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Welcome back to, I hope you are all prospering and enjoying the start of Autumn. Today I am going to be sharing a post that I have been greatly looking forward to sharing with you since July. In July I was very kindly invited by the Paperchase PR team to attend their Autumn/Winter bloggers event. However, I have not been able to share this with you until the month of October, but now as Paperchase are set to release their Autumn/Winter ranges in store and online I am now at liberty to talk about the event and what we can expect to see over the next few months.

I have to say I’ve attended my first few bloggers events this year which has been extremely exciting, I love attending bloggers events and have thoroughly enjoyed getting a backstage glance into whats its store for the next few months.

So, in todays blog I will be talking about the event, some of the key themes in Paperchase for Autumn/Winter and whats in store for Christmas 2016.



One of the first ranges that Paperchase have released is called the Arcatia range which is aimed at the sophisocats out there who want a touch of elegance to their stationary and homeware. The range is designed in stylish colours of a satin purple, black, gold and grey and features a design of a Siamese cat and purple blooms in muted shades of purple. The range has a wide variety of things to offer from notepads, pens, phone cases, gift bags and wrapping, stationary and mugs.

This range brings a stylish colours and a classic design in tandem with an appealing cat design. This particular range would be perfect for any cat lovers out there or those who have a fondness for stylish stationary with gold detailing and muted shades.



Woodland Tails

Another range that Paperchase has released is called the Woodland Tails trend and is perfect for anyone who loves anything whimsical, woodland and Autumnal. This range features a design of woodland animals in a sketched design such as a rabbit, a fox, a bear, a hedgehog, a squirrel an owl and a deer. The range is designed in colours of white, burnt orange, purple, light green, yellow and pink. Theres a wide range of things on offer in this range such as stationary, accessories, homeware, decor and more. More fairy lights to bags, folders and files, pencil cases, diaries and more. I absolutely adore this range and love its whimsical touch along with its mix of soft colours and variety of products.

This range would be perfect for anyone who loves wildlife or who wants stationary and homeware to compliment pastel coloured or light coloured room decor.



Gothic Garden 

Gothic Garden is a range that has been released for Autumn 2016 and it incorporates a touch of sophistication with strong outlines, with copper tones and gothic prints. This trend nods to the massive homeware trend for copper which has been so prevalent for 2016 in homeware in particular. This trends key themes are copper, strong outlines and shapes like prisms and cubes, metallic tones, and floral patterns in moody shades of black, purple, blue and pink. This range has a range of products from homeware like copper ornaments and plant holders, stationary such as notebooks and pens, photo frames, fairy lights, gift wrapping and more. This range is perfect for anyone with a love of copper or who has a particular fondness for gothic touches like dark colours and autumn floral patterns.


Christmas A Twist of Exotic 

Now moving onto Christmas, aside from some of the prevalent trends this year such as whimsical ornaments with an animal theme, colours of red, gold and green and Christmas with a touch of childhood memories another trend that Paperchase is doing in a big way is an exotic twist.

This year a key trend we can expect to see from Paperchase is all themed around the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. This trend uses a mixture of bright colours of blue, green, red, teal, purple and orange along with Mexican flares such as little cactuses, ball ball with day of the dead artwork and skull decorations in the Mexican style of this particular holiday. I really love this trend because it brings a different culture into the festivities in a fun, bright and creative way. In a way this trend kind of reminds me of that scene in Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman where the Snowman adorns a pineapple on his nose as opposed to the traditional carrot.

In a way this trend is taking the same approach as the Snowman does by taking Christmas and adding an exotic twist into the festivities. For this Christmas decor trend the key themes that Paperchase are using are bright colours, exotic fruits, embellishment, pineapples and cactuses. I absolutely love this trend and I adore the decadence of it and the use of bright colours and a variety of different outlines and designs. I think its a really fun trend and a trend which will be very popular this Christmas.





A Hippie Holiday

Now I was utterly gushing over this particular Christmas decor trend that Papercahse were showcasing and its Christmas but with an element of boho and hippie vibes. Now, being that I am an utter hippie with a love for anything ethnic and linked to the boho life I fell in love with this trend. As Paperchase have created a range of dreamcatcher Christmas decorations! This trend is perfect for anyone with a love of boho and who want to incorporate it into their home. But, equally these dreamcatchers could be displayed throughout the Winter months. With this trend there are a wide variety of dreamcatchers to choose from, from the bright and colourful with tassel detailing, to the timeless and classic white ones with grey and white tassel and feather detailing. So, there would be one to suit everyones home, no matter what colour scheme you are going for this Christmas.



The Whimsical 

Paper chase have also got a lot on offer for anyone with a love of anything whimsical or related to woodland animals. This Christmas a key trend for Papercahse is woodland animals like deers, fawns, bears and foxes. This can be found in things from gold and copper snow globes, little deer ornaments for the home in both a classic copper and blue colour scheme or wide eyed little Vintage themed fawns in colours of pastel blue and pink. There were also a lot of tree ornaments featuring woodland animals such as foxes and bears which were designed to appear like the heads of foxes and bears in cute cartoon styles. Whether you are looking for something with which is a little more sophisticated and classic or something with a touch of whimsical cuteness theres something for everyone with this whimsical trend. This year Papercahse are increasing woodland animal into their Christmas decor collection in a big and diverse way.




A Touch of Festive Fun

Now of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t an element of it which was all about the bright colour, cute little gimmicky objects which have no practical use whatsoever and decorations which are bring out the fun factor. Another huge element of the Paperchase Autumn/Winter bloggers event was about just that. The trend features a wide variety of gifts, stationary, homeware and gift wrapping using bright colours of red, green, white and gold in classic Christmas designs like gingerbread men, brussel sprouts with little faces on them, dogs with little antlers on them, snowmen, penguins, christmas trees, reindeers and a whole lot more! This trend is perfect for the younger members of the family or perhaps and adult who is still a child at heart. This trend is all about bright colours and bringing fun into the traditional elements of Christmas.



White and Metallics 

Another prevalent colour scheme that could be found at Paperchase for this year is metallic and white. A huge element of the showcase was all about the use of copers, silvers, gold, copper, glitter and white to create a stylish and tranquil Winter Wonderland. This trend I feel would be complimentary to a lot of colour schemes and could be incorporated into the home in many ways. This trend can be found in ornaments, homeware, crockery, tree decorations, fairy lights and gift wrapping like these cute little mason jars with gold lids and copper and white name tags. This trend is for those who have a love for coppers and a touch of style for the festive season. Copper is utterly huge for Christmas 2016 and can be incorporated into your Christmas in many ways. But I think Papercahse have done a splendid job and have created some beautiful pieces which really do salute the trend nicely.



Quintessentially British Christmas

Now this trend is perfect for anyone who loves anything iconically British and that represents London town. This trend features a wide range of products from crackers, gift wrapping, stationary, phone cases and more in colours of red, white and green which depict elements of London such as a London decker bus, a bright red post box, Queen’s guards, the classic London post box and of course big ben. This trend is designed in a fun and cheerful cartoon style and would be perfect for anyone wit ha love of anything British.


So, that concludes this blog post for today I really hope you liked it and that you have bee inspired to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas perhaps or about how you could spice up your decor for this year. I was certainly inspired by this bloggers event and cannot wait to get my hands on some of those dreamcatchers and Woodland Tails stationary. I think that the year Paperchase really do have something for everyone and to suit everyone’s taste.


Do let me know what trend is your favourite too, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already and I’ll see you all again soon!

Fashioneyesta xx

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