thinking about florals and how to wear them this season its all about the embroidery and the attention to detail. You could go with a little embroidered floral print blouse, an embellished floral clutch bag for a night out or if you’re feeling brave an embellished floral print dress for the party season.


So those are the key trends for this season, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Do comment below with your favourite trend and what you’ll be wearing for Autumn/Winter 2o16.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

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