Autumn Essentials

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to, for todays blog I wanted to get into the Autumn spirit and talk you through some of my Autumn essentials.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I love the colours, the fashion, the food, the scents and the all around feeling of Autumn when mists hang in the air, golden and amber leaves fall from the trees, the crackle of fireworks in the night sky and that rich scent of burning fires.

In todays blog I am going to be talking about some of the things I love having around me for Autumn time from candles, skincare, beauty and fashion. So, hopefully you will all be sure to find something from this blog that you will like and if nothing else this blog may get you into the mod for Autumn if you were not already.

So kick back, relax and lets get all Autumnal!

I also filmed a YouTube video for my channel on my Autumn Essentials which you can view below.


So to start off with, Autumn would simply not the Autumn without the gentle glow of candle light and the beautiful woody, sweet blends of Autumn scents.

Candles are a must have for Autumn especially on a cold evening when you’ve come home from work and want to indulge in a cup of something hot and a bubble bath.


One of my all time favourite candles for Autumn is the Yankee Candles Fireside Treats Candle which is a beautiful blend of sweet marshmallow and woody notes. Its been inspired by the idea of toasting marshmallows by an open fire, which is where you get that sweet woody blend. Its such a beautiful fragrance for Autumn, I purchase it every single year around Autumn time and its perfect for those cold Autumn nights.


Another candle I love for Autumn time is the Dyptique Ambre Candle which is a beautiful oriental blend of Amber, Tonka, Vetiver, Patchouli and Incense. This candle is incredible as is perfect if you want a candle that is both relaxing and Autumnal as those notes of Patchouli and Tonka make it an ideal evening candle when you want to wind down whilst those warm notes of Vetiver and Amber give it that warm Autumnal blend. Dyptique candles are very much a luxury item and perfect if you want to treat yourself.


Now we move into the region of skincare, because in Autumn time our skin can really be put through its paces. The cold harsh wind, the central heating, the drastic changes in temperature, the pollutants from log fires and bonfires, all of these are environmental aggressors and can really take it out of your skin. Leaving your skin feeling and looking dry, dull and lifeless. So the safe word for Autumn is hydration, even if you have oily skin you should still put some degree of moisture back into your skin. Autumn weather isn’t kind to your skin, so its our job to be kind to it.


Now in Autumn its fair to say we spend a lot of time indoors warming our cold feet by the fire and wrapping up in warm blankets with hot chocolate. I dare say some of you may even be planning an Autumn sleepover or evening in with your friends. So therefore this would be a great time to get a face mask out and treat your skin. One of the best face masks I have found for Autumn is the Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. This face mask is packed with rich skin moisturising ingredients like Fine Oats, Fresh Organic Fair Trade Bananas, Organic Illipe Butter, Ground Almonds, Benzoin, and Vanilla Pod. This mask helps to nourish the skin and gently buff away dead skin leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. This mask is perfect for the Autumn, its gentle, its all natural so its not harsh on the skin and its incredibly nourishing.


Another face mask that I adore during the Autumn months is the Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask.  This mask is like a smoothie for your face, its absolutely packed with rich ingredients like Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil to put hydration back into the skin. Whilst Japanese Seaweed repairs the skin. This mask is great as its an overnight mask meaning you can put a generous layer over clean skin in the evening and in the morning you awaken with hydrated refreshed skin. Your skin repairs most of the damage caused throughout the day in the evening so its very important your giving it what it needs in order to repair itself. Although a good glass of water wouldn’t go a miss either, as our skin is the biggest organ we have yet its the organ that gets the least amount of water.


During the day its also important that we use a moisturiser to hydrate our skin, protect it from the environmental aggressors and keep our skin healthy. During the Autumn I absolutely love using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Its made with Rose hip oil, Camellia and Vitamin E to bring shine and radiance to the skin. Its also made with an SPF to protect the skin against UV rays. The Damask Rose and Aloe extract helps to soothe dry, irritated skin. The Frangipani helps to soothe the skin and create a protective layer over the skin. The Bio Nymph Peptide is an anti ageing complex, whist hyleronic acids are used to renew the skin cells for a youthful look. It keeps the skin hydrated all throughout the day and makeup sits so beautifully on top of it. This cream is ideal in the Autumn because its intensively moisturising and soothing and it really brings back life to dry and tired looking skin.


But sometimes when my skin needs a little something extra or when I don’t have time to use a face mask and put on a primer I go for the This Works In Transit Camera Close Up. This is a face mask, a moisturiser and a primer all in one, so its great if you want to put a bit of life back into your skin or you want something quick. This is beautiful to use in the evenings before your going out or when your going to an event. Its made with Hyaluronic Acid to remove dead skin and increase the skins turnover time, Aragon Oil to moisturise the skin, Starflower oil to hydrate the skin and Caffeine to awaken the skin. It brings back life to tired skin and plums up the skin making it look fresh, hydrated, fresh and dewy. Its an Autumn must have!


Then of course its also important to keep our hands moisturised during Autumn, for Autumn I love using the Laura Mercier Creme Brule Hand Cream. Its rich in Grape and Olive Oil to hydrate the skin and has a rich warm vanilla fragrance like that of creme brule. Its a beautiful product to use and to be honest in Autumn time I think we all want rich, warm comforting scent like home baking.


Now lastly for skincare, its also very important to give our lips some TLC. Especially as our lips are so prone to getting dry, cracked and chapped during the Autumn from the harsh wind. The lip balm I love for Autumn is the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I actually did a review of this product on my blog a while back which you can view by clicking here. Its rich in Honey, Plant Oils, Shea Butter and Grapefruit Essence to moisturise and hydrate the lips. This lip balm leaves a protective barrier over your lips, its incredibly moisturising and it also works well underneath lipstick. Its an Autumn must have and will keep your lips hydrated and moisturised throughout the colder weather.


Now we move into the territory of beauty, because in Autumn whilst good skin is important its also nice to bring in colours of Autumn into our makeup and beauty regime.


First of all, nail polish, in Autumn its always nice to paint our nails with a colour in tribute to the Autumn season. Essie recently launched their Autumn/Winter collection and two shades that caught my eye were Playing it Koi and Now and Zen. Playing it Koi is a deep burnt orange colour and Now and Zen is a beautiful light grey shade. Both are stunning for Autumn and its always nice to add a touch of colour to your nails for the season.


Now moving onto eyes a palette that I think is perfect for the Autumn time is the Tarte Tarlette in Bloom palette. This palette is a beautiful assortment of matte and shimmer colours in colours of silver, brown, burgundy, gold, plum and pinks. Its an ideal palette to wear for Autumn and can be used to create looks for both day and night. The colours are ideal for this time of year, they are incredibly buttery, they blend really easily and they wear very well.


Something else I also like to change up during the Autumn months is eyeliner, for Autumn I favour wearing a bronze and gold eye makeup look combined with a bronze or copper eyeliner. Two particular eyeliners I love are both from Urban Decay and they are the 2/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in the shades Roach and Smog. Roach is a dark brown colour with a slight copper tone and Smog is a lighter brown with a rich gold tone to it. These eyeliners are very creamy, they blend very easily and they are easy to apply. I utterly love both of these shades for Autumn as I think they look beautiful combined with gold and bronze toned eye shadows.


Now onto one of my favourite things for Autumn makeup, the lipsticks. During the Autumn months I adore sporting a berry toned lipstick. One of my new faovurites for this Autumn is the Charlotte Tilbury Matt Revolution Lipstick in GlastonburyThis lipstick is such a beautiful colour its like a dark plum very with a slight hint of burgundy to it. Its very intense, but it looks stunning. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are beautiful to wear, they wear well, they don’t apply patchy and the pigmentation is incredible.


Now onto lip glosses, I feel that Autumn weather can be a little harsh on our lips and sometimes a lipstick can leave them feeling and looking dry. So lip glosses are a great way to go if you want something a little kinder to the lips and for more of an every day look. The first one I love for Autumn is the Nyx Intense Butter Gloss in the shade Toasted Marshmallow. This is a beautiful plum berry colour with a tint of red to it, its a warm colour to war for Autumn. The Nyx Intense Butter Glosses are incredible moisturising for the lips, yet they are not sticky or uncomfortable to wear. This is the perfect shade to wear for Autumn if you want a berry lipstick but you would rather a lipgloss this is the perfect shade for you.


But then another lip gloss I have is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter in the shade 08 Plum shimmer. This has the feel and the texture of a lip balm, but it has the pigmentation and stain power of a gloss. This is a beautiful light plum for Autumn with a slight shimmer to it and it looks beautiful over the top of a plum lip liner or worn on its own for a more simple look.


Of course I do also like to switch up my blusher selection during the Autumn months. A big trend for Autumn/Winter makeup for 2016 is Rose Gold tones, which you would have seen if you saw my Autumn Makeup Tutorial. So one of my new favourites for Blusher this year is the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Queen which has an assortment of six beautiful blushers in rose gold tones from light to dark.


Finally for beauty, what would Autumn be without a Lush bath product? So my favourite for this year is the Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb which is a warm spice blend of Cinnamon, Pimento Berry Oil and Vanilla.

If you want to know more about the Lush Autumn and Halloween range check out my blog post I wrote on all the products by clicking here.


Now finally I also wanted to talk about some of my favourite fashion items for the season, because Autumn wouldn’t be Autumn without burnt orange tones, comfy scarves and wellington boots.


I love scarves during the Autumn months, I love wearing them in warm burgundy and orange tones for Autumn. But, one of my favourite scarves for Autumn is a wool checkered scarf in shades of burnt orange, green, brown and cream that I bought from New Look in the sale last year. Its warm, comfortable and perfect for Autumn with its beautiful warm Autumn tones.


But then of course Autumn is also the time where clothing does get a lot more whimsical and cute, I adore this cashmere jade green cardigan with a little sleeping fox needle felted on it. It was from a designer called Lou Tonkin and it was bespoke piece made for me. I think the deep, rich green colour contrasted with the orange tones of the fox is perfect for Autumn.


Now with all that rain, sludge and wet weather that Autumn brings another essential for me is a good pair of wellington boots. A new addition to my ever growing Hunter collection is this beautiful pair of Hunter wellington boots in a chelsea boot style in burnt orange. I love the style of these boots, as chelsea boots are so on trend this season, but the burnt orange colour makes them the quintessential Autumn shoe candy!


Lastly, the final Autumn essential is actually something that was both bought and made. My mother is a creative person and loves to sit in her art room for hours crafting away to her hearts content. I honestly think Autumn is a great for getting into crafts, as its cold outside and you could be sitting at your desk with the raging wind outside, with a hot chocolate by your side and happily making something of your own. But, anyhow my mother found this wicker bucket bag from Primark for £1! I know, £1! Its also got two detachable straps and then she hand made this Autumnal bag charm. She needle felted it to make these Autumn leaves and acorns in shades of orange, red, yellow and green. I think it brings a touch of boho into my Autumn wardrobe and with the materials it only cost £3!

So, that concludes my Autumn Essentials blog today, I really hope you all enjoyed it. Do be sure to let me know in the comments what your Autumn essentials are.

And I will see you all in my next one!

Fashioneyesta xx



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  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time how much I’m enjoying your blog and your Youtube channel. I think it’s great that you describe the products, and also the colours. Some product names don’t give you any idea what colour something is, so it’s really helpful when you include this. Thanks for all your tips and keep up the great work 🙂

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