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Welcome back to, today I join you all with a new and very exciting blog post. now if you follow me on my social media like my Twitter, Facebook Page and Instagram you may already know that this week I attended an event at Superdrug Croydon and met the YouTube stars Pixiwoo. For those of you who aren’t big on the whole beauty community side of YouTube, Pixiwoo (also known as the sisters Sam and Nic Chapman) make fantastic beauty and lifestyle videos which reaching a following of over 2 million subscribers, they are makeup artists by trade and their range of makeup brushes and tools Real Techniques are well known among many beauty enthusiasts. I myself am a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes and Pixiwoo’s channel. So, you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was when I was very kindly invited the the PR team who work with Superdrug to attend a makeup masterclass with Pixiwoo as a blogger. I may have experienced a fangirl moment….


Pixiwoo were hosting a Masterclass to showcase the release of their new MultiTech Collection brushes which have been created in one universal shape, but in different sizes to give precise control over makeup application. The collection comprises of 3 face brushes, a sponge and 4 eye brushes. I myself was kindly even some of the brushes at the event and also purchased the eye collection myself, so you may see them in some upcoming videos over on my YouTube Channel.


During the event I was also given the opportunity to have my eyebrows threaded with their beauty series which is available in a number of Superdrug stores. I think this is an excellent idea, as it means that you do not have to go to an external salon to get your eyebrows and eyelashes groomed. It is extremely convenient as you do not need to make an appointment, so you can simply get your eyebrows done after you finish shopping.

There was also an engraver in store during the evening who was engraving any Real Techniques brushes that were purchased by the attendees. I had one of my larger brushes engraved and of course I had to have it engraved with my blog name ‘Fashioneyesta.’ Because why not?



What I loved most about the event is that Pixiwoo were creating a look using all affordable products from brands that could be purchased at your local Superdrug. Many of which I use like Barry M, Sleek and Makeup Revolution. So it just goes to show that if you spend time on perfecting your skills and finding the right products to suit you, you do not have to spend a fortune on makeup.


During the masterclass both Sam and Nic invited the attendees to ask questions about makeup and anything we were struggling with. After getting over my awe at seeing them in real life after years of watching them on YouTube, I myself asked a number of questions.

I learned that if you have pale skin (like myself) and find bronzers can make you look a tad orange, go with a darker bronzer (which will consequently have less orange tones) and apply it sparingly onto the high points of the face where the sun would naturally hit including the top of the forehead, the top of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose.


For contour, I discovered that the key trick with making your contour look like a natural shadow and therefore believable is to blend until there are no detectable lines. It is also important to keep the contour under your cheekbone line to mimic where the natural shadow would be. Both Pixiwoo sisters prefer to use powder contours, however cream contours can be used but the trick to keeping it in place is to use a good primer.

With primers silicone primers can help if you have open pores as they fill the pros in to make your skin look flawless. However, too much silicone based primer can make your makeup slide and dislodge as there is nothing for it to adhere to. So beware of that when applying a silicone based primer.


With eyeliner a really valuable tip I learned which I have (since the masterclass) put into practice. When applying eyeliner take a mirror place it underneath you and look downwards into it, whilst keeping your head straight. This makes the muscles in your eye taught and gives you an easier position to apply the eyeliner. This tip really does work and I have attempted this myself and since then I have been able to apply eyeliner with a lot more ease. As someone who has Nystagmus, my eyes are prone to moving involuntarily which makes applying eyeliner a arduous task. But, trust me this hack does really work especially if you have Nystagmus.


I also picked up a few tricks for applying false eyelashes, that it is important to make sure that the eyelash strip (if you are using strips) fits your eye before you add the glue. If not, trim them to size form the longer end of the lashes. Once they have been trimmed add some glue of your choice to the lash line and then wait for them to go tacky. Do not apply them straight after adding the glue because they will not adhere to the lashes. Then place them on your eye, start with the centre and then fix them to each end of the lashes.

So, lets hope I can start applying lashes like a pro, perhaps that shall be one of my (belated) new years resolutions.

So, that concludes it for this blog post today everyone, I really hope you all enjoyed it. A massive thank you to Z PR Soho for inviting me to the event, I had an amazing time.

Thank you all so much for reading, be sure to go and check out my YouTube channel for my latest video which was a 50 Random Facts About Me video and I shall see you all soon.

Fashioneyesta xx

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