Outfit of the Day: The #EndTheAwkward Christmas Party

Festive Greetings Everyone!

Today I am back with one of my favourite blogs to share with you all which is an Outfit of the Day! I can’t actually remember the last time I shared one of these types of blogs with you all which is utterly shocking seeing as how I am a fashion blogger!

But today I wanted to share with you all my outfit that I wore to a Christmas party earlier this week. On Tuesday I was invited to join the disability charity Scope at the Channel 4 Offices in London for their #EndTheAwkward Christmas party. The event was to celebrate the success of the #EndTheAwkward campaign this year the year of disabilities that Channel 4 has been hosting. I was invited as I took part in the campaign this year in which I filmed a comedy sketch with my guide dog for Unilad. The event was a feel good night with a live band, plenty of socialising and a celebration the fact that we are getting closer and closer to disability equality.

So for my outfit I decided to go with burgundy tones seeing as it is Christmas and a strong velvet theme as velvet is a massive trend for this season in fashion.

I also filmed a Get Ready With Me over on my YouTube Channel, which I have never done before. But it was something I really enjoyed filming, so do be sure to check out that video and give it a like, comment and subscribe!


So, to start off with, I went for a pair of burgundy velvet Mary Jane court heel shoes with gold ribbon trimming. As I felt they would be very festive and matched perfectly with the colour scheme of my outfit. They also have a block heel and they are very sturdy and easy to walk in. These shoes were an absolutely bargain I found them on the TU range at Sainsburys would you believe. These shoes retail at £18, click here to view.



My bag is an envelope shaped clutch bag with a pansy pattern in muted dark jewel colours of pink, purple, yellow, green and black. What I adore about this clutch is that the flowers on the front of the clutch are cut out of material and embellished, meaning that they are very tangible. This bag was from Accessorize and its one I’ve had in my collection for a few years now. But, t0 my joy embellished florals are super on trend this season, so I was able to take it out of my wardrobe and rock it with the burgundy tones for the evening.

I then paired it with a gold ring with a large crystal in the centre which was a Christmas present a few years ago from Swarovski Crsyal.


My necklace is a gold adjustable necklace with a gold star fixed in the centre and running down from that star are two strands ending in smaller stars. This necklace was part of a pack of necklaces from Zara. I love how simple this necklace is and think the gold really complimented the burgundy tones and yet the star design gave it a festive feel. This necklace retails for £15.99, click here to view it.


My dress is a burgundy skater dress with a plunge v neckline and 3/4 length sleeves in a kimono style. This dress is so flattering, its a non-biased cut and the colour is very festive and perfect for a Christmas party. I found this dress on ASOS earlier last month, this dress retails at £24.50, click here to view it.


Finally, my shrug is old stock from River Island which I bought a few years ago. Again, the velvet and floral trend allowed me to adorn it once again. It is a burgundy shrug with velvet trimming and beaded tassel trimming to the sleeves and hem. On the shrug there is a beaded, velvet floral pattern in colours of pink, yellow, green red, and gold. I thought this shrug went perfectly with the colour scheme and the velvet and floral vibes. However, it also toned down the dress and made it a little more appropriate for the occasion.


I also made a podcast talking about how I styled myself for the evening over on the podcast channel I co-run Fashionability. You can check out that post by clicking here and do be sure to check out our other podcasts.

So, that concludes it for this blog today everyone, I hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for further posts. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you all in my next one!

Fashioneyesta xx

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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