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Today I am going to be doing a review on a new company that has recently come to my attention called Fresh Naturals.

Fresh Naturals is an organic, cruelty free beauty company that make handmade beauty products right here in the UK from bath bombs, soaps, skincare, body care and more. They make products that are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, that contain natural ingredients, Fragrance Free, SLS and Paraben Free, Palm Oil Free and that are suitable for different skin types and needs. So, this is a brand that does offer something for everyone and that care about what they sell to their customers. They are all made by hand with fresh ingredients that are beneficial for the body and mind.

Earlier last month Fresh Naturals got in touch and very kindly offered to send me some products in exchange for me talking about the company on my blog and writing an honest review on what I thought of the products.

I absolutely love reviewing beauty products and strive to showcase brands on my blog that are ethical, natural and cruelty free. So, I was incredibly pleased to get on board and try out some of the Fresh Naturals products. So in this review I am going to be giving you my thoughts on the products I was sent and at the end I will also be sharing with you an exclusive discount code for my followers to use on the Fresh Naturals website. But you have to wait till the end, no peeping!

Anyhow lets commence with the review, shall we?


Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by Fresh Naturals, I was very kindly sent some products to review and was also given an exclusive discount code to shred with my followers.

When I first opened the box upon arrival I was instantly entreated to an amazing fresh aroma of beautiful smelling ingredients like citrus fruits, ginger and floral undertones. The products all really do smell incredibly natural and holistic and as if they really are soothing the mind and the senses. I believe that you can always tell the quality of a product and how natural it is by the scent. These products all smelt very natural and fresh, you got the sharp notes of the ginger, the tang of lemon and the softness of the Ylang Ylang. The products strongly fragrance your space with a beautiful aroma, yet it doesn’t smell at all synthetic or overpowering because they are made from organic natural ingredients.


Now I was sent in my package a selection of soaps,  bath salts and soaks, a bath bomb and some body products. Although on the Fresh Naturals website they offer a very wide variety of products as well as a variety of skincare and face masks (which I must say I am very keen to try next.) So, if any of you care to take a look at their website after reading this review there are lots more products on offer in different fragrances, with different ingredients and for different purposes.


To begin with, I am first going to discuss my thoughts on the soaps I was sent, I was sent 3 different soaps to try, all made with different ingredients.


The first soap I tried was the Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit Handmade Soap, one of the first things I noticed about this soap was the fragrance. This soap has a beautiful, sharp, zesty fragrance which makes me think of a delicious Summer cocktail with the notes of the sharp Lime and Lemon mixed with the fruity undertones of Grapefruit. It’s a very awakening scent, so perfect to use if you need a little boost in the mornings and lets face it on these cold Autumn mornings I think we all do.

This soap also foamed up incredibly easily, even though it did not contain any SLS which is a foaming agent used in some soaps. I personally found it really quick and easy to use and it created a generous lather on the skin, making it great to use for shaving too.

The other thing I loved about this soap was how hydrating it felt on the skin, it felt my skin feeling really smooth, soft and replenished but still clean. The fragrance of the soap lingered on the skin for some time after using it.

This soap is Vegetarian friendly, free from Paraben and SLS and Palm Oil free.

The soap retails at £1.75 click here to view.


The second soap I tried was called Seascape Handmade Natural Soap made with finely ground Sea Kelp and fragranced with uplifting notes of Black Pepper and Grapefruit. Sea Kelp has many befits for body both inside and out. Among them, Sea Kelp helps to improve the skins natural elasticity and softens the skin keeping it looking younger and healthier. Whilst the Grapefruit and Black Pepper gives it an uplifting fragrance. Its also enriched with Cocoa Butter to soften and condition the skin.

What I did notice about this soap, apart from its beautiful fresh fragrance was how it left my skin feeling so soft and healthy. The soap foamed up very quickly and easily upon using it. This soap softened my skin and left it feeling soothed and replenished, I notice with certain soaps my skin is left feeling tight however I didn’t experience any such symptoms with this. I would say this is a great soap for anyone who has sensitive or dry skin because its incredibly hydrating and soothing.

This soap is completely natural, SLS and Paraben free, suitable for Vegans and Organic.

This soap retails for £2.25 click here to view.


The final soap I tested was the Summer Fruits Handmade Soap made with uplifting notes of Lime, Johoba Seed Oil and Avocado. This soap smells incredibly uplifting, fruity and delicious, to me it smells like those Lime Ice Lollies you get from the Ice Cream Van in Summer. It smells delicious and again like the other two soaps foamed up incredibly easily and left my skin feeling soft and replenished. For me, this soap was my favourite in the fragrance contest as it smells so uplifting and incredibly delicious. If I didn’t know better I’d say you could eat it it smells that good!

This soap is suitable for Vegetarians, Palm Oil free and SLS and Paraben free.

This soap retails for £1.75 click here to view.

Bath Products

Now we move into the category of bath products, now I was sent a Bath Bomb and an assortment of bath salts and soaks to try for the purposes of the bath.


The bath bomb I received was the Lemon Sorbet Handmade Bath Bomb and believe me it smells as good as it sounds! Its made with uplifting notes of Lemon and Bergamot and Sweet Almond Oil to soften the skin. When I put this bath bomb into the water it fizzed up to leave a pastel yellow coloured water with a sweet and uplifting fragrance with the Lemon and Bergamot. I loved this bath bomb on account of the fragrance, once it hit the water you could really smell those citrusy notes. This bath bomb would be perfect for anyone who likes very sharp, zesty blends and this would also be a good one for a guy with the lemon. I really enjoyed using this bath bomb, it left my skin feeling conditioned and the fragrance made it a great bath time experience.

If this bath bomb is anything to go by, I do believe I’ll be looking at investing in some more in the future.

This product is SLS and Paraben free and has no Synthetic Fragrances added.

This product retails at £3 click here to view.


Now moving onto the bath salts, the first bath salt I tried was the Essential Oil Bath Salt in Sicilian Lemon and Calendula. In fact, I combined it on the first trial with the Lemon Sorbet bath bomb as a bath cocktail if you will and then again on its own. This is blended with natural Sea Salt from Cornwall, Calendula Petals and Sicilian Lemon Oil Essential Oils.

Lemon helps to bring clarity, whilst Calendula and Sea Salt help to draw out impurities from the skin and soften it. Leaving it feeling healthy and cleansed, I really liked this bath soak for its fresh uplifting scent and the way it left my skin feeling after.

Bath salts as a rule are very beneficial for the skin as natural sea salt is both detoxifying and conditioning to the skin and the essential oils used are great for both the skin and the mood.

This product is suitable for Vegans and has no Artificial Fragrances.

This product retails for £1.50 click here to view.


The next one I used was the Aromatherapy Bath Soak in Gingorange made with warming and relaxing notes of Ginger, Orange, Benzoin and Sea Salt. Sea Salt is both purifying and softening for the skin, whilst Ginger helps to relax the muscles, Benzoin is known for its healing purposes and Orange is known for its Aphrodisiac properties. All in all this bath soak is very uplifting with its notes of Orange, Benzoin and Ginger so its perfect for those colder Autumn months. For me, this was my favourite fragrance for the scent, its both uplifting with the orange and relaxing with the ginger. It makes for a really warm blend that is soothing for the body and mind. It has a very strong fragrance, which fills the room with a beautiful aroma. It left me feeling relaxed and helped me to really unwind for the evening, I can tell you I had a very good slumber that night when I used this. Other members of my family also enjoyed it too and commented on how relaxing the fragrance was. I would say this is perfect for anyone with a strenuous job who suffers from muscle or joint pain because of the relaxing and warming notes.

This product is Vegan and notions no Artificial Fragrances.

This product retails for £1 click here to view.


The next product I tried was the Freshly Handmade Essential Oil Bath Salt in Spearmint. This is made with Cornish Sea Salt and Spearmint Essential Oil. Sea salt is detoxifying  and softening for the skin whilst Spearmint is refreshing for the skin and can even aid headaches and stress.

This one has an incredibly fresh, but light, scent its not as intense as some of the other products I used like the bath soaks. But, it does leave a lovely fresh and invigorating aroma in your bathroom and is perfect for a morning fragrance to get you started for the day.

The product is Vegan and contains no Artificial Fragrances.

This product is £1.50 click here to view.


The next product I used was the Aromatherapy Bath Soak in Detox. This is made with natural Sea Salt, Tea Tree, May Chang and Juniper. Sea Salt helps to purify and soften the skin, whilst Tea Tree helps to draw out impurities, May Chang is antibacterial and brings tranquilly and Juniper improves circulation it is also refreshing and stimulating to the mind and body.

This product is suitable for Vegans and contains no Artificial Fragrances.

This product retails for £1 Click here to view.

The final product from the bath products category was the Aromatherapy Bath Soak in Citrus Burst. This is blended with Dead Sea Salt, Ylang Ylang, Lemon and Orange. Dead Sea Salt helps to draw out impurities from the skin, whilst Lemon and Orange are stimulating and uplifting for the body and mind and Ylang Ylang helps to calm and sooth the senses.

This was a personal favourite of mine as I do love anything with Ylang Ylang, this was a beautiful fragrance with a mixture of zesty notes with the Orange and Lemon but a soft sweet floral undertone with the Ylang Ylang. I absolutely loved this product, it created a relaxing and calming atmosphere in my bathroom. This would be a beautiful product to use for a quiet afternoon perhaps if its your day off. Its citrus and uplifting and creates a beautiful environment in your bathroom.

This product is Vegan and contains no Artificial Fragrances.

This product retails for £1 click here to view.

Body Products 

Now, finally onto the body products, I was sent a body scrub and a solid body lotion to try. So thank you Fresh Naturals, over these past few weeks as I’ve bene trying these products i’ve had some lovely pamper sessions to myself. Whats more, I can say to you guys its not me having time off its me doing research for todays blog, right? Its research!



I used the Sweet Orange and Lime Sugar Scrub now out of every single product I tried for this review today, this was hands down my absolutely favourite. Aside from the uplifting fragrance and the way it made my skin feel, it looks so pretty. Its a solid, naked sugar scrub in an oval shape with a real slice of Orange on top, giving it a really pretty decorative touch. I think this would make a great gift for someone because of how aesthetically pleasing it looks. This sugar scrub is made with Cocoa Butter to soften the skin and Orange cleanses and refreshes the skin and Lime which rejuvenates the skin. Its a really invigorating scent and is such an enjoyable product to use. Even though its a scrub, its rich in Cocoa butter so its very moisturising for the skin and leaves a softening deposit of Cocoa butter over the skin to keep it replenished. Its a scrub, but it contains ingredients that moisturise the skin. It left my skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated and the scent was beautiful. Its an amazing scrub to use in the morning with its awakening and uplifting notes of Orange and Lime and the Cocoa butter makes it great if you don’t have time to use a moisturiser afterwards.

This product is suitable for Vegans and completely natural.

This product retails for £3.50 click here to view.


The final product I tried for this blog today was the Sleep Well Lotion Bar Solid Moisturiser. This solid moisturiser is blended with Cocoa Butter, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Blue Cornflower. Cocoa Butter gently moisturises the skin, Lavender calms and sooths the body and mind, Ylang Ylang is uplifting and good for combating stress and Blue Cornflower softens the skin and helps to soothe aching muscles because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes. You apply this bar all over your skin and then gently rise it off in the bath or shower in the evening before sleep. This product is perfect to use before an evening bath or shower to help soothe the muscles and the senses. It has a beautiful soft fragrance with the calming and hypnotic notes of Ylang Ylang and the Cocoa Butter really helps to soften the skin. It was easy to use as it heats at body temperate,  my skin felt hydrated and softened and I did have a very relaxing evening and slumber! I loved the fragrance of this product I think the combination of Ylang Ylang and Lavender was perfect and it would make a great gift for someone who likes to take time out to pamper themselves and relax or perhaps who has sensitive skin because of the Lavender.

This product is suitable for Vegans and has no Artificial Fragrances.

This product retails for £3.50 click here to view.



So, those where my thoughts on the products, now its onto that time again in my reviews where I give my final scoring.

Accessibility: 3/5 

For the most part, these products are naked meaning they don’t have packaging because they are solid. So accessibility isn’t always easy to incorporate, however some products do have packaging and the colour contrast and the size of the print wasn’t always easy to read as someone with limited sight. However, the website is pretty user friendly and easy to navigate and each product has a distinctive scent making it easy to tell which you are using.

Ease of Use: 4/5

All the products were fairly easy to use, they worked quickly and effectively and made for a great pamper experience. There are also directions on the website of how to use certain products, making it a good resource when using the products.

Value for Money: 5/5 

Fresh Naturals is defiantly one of the best companies I’ve used for good quality beauty products at affordable prices. The brand makes products that accommodate to a wide market and for all different skin types, in different fragrances and for different purposes but in very affordable price region from £1-£6. This would be a great brand to shop with for beauty products if you are on a budget or if you are looking to get some christmas gifts, stocking fillers or birthday gifts that are affordable. As at the price mark you could afford to get a selection of products and create a lovely pamper gift without spending too much money. Fresh Naturals also offer a Pamper Gift pack for £12.95 with a selection of products too click here to view.

So, this brand I would completely recommend if you want to treat yourself on a budget or your shopping for gifts. Especially as delivery only costs £2.95!

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all, I really enjoyed using these products from Fresh Naturals, the ingredients used were absolutely amazing, they all had beautiful fragrances and left my skin feeling soft, refreshed and hydrated. They all made for a great pamper session and I think this is a brand everyone should explore.

Exclusive Discount Code

So now that I’ve given you my thoughts on these lovely products and the company, I also have an exclusive discount code for all of my lovely followers.

If you quote the code ‘Fashioneyesta’ at the checkout you will receive 10% of all orders.


Where To Find Fresh Naturals

You can find out more about Fresh Naturals via the links below.


Twitter: @FreshNaturals

Instagram: @freshnaturals

Facebook: Click here 

So, that concludes this blog for today, I really hope you all enjoyed it.

A massive thank you to Fresh Naturals for sending me these lovely products, I had such fun trying them all.

Do let me know in the comments which product you would most like to try out and I will see you all in my next blog.

Fashioneyesta xx

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